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Laminate wenge - the nobility of the breed (25 photos)


The color of wenge is a color imitating the shade of the wood of a rare exotic tree growing in Africa. Furniture made from this wood is very expensive. A room with such a set looks rich and elegant. But natural wenge is too expensive for many, therefore, when making the interior, its substitutes are often used - a cheaper finish, which does not lose its aesthetic properties. For example, a laminate finished under wenge is used as a floor covering.



Laminate - a material made of chipboard or fibreboard (chipboard or fiberboard). In turn, this plate consists of chips, sawdust or wood fibers mixed with synthetic polymers and special additives. These plates are covered with paper of any color, with a different pattern, for example, the color of wenge. On top of a thick layer of applied acrylic resin. So the laminate turns out.

The color of wenge can be described as the color of the cut of the tree, where black streaks break through on a dark or light background. Shades of wenge laminate differ in a wide variety:

  • black coffee color;
  • chocolate color;
  • brown, close to black;
  • brown with yellow streaks;
  • maroon brown;
  • dark violet;
  • golden brown;
  • light brown.

Despite the variety of colors and patterns, dark colors dominate among the shades of wenge color.



Wenge laminate is represented by models of all possible colors and shades, texture and design can also be chosen to your taste. Plates can be completely smooth or with a slightly rough relief, made under natural wood, matte or with a glossy shine.

The color of wenge in the interior should be used competently, with taste, so that its advantages should not be lost among other elements of the interior design.



A suitable background for wenge will be a light background or bright color accents. If African wenge oak is present in large numbers in the room, be sure to take care of good lighting. Otherwise, a deep brown color will create a depressing impression.



A lot of wenge in a small room is a bad decision, it is better to limit it to individual inclusions. It can be various accessories or furniture details: a wooden figure, a table-top, a shelf, a headboard. But for a spacious room this color fits perfectly.

You should not duplicate the color of the floor in the color of furniture. You can choose a furniture set, decorated in darker colors, compared with the floor. We must remember that horizontally placed surfaces will suit well the contrasting shades of vertical design elements.

In the color of wenge, not only wooden and other solid interior surfaces can be decorated, but also upholstered furniture. And as a decorative upholstery can act as textiles, and leather. Even wallpaper on the walls can be made in various shades of wenge.



In which rooms is wenge laminate appropriate?

The use of laminated coatings in the color of African wood is suitable for finishing almost any room: be it an expensive office, apartment or public institution.



Wenge laminate in the interior of the apartment will perfectly decorate the living room, kitchen, and entrance hall. But for a children's room it is better to choose a light floor, although wenge can also be brought into the room with separate elements (side walls of the cabinet, shelves, crib legs, etc.), by balancing this strict color with vivid hues.



It is not necessary to make the laying of the laminate the color of wenge in small rooms - the dark color visually reduces the space and gives the room a gloomy mood.

The combination of wenge laminate with other colors in the interior

In order to experiment with color did not lead to a complete bad taste, you should follow some rules for successfully combining different shades with each other.

  1. If the selected laminate has a bright color (for example, golden brown), it should be combined in the interior with the same intense contrasting colors. It is not necessary that the bright color is present in large quantities, it is enough to add a few accents.
  2. Dark deep color laminate should be diluted with a set of light furniture. Dark elements of the decor are also well combined with the floor of wenge, but they should not be much.
  3. The floor laminated color of exotic wood can be easily combined with different colors. The ideal would be the ratio that is often found in nature. For example, the combination of brown with white, green (all its shades will do), red, orange, plum, olive, raspberry. Not bad will look paired with wenge gray, turquoise, beige, blue, yellow.
  4. It is not necessary to allow combinations of many colors, especially contrasting ones, in one interior. The optimal number of colors used should be no more than three. For example, a strict combination of white, gray and wenge can be considered completely win-win.

Not only the game of color shades in the decor of the room you can surprise your guests. Original may be the very method of finishing.



Wenge color laminate for walls and ceilings

Referring to the laminate for interior design, many designers have resorted to non-standard solutions, using flooring to decorate walls and even the ceiling. Laminated plates have a wide range of colors and shades, they effectively imitate the texture of wood, for example, wenge.



The walls covered with wood look very elegant and natural. But usually the entire area of ​​the walls is not laid with laminate, it is used for zoning the space of the room. To highlight the individual sections (zones) trim one wall or part thereof. In this way, you can select a zone with a fireplace for a cozy rest in the living room or an area with a dining table for the whole family in the kitchen. Such a wenge laminate finish in Provence and Country styles is actively used.