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High-tech sofas: high-tech home (21 photos)


Appearing at the turn of the millennia, at the end of the 70s of the 20th century, high-tech rapidly gained popularity. Its name comes from the English words high and technology, which means "high technology." What should be the sofa and other upholstered furniture to relate to this style? We will understand in more detail.



What does hi-tech look like?

High-tech is a complete denial of traditions, respect for the achievements of all the art of furniture of any style and trend. He is not confused with anything else, only with minimalism the edge is unsteady and indefinite.



Sofas, but not only

The familiar hi-tech style of furnishing is monochrome, transformable headrests, retractable elements, geometric shapes, metallic or chrome in the fittings, durability.

Sofas in high-tech style embody three "E" of this style: ergonomics, extravagance, aesthetics. Traditionally solid, in this embodiment, they are compact, lightweight, externally elegant. Most of them have unusual, unprecedented forms and futuristic design. Such sofas, like chairs, can not be called cozy, but they are very comfortable thanks to the ergonomic shape of the seats and orthopedic mattresses.

For plain upholstery, gray, white, black, metallic, beige, and red are most often used. The material in hi-tech style is natural or artificial leather, coarse fabrics, sometimes stitched with metallic thread, with a fluorescent finish. They are durable, hypoallergenic, do not fade in the sun, do not require special care.



In small interiors, a reasonable solution - corner sofas. If they are too big, choose a transformer or built. Retractable models are built into the wall, cabinet, table.

According to the designers, a purple sofa with chrome legs is perfect for the interior. It is allowed to decorate several square pillows of the same size in the upholstery color.

Projects have been developed where high-tech sofas are part of other furniture items: walls or floors, with cunning mechanisms or electric drives that transform them beyond recognition.

The high-tech chair is almost always no different external simplicity. The unusual design and materials make it look like something unimaginable. As a rule, has a low fit, chrome legs and armrests, steel parts.

Here is a common thing electronics, which allows you to automatically adjust the tilt of the backrest and armrests, include heated seats or a vibrating massager.



Creative collaboration of designers with designers has created extravagant modifications of the chair in the high-tech style. Here are just some of them:

  • Sunbed It would be appropriate to place it in front of the TV.
  • With a detachable ottoman, where you can sit or put on his feet.
  • Rocking. Even a concept model has been invented that can generate electricity for a lamp that is adapted right there due to movement (i.e. swinging).
  • Sonic Chair. Stylish development for music lovers. The speakers inside are arranged according to all the rules, so the music sounds the most pure.
  • Dinner table. Folded white, space in appearance capsule. When opened, it turns into a table with chairs and lighting.
  • Library. Books are located under the seat and behind the back of the chair.

High furniture technologies are in demand in offices. Artificial or genuine leather, chrome armrests, polished aluminum are complemented by technical amenities. Even in the simplest version, the height, the angle of the backrest, the position of the armrests are adjusted.




High Tech Dreams

In any bedroom, the main subject is the bed. In high-tech, the whole situation can consist only of it and a pair of bedside tables. But each object is multifunctional: a geometrically clear bed changes shape, the head is adjustable in height, and thumbs can merge with it.

It is built into the wall so that if necessary it is easy to push or fold. Instead of a decor, an unusual design (for example, a bed on runners) and leather or glossy lacquer trim.



A bed in a high-tech version can be simple in form, on "soft" legs or original in design, execution, complex and technological. There are several popular modifications:

  • Laconism. Budget version with a geometrically straight base and the same type of small headboard, with low legs.
  • Fly or Hover. The legs in the form of metal rods are distinguishable only upon careful examination, therefore, it seems that the bed does not touch the floor. The effect enhances the LED tape around the perimeter.
  • Monolith. The absence of legs turns it into a podium for bedding.
  • Shell. The base in the form of a canopy, it is the head of the canopy. Manufacturability add lights under it.
  • A circle. Placed on a small basis, it will please connoisseurs and connoisseurs with its futuristic nature.
  • With a canopy on metal racks. Model for romantic natures.
  • Smooth headboard. An expensive option with a headboard, imperceptibly passing into the base. This futur.

The bed can be part of a modular system with bedside tables or other objects located near or above the headboard.



Furniture in high-tech style is chosen by young pragmatists - residents of megalopolises who know what they want from life. It is for everyone who lives in an accelerated rhythm, appreciates the convenience and functionality "all in one."