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Illumination for paintings and mirrors: create an illusion (22 photos)


A little detail to help revitalize your home and change the interior will help such a small detail as the lighting for paintings and mirrors. With the help of special LED lamps, it will give the room coziness and revitalization in the interior. Wall lighting decorates the picture and at the same time draws attention to its decorative elements. In the case of a mirror, visibility is improved.



LED lights for paintings and mirrors

Many wall lights are equipped with LEDs that have a long service life, do not heat up and consume a small amount of electricity.

  1. Halogen is a bright light that illuminates a picture or a mirror well, but it gets very hot.
  2. Luminescent. It gives a little diffused and soft light, which is close to the natural.
  3. Illumination with incandescent bulbs. They are optimally suited for lighting canvases that are made by hand, but they also consume much more electricity than LED, halogen or fluorescent lamps.

Each type of lighting device has its own peculiarity that must be taken into account.



LED paintings

LED paintings have internally LED lighting. It helps to identify individual sections of the picture. Due to this effect, it is possible to change the interior of the room outside the box without repair.



Backlit modular paintings

The most modern and original paintings are modular. This is a composition that is divided into several parts that complement each other. It can be divided both horizontally and vertically. Each part of the picture is placed apart from each other at a short distance. Mostly modular paintings are made on a natural basis with oil or acrylic paints.

For a modular picture, you can make the backlight, as well as for normal. The main thing to choose an original lamp with the correct angle of illumination.

If the picture is attached to the wall, then it is advisable to buy a lamp that will be mounted on the wall above the picture. It can use different types of incandescent bulbs: halogen, LED or fluorescent.

Some types of lamps are prohibited to highlight the paintings, these include:

  • Ultraviolet. By their light, the molecules of paints and canvases disintegrate, which is why the picture will deteriorate.
  • Infrared. During their heating on the canvas, the paints fade, and they become dull.

Therefore, the paintings are fixed on the walls so that they do not get sunlight. To illuminate them, only the backlight is used, which is intended for this.

There are several ways to make the right choice:

  1. Buy a frame with built-in lighting.
  2. Separately buy LED-lamps and fix them around the perimeter of the picture or in some places.

The first option is much simpler. The second provides an opportunity to show imagination. In this case, the main thing to remember is that you can not use lamps that are very hot.



For the design of the backlight mirrors most often use a classic point lamp or LED LED strip. With this lighting, the mirror will glow and there will be a small highlight of the interior.



Many manufacturers began to produce paintings and mirrors with internal illumination. It is built into the middle and has a switch. Due to this, paintings and mirrors are not afraid of wet rooms, and the switch allows you to use the backlight as needed.