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Sofa from the array: production and features (25 photos)


As you know, sofas from solid wood are not very cheap. Such a high price is explained by the fact that the production of solid wood furniture is a very laborious work. Production requires the availability of high-tech expensive equipment, highly skilled craftsmen and high-quality raw materials.



Wooden base production

The production of sofas from solid wood begins with a careful selection of wood with the absence of any defects. Then there is a drying of raw materials. Further, the roundwood is dismissed on boards of a certain size, dries again and is sawn into blanks. Individual elements are treated with various substances that protect against rotting and mold. Assembling parts produced by gluing. In the future, the products are subjected to grinding, drawing patterns by milling, varnishing and paints.

The sofa from the massif consists of several parts, mechanisms and the soft materials connected among themselves:

  • Frame This is a wooden structure that takes the main load when using. The bearing part of the product design contains strong wooden elements (boards, bars).
  • Soft items. Polyurethane foam of various density is most often used as a flooring material. To distribute the load on the frame used belts made of elastic with different tension. Side structures or pillows contain nonwovens, balls, sheets.
  • Transformation mechanism. There are many mechanisms, the choice depends on the frequency of use of the sofa in different positions.
  • Upholstery. She is responsible for the appearance of the product. It is made of dense exclusive fabrics.

The addition of solid wood sofas with various decorative elements in the form of, for example, carving, makes them original and unusual. Depending on the decorations, sofas can be made in various styles (classic, modern).



Features of wood sofas

Wooden furniture is especially appreciated for its practicality, reliability, environmental safety and beautiful aesthetic appearance.

Often for the production of sofas used wood birch, oak, but the most popular sofas from beech. Such sofas have many advantages.

First, beech is considered one of the safest and most environmentally friendly breeds. Secondly, wood has an unusual energy, creating peace and comfort. Sofas from an array of beech are installed in kitchens, in children's rooms, in bedrooms. Energy beech gives vitality and positive emotions.



To these qualities you need to add that valuable wood is durable, strong and reliable. Beech perfectly resists a variety of negative impacts. Beech wood has an unusual aesthetic appearance with a color that can be both soft pink and rich brown with a unique natural pattern.



Types of sofas from the array

The sofas, according to the mechanism of transformation, are divided into many varieties: click-klyak, French cot, dolphin, tick-tock, cougar and others. The most popular are some types of sofas from solid wood.



Sofa book

A very common type of furniture. On the couch book, you can sit or lie down without folding. To fold such a sofa, you need to raise the seat until it clicks and return to the lower position. Still, there is a small disadvantage of such a sofa. In the assembled position, a gap appears between the wall and the back of the sofa, so it is necessary to move it towards the wall. To decompose the sofa book, again you have to move the sofa from the wall.



Sofa accordion from the massif

A very popular type of sofa due to simple transformation and compact devices. A simple and reliable transformation device allows you to produce a product, the width of the bed which reaches 180 cm.



The sofa bed the accordion (massif) has the comfortable sleeping surface consisting of three parts. The first part is a seat, the others are folded back. When the sofa accordion from the array unfolds, the seat moves forward, two parts - in the same plane as the base. The type of such a sofa is considered an excellent option for small apartments, as it is compact and does not require moving away from the wall. A great addition to the sofa is a roomy laundry storage box.



Kitchen sofa

Another common type of sofa is a kitchen corner sofa. To pick up furniture for the kitchen is quite difficult. Here, as a rule, different temperature conditions, fat, soot. Also, the premises mainly occupy a small area, on which appliances and utensils are stored. The problem is the choice of a comfortable dining area with accommodation for the whole family and guests. The perfect solution to this problem is a kitchen corner sofa.



Choosing a model, it is necessary to take into account the number of inhabitants of the house, especially the layout. Also, the kitchen sofa should fit well into the interior, be durable, functional and comfortable.



The sofa can be closely moved up to the wall, which at least slightly, but will increase the kitchen area. A big plus is the presence of boxes. Additional storage space is provided in almost all models of the kitchen sofa.