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Semi-chair in the interior: advantages and disadvantages, features of choice (24 photos)


When studying collections of furniture intended for the dining room, many fellow citizens do not know how to combine soft chairs with armrests with other items - the so-called semi-chairs, because they have non-standard sizes and a special shape. Designers note that these products are very easy to use, the main key to their successful implementation is the correct choice of dimensions and the specifics of the model, as well as its color performance.




In the priority habitual salons

So what is it half-curled or half-cracked? Both names are correct, they are usually called superior chairs, usually equipped with armrests, they can be placed together with traditional models around the dining table (because they are identical in height). When compared with ordinary chairs, the products in question will be slightly higher, so they are perfectly suited to the parameters of standard worktops.




Experts do not recommend buying a semi-chair with armrests in online catalogs, as the latter do not allow to adequately assess the size of the furniture, even if they are listed in the description. It is difficult to find out from the picture whether the product will suit you and your household. It is desirable that the dimensions of the armrests correspond not to height, but to the proportions of a person. That is, their elevation relative to the seat will be equal to the interval from the elbow to the tailbone.

If you sit down on the furniture you like in the store, you will see if the chair is suitable for your proportions: if the armrests are too high or low, you have to raise your shoulders or bend down, which is very uncomfortable and can cause back pain. Therefore, it is better to contact the profile salon.



Pros and cons of shopping

A weighty argument in favor of the acquisition of such a product is a solid appearance. Chairs and designer chairs, if we compare their aesthetic indicators, are incomparable: the latter testify to the good taste of the owners, their enviable well-being, the ability to harmoniously select the details of the interior.

It is comfortable to sit on the semi-chairs, they are ideal for many hours of feasts or long negotiations. Having settled on them, users can, if necessary, move slightly from side to side, alternately leaning on wide soft handles.



There are potential imperfections of this choice:

  • armrests significantly limit the space. This condition is especially uncomfortable for people with magnificent forms, such a seat will be cramped for them;
  • if the dining room or kitchen is small, the soft chair can eat space, in this case it is better to buy compact traditional chairs. Users will have to choose which is better - to create the most comfortable conditions for each participant of the meal or to increase the number of available seats;
  • As a rule, a semi-chair is more expensive than a standard chair from the same collection.

The most versatile and convenient to use are models in which the back and armrests are made together. Their design contributes to the convenient location of people with any height and build.

Massive armchairs require considerable free space, and the chairs, in turn, are not so comfortable, it is impossible to sit on them for a long time. An innovative semi-chair is a successful hybrid of both variants, which contains all the advantages of traditional products. Such products are chosen in the following cases:

  • when there was a desire to update the situation in the living room or dining room, to equip the dining table with more spacious, soft and comfortable pieces of furniture;
  • if you want to allocate a separate cozy corner on the balcony or directly in the apartment. Here, the half chairs have a distinct advantage due to their compactness and mobility;
  • when during work (in the office, at home) I want to get a little distracted and rest my back muscles. In this case, you can rely on your back at any time, and, moreover, you can work directly on the seat and relax.



The designer chair semi-chair can have various execution. Exquisite white, brown, beige and black colors are in demand, leather, fabric and combined upholstery as well as carved wood are common among textures. Due to the wide range of such products can be purchased for the interior in any style.



Semi-armchair, which has a pleasant fabric upholstery and carved heavy legs, is usually decorated with a small neat pattern or ornament and is able to decorate the living room in a classic style. For the traditional cabinet can recommend a concise leather model. If the dining room is decorated in the style of country, for her you can pick up a light product, trimmed with fabric in the cell. Provence style will require unobtrusiveness in details; here you can embed a chair with delicate flowers on a light background.



Advantages of products made of wood

This material is traditionally the most popular for the manufacture of furniture, only it has the expected nobility and natural complexity of texture. Therefore, a wooden semi-seat is a great addition for the head's office, reception room, home workplace, especially if it is made of solid oak. As a rule, natural or artificial leather is used as upholstery. An elegant product to the highest degree will correspond to the status of the owner, it is durable, durable, solid and very practical.



At the request of the customer, products can be made with a high or regular back. In the first case, support is formed for continuous operation; Such a variation is usually chosen as an addition to a massive desktop. If the priority is low back, this model is also suitable for productive work and leisure, it is usually equipped with receiving zones.



A separate category consists of Italian rulers, made of hardwood, mainly beech. The frame is made of durable wood, treated with effective protective compounds; genuine leather, high-quality fabric and soft filler, which does not lose the original structure for a long time, are used to create the back, seat and armrests. The pricing here, first of all, is influenced by the types of upholstery, delivery conditions, used paint coatings.