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Soft wall panels: safety on every corner (23 photos)


Today there are many options for decorating the walls of rooms in any stylistic direction. One of them is the upholstery of the walls with soft panels.



Designers claim that soft upholstery is a simple solution and an interesting idea. In addition to the aesthetic appearance when finishing in this way, insulation and heat insulation increase.

Soft wall panels are made of various materials. To create a stylish interior using two main types.

Leather panels

Made of genuine leather and its substitutes. In the first case, the finishing of such panels is considered an expensive option. In the interior, these walls are well combined with plain wallpaper of calm or bright colors, furniture made of genuine leather or wood. Upholstery leatherette panels is a less expensive option, but in appearance almost not inferior to natural leather.



Leather panels look spectacular, elegant, and easy to clean.



Structure of soft wall panels

In view of its volumetric shape, such panels are called 3D panels. They have a multilayer structure and in the section look like this:

  • the first layer is made of PVC substrate with a width of 5-8 cm, which has high adhesive properties to various adhesive substrates and high strength;
  • the second layer is presented in the form of a filler made of foam rubber, sinteponovoy or mineral wool basis, serves to retain heat and sound;
  • the third layer is made of upholstery material and is responsible for the decorative characteristics of the panels.

Due to this composition, soft wall panels are wear-resistant, beautiful and have important indicators - sound insulation and heat insulation.



Advantages and disadvantages of soft wall panels

When carrying out repairs in a residential area, the reliability and durability of the building materials used is taken into account. The decoration of the walls with soft panels has the following positive points:

  • Good air and moisture permeability. With these characteristics, the room is maintained at an optimum temperature and humidity.
  • Ability to carry out cleaning and washing walls.
  • The use of soft wall panels will add to the interior of the room gloss, luxury and personality.
  • High resistance to mechanical loads of different nature.
  • Soft wall panels for the bedroom with the presence of embossed design can be used in any stylistic directions: baroque, hi-tech, art deco and modern.
  • Long-term use, high wear resistance. The term of use of soft panels reaches to a quarter of a century.
  • Excellent noise and heat insulation properties.
  • Safe for humans. When heated, they do not emit toxic substances, they are not prone to fire.
  • Large selection of color palette and style.
  • Easy and quick installation. Does not require special skills and knowledge. Laying wall panels can be carried out even by an inexperienced master.
  • No need to pre-prepare the surface of the walls before installation.
  • The ability to hide having irregularities and defects in the walls, as well as various wires and communications.
  • When preserving the appearance of dismantled soft panels can be used repeatedly.

The important point is that the use of soft wall panels is provided for spacious rooms. When decorating walls in small rooms, designers recommend using them on separate surfaces, bringing uniqueness and originality to the interior.

Design solutions using soft wall panels, there are many. For example, it is possible to sheathe a whole wall with decorative panels, some of it, or all of the existing walls in the premises being repaired.

Very often, upholstered trim headboard and podiums. Decorative panels can be chosen in tint with other materials of decoration or use them for bright highlighting in the interior. Soft panels with fabric texture can be decorated with an exclusive image created by digital photo printing on fabric.

A good solution would be the design of soft wall panels for the room for children. With the help of them, the interior of the nursery will look cozy and beautiful, as well as reduce the likelihood of injury to children who play in gambling and outdoor games. In addition, soft panels have good sound insulation, which is important for a child's room.

In order to fix the wall panels do not need to have certain knowledge and skills. The main nuance that must be considered when placing the panels and their further fastening is the exact marking of the wall. This will avoid skewing along horizontal or vertical lines.

There are two ways to mount soft decorative panels on the wall: fixing the panels on the wall by sticking them and covering the frame, which is pre-fixed on the wall.



The algorithm for the second method:

  1. Make a frame of the prepared rails, corners and screws.
  2. Beat plywood sheets around the perimeter of the fabricated frame on the front side. Then stick a base on it - sintepon or foam rubber.
  3. Tightly cover the panel with a cloth, leaving the allowances, which fix the construction stapler on the other side of the frame.
  4. Covered with furniture nails nail to the crate attached to the wall. To prevent damage to the material on the nails, it is recommended to put a synthetic winterizer on which the nail will be driven.