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Handicrafts made of paper for the New Year: how to decorate the house for the holiday with their own hands (56 photos)


On the eve of the New Year, many are beginning to think about the design of their homes. The tradition to decorate a Christmas tree has appeared a long time ago, but people's imagination is not limited to this. Bright garlands, toys, tinsel, brilliant rain are hung everywhere: on the walls, under the ceiling. Festive decorations, of course, you can buy, but much nicer to make them with your own hands. The simplest and most popular material for handicrafts is colored paper.









Paper and cardboard in the New Year's interior

In the design of living rooms paper is not only wallpaper. The fantasy of needlewomen is so unlimited that it allows you to make absolutely any object from this material: vases, lampshades and even furniture. Another thing - the functionality of such crafts, it mainly depends on the density of the paper.






However, is it worth it to dwell on durability and functionality when it comes to decorations for celebrating the New Year? In this case, another criterion is more important - brightness, creating mood, and attractive appearance.




Also do not forget about the harmony of colors. Choose shades so that they are well combined with each other. The most popular New Year's gamma: green, red and white. Luxury and charm will add glitter - gold and silver. According to eastern traditions, the patron saint of the coming year is the Yellow Dog, therefore, in order to attract good luck, you should use this color in the design of the apartment.






Using a combination of materials for crafts, choose eco-friendly and light. For example, they combine well with paper and add New Year's mood to the interior glass beads, ribbons, tinsel, rain, cotton, tree branches, and dried rowan berries.






10 ideas for creativity paper for the New Year

  1. On the New Year of the dog, it is advisable to choose at least one themed decoration It is believed that home decoration according to the eastern calendar brings good luck and well-being to the owners. Make paper appliqué or panel depicting a cute puppy. Also think about making origami for the New Year. Such paper doggies can be used as a seating card for table setting.
  2. However, paper crafts for the New Year 2019 do not necessarily have to be in the shape of a dog. For example, hand-made paper Christmas trees look original, they can be both voluminous and in the form of a flat appliqué, panel. The color and size of the craft also depends on individual preferences. An interesting option is to replace a real living tree with a paper decoration.
  3. Paper snowflakes are used to decorate windows. Such decor looks especially beautiful in the evening. However, openwork snowflakes would be appropriate not only on the glass, but also on the walls, doors, curtains, they can even be hung from the ceiling. It is not necessary to make such decorations from white paper, be guided by the background: dark on light, and vice versa, light in different shades on dark. Also, snowflakes can be not only flat, but also voluminous, try to combine several options.
  4. Crafts made of corrugated paper for the New Year is no more difficult to perform than from a regular one. They look quite impressive, such material gives additional volume. For example, try to make cones similar to real ones on a Christmas tree. Or choose corrugated paper of different colors, make a bright garland of pompons.
  5. The front door can be decorated with a bright New Year's wreath of colored paper. The combination of materials looks great, so add to the craftwork a variety of ribbons, beads, rowan brushes, and pine needles. Since paper is afraid of moisture, it is not worth decorating a house with such a wreath on the outside; it is better to hang it on the interior door, or on the entrance door, but from the inside.
  6. Christmas tree for the New Year can be decorated not only with purchased toys. Make colorful volumetric balls, beads from paper. This decor will look elegant, creative. Even the star on the top of the fir can be paper.
  7. If you want to make paper crafts for the New Year with small children, toys made from stripes will be an excellent option. Cut the multicolored paper and give the craft the necessary shape with your fingers, secure the ends with glue. It can be ovals, squares, rhombuses, triangles - it all depends on your imagination. For example, from 2-3 laps you get a cute snowman. Add him a hat, a scarf and hang the toy on the Christmas tree. Or, from a variety of red stripes, form two balls and make a cute Santa Claus, attaching a hat and a white beard to it.
  8. Another interesting option for creativity with children - applications and panels of napkins. The essence of the craft is to tear the multi-colored pieces of napkin, roll up balls and fill them with a picture on cardboard using glue. The image can be printed on a printer or drawn by hand. Such simple handicrafts are used as cards for relatives, educators in kindergarten.
  9. In addition to Christmas trees, champagne and tangerines, the chimes are a constant New Year's attribute. To extend the Christmas mood, make a paper clock that always shows midnight from paper.
  10. What a New Year without sweets? And if for some reason you can't eat sweets, then why not use them as a room decor. Not real, of course, but paper. Such decorations will look great both on the Christmas tree and in the form of a garland along the wall. It is quite simple to make them: you just need to wrap pieces of cotton or twisted cardboard in bright colored paper wrappers. Additionally, the crafts can be decorated with a brilliant rain.










What may be needed for paper crafts

To create crafts you need to provide all the details, the necessary materials should be at hand. Most often, paper is not the only item that may be needed.

  • In order to fasten paper parts, you need glue (ordinary stationery, PVA) and a brush. You can replace it with a stapler, scotch tape or even a thread with a needle;
  • To cut parts, prepare scissors or a stationery knife;
  • To make a toy can be hung on a Christmas tree, think over the loop. For this you will need a thread or a ribbon;
  • If you wish to additionally decorate your handmade masterpiece, use different accessories (buttons, beads, sequins), natural material. For Christmas crafts, tinsel and baby Christmas-tree toys are especially relevant;
  • Do not forget that you can also draw on paper. You can also make the appropriate inscription "Happy New Year!" or "Happy New Year!" Pencils, felt-tip pens, paints and shiny helium pens will maximize the horizons of creative possibilities.




All the above materials are easily accessible, as is the paper itself. Buy everything you need for crafts, as a rule, can be in one place.







So, in order for the New Year to decorate their home dogs, do not need large financial expenses. Such a simple and accessible material for creativity as paper will allow you to create unique festive decorations. In addition to the office, you need only a little patience and fantasy. Successes and inspiration!