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LED and neon lights windows: advantages (21 photos)


The spectacular decorative lighting of the window can impress both those who are inside the room and passers-by. In addition, the original luminous window can act as a common home decoration.



Often windows are an important attribute of any interior. With the use of modern technology, any ordinary window can be turned into a real work of art, which in the evening can be seen even at a great distance.




LED backlight: advantages, installation features

When decorating modern buildings, LED backlight is very popular. It is based on the use of LED strip, which is installed on any external surface, depending on the effect you want to get.



Features of the installation of LED backlight

In order to illuminate the window with LED tape, it does not take much effort. The installation process of this type of lighting begins with the measurement of the room. There is a measurement of windows and spans. Sills and wall heights are measured. Then selection of optimum points of a flare is carried out.



In order for the supply of colors to be of high quality, it is necessary to correctly select the places for lighting. Basting points for posting occur. Then the mounting points of the tape and the power supply are selected. Under the LED strip mounted radiators. They help remove heat radiated by ribbons during operation. Then, the opening is closed from the inside. If this is not done, then at the exit the color flow may be excessively dim.

The backlight program can be absolutely any. It is selected on the basis of individual preferences. You can easily choose a program that will be optimally suited for a specific design.

LED backlight is particularly popular in the winter. This method of decoration is relevant on the eve of the New Year holidays. You can even decorate your home. However, if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to use the services of professionals.



Neon lights: the advantages of using

Another option for lighting buildings at night is the neon lights of windows. With this effect, you can draw attention to your window and create a feeling of comfort in the room. Neon design has many undeniable advantages. One of the advantages is that the glow of this type is comfortable for the human eye. In addition, the backlight is completely silent. Do not forget that this is a safe option backlight, because it is not combustible.



Such an illumination of the window, as a rule, is created on the basis of the use of glass flasks, which contain an inert gas. This product is fragile, so care must be taken during installation. Glass flask has an increased level of sensitivity to external influences. Installation of this type of lighting is complex and needs a professional approach.