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Biofireplace - environmentally friendly heating (24 photos)


Biofireplaces are a fashionable accent in modern city interiors and a no less relevant attribute of cozy evenings in a country house. The revolutionary development of European concerns confidently gains the attention of ordinary people who prefer to use only progressive home improvement concepts:

  • Unlike their predecessors - fireplaces on wood and electric fireplaces - biofireplaces for an apartment are attractive in terms of environmental friendliness;
  • Classic biofireplaces do not assume the presence of taps for combustion products; they work without a chimney, although real fire burns in them;
  • biofireplace for the house harmoniously looks in an interior of both classical design, and modern.

The competitive advantage of the device also note the ease of operation and maintenance.



Features of the design and principle of operation of the fireplace

Bio-fireplace for the house is a heating unit in the body of refractory materials.



Classic bio-fireplaces work on bioethanol, which does not emit dangerous volatile compounds when burning. For this reason, the fireplaces function without a chimney. The burner is made of stainless steel, the variability of the volume depends on the model of the device.

For example, the wall biofireplace is equipped with a compact fuel tank, and floor structures have a reservoir of impressive size.

The market offers a wide variety of eco-fires: it is not difficult to choose the right design for any interior among the current product range.

Ceramic biofireplaces, whose design imitates a composition with logs, are popular in arranging the Provence style living room. For high-tech interior, choose a glass biofireplace of intricate geometry. In the arrangement of the "smart home" biofireplaces are introduced electric with an automatic adjustment system.

Wall mounted fireplace

This category is divided into the following types:

  • Mounted models. Fixed on the wall with fasteners. In urban interiors, there is often a wall biofireplace imitating a picture. The design is equipped with a glass shield;
  • The fireplace is built in. The most optimal model in terms of rational use of the usable area. To install a biofireplace built-in, you need to build a niche in the wall and equip it with a protective box;
  • Classic biofireplaces wall. The back panel and the side of the case are made of steel, natural or artificial stone. Frontal area is decorated with a glass screen;
  • Corner biofireplace. It stands out extraordinary design, is installed at the junction of two walls.

It is noted that the wall biofireplace of an angular configuration occupies a minimum of useful space, it is popular in the arrangement of interiors of any style.




Outdoor and tabletop fireplaces

In addition to stationary types of designs, mobile models are also available:

  • table biofireplace - it is allocated with compact dimensions, it is made in various geometry and design, has a small power, is equipped with system of protection against capsizing;
  • biofireplace floor - is characterized by the impressive sizes and power. The design is conveniently located on any surface, since the bottom of the device does not heat up.



Despite the impressive dimensions of the structure, floor models are not difficult to move to another place.



Advantages and disadvantages

Having established biofireplace in a drawing room, it is possible not to worry because of possible consequences; competitive advantage of products - environmental friendliness of the device:

  • biofuel is used, there is no effect of environmental pollution. Ethanol is made from natural raw materials, burns without burning, soot, smoke and soot;
  • the air in the room is not dried as a result of the operation of the device; during the combustion of bioethanol, water vapor and a small fraction of carbon dioxide are formed.




  • using the device creates the effect of live fire;
  • additional heating is provided;
  • humidification and aromatization of air in the apartment is performed.




In the interior design is not rarely used as a dominant, especially if it is a built-in biofireplace. The design of the remaining elements of the arrangement is selected under its style.

Simplicity and safety of a design

The wall biofireplace is established without special admissions, mobile models are used in registration of any rooms.



Wide selection

Fireplace for home is available in a huge range of models and modifications, it is not difficult to choose the appropriate product version of the desired design, depending on the requirements.

If we consider the shortcomings of bio fireplaces, then the following points are highlighted:

  • high cost - the purchase of a construction involves considerable expenses, it is still necessary to pay for biofuel;
  • do not leave working biofireplace unattended;
  • it is necessary to provide ventilation of the room.

For happy owners of ekokaminov, the concept of living fire with natural highlights and fascinating beauty is important, and this eliminates the presence of the aforementioned design flaws.

If you are interested in decorative biofireplaces for a small room, then choose among the mounted models. An elegant biofireplace in the living room interior is a good solution in the design of an apartment in a typical housing.