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Laminated walnut: features of the texture and options for combinations (24 photos)


Today, walnut laminate is the most sought after coating option. Coatings of this type are produced by a large number of companies. These floor coverings are characterized by a spectacular, brown tint. With their help, you can easily make the interior cozy, unusual, filled with natural shades. The brown palette fills the space with a special aura.



Covering with the texture of walnut wood will be the perfect solution for creating a classic and modern interior. Regardless of the manufacturer laminate walnut consists of the following structures:

  • Upper layer. It is made of resin coating, which increases the level of protection of the coating to various negative factors. The quality of this layer has a direct impact on the level of durability.
  • Decorative layer. It is represented by paper, which is subjected to special treatment. Used paper for wood. You can choose to cover the most varied texture. It is impossible to damage the decor, as it is reliably protected by the upper layer.
  • The main layer. The role of this layer is HDF-plates, which have a high level of strength. The plate has high operational and performance characteristics. Density of a plate various. It depends on the manufacturer.
  • Bottom layer. It is represented by a stabilizing gasket. This coating provides protection for the panel and makes the operation process as user friendly as possible.

In order for the flooring to last as long as possible, professionals advise to use a substrate together with it. It is advisable to choose the type of substrate, which is recommended by the manufacturer.

Walnut color laminate has a large number of undeniable advantages:

  • Spectacular, natural appearance. This coating does not look different from the board of solid wood and looks natural.
  • These coatings are perfectly combined with residential areas of different levels. They are appropriate in any room.
  • A rich variety of choices. Modern manufacturers produce this coating in various shades. It will be the perfect solution for a variety of functional rooms: bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.
  • High level of environmental safety and hygiene. This is an excellent safe covering for living spaces. This type of laminate is suitable even for children's rooms.
  • High level of resistance to fire.



The main nuances of operation

The scope of operation of the laminated coating is wide. If it is chosen for living quarters, then it is better to give preference to natural shades.

Natural shades include beige, yellow, brown and gray. They look noble and help to create a unique atmosphere in the room.

Dark or light laminate is suitable for a wide variety of style decisions. It can be laminated walnut country, classic, baroque, modern, vintage, ethno and many other styles. You can easily find the best fit.



There are several classes of operation of this type of laminate. Modern coverings of class 33, 32, 31 are perfect for a cottage or apartment. The first two classes are characterized by the maximum level of durability. If laminate is purchased for commercial premises, it is advisable to use laminates of category 33, 34. With this level of durability, the laminate can last for 12 years or more.




How to use walnut laminate in the interior?

Laminated walnut in the interior, which effectively imitates various types of walnut, can have the most diverse color palette from light to dark. There are many options to choose from.



Laminate American walnut is characterized by the presence of a sophisticated complex pattern. With it, you can recreate the strict classics in the interior.




Laminated Italian walnut is one of the most beautiful colors of flooring. It has a trendy auburn color. The palette is rich and dense. To dark shades of this coating is important to choose light walls.




Coating color walnut is widely sought after by consumers. It looks very elegant and romantic, not striking, fills the room with comfort, a single style. Milanese walnut is a classic and stylish interior solution. This coating has a special structure, which emphasizes the advantageous tree structure. This type of coating fills the room with a unique comfort.



The walnut series of laminate will be harmoniously combined with any decor of the space, because it brings style and elegance to the room. At observance of all recommendations of the producer this covering is capable to serve throughout a long time.