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Entrance doors with a mirror: reliable protection and stylish design (21 photos)


Unfortunately, apartments in modern high-rise buildings are not well planned. The entrance hall is very narrow or very small. Small hallways and in the traditional "Khrushchev". However, it is this room that forms the primary impression of the apartment and its owners, and it should also be comfortable in the hallway. In this case, the situation is saved by the entrance doors with a mirror, which today are being installed not only in a small apartment, but also in a large country or cottage, and even more so in the office.



Mirror on the door: noticeable advantages

So, if the hallway is small, then the entrance doors with a mirror inside will help to abandon the installation of the pier-glass. Mirror elements always visually expand a small space, especially if you install good lighting in the hallway and make its walls bright.



However, there are other obvious advantages of such a door if your hallway is of normal size:

  • The door with a mirror looks good in the interior of almost any style: whether it is a classical hall, country or fashionable hi-tech.
  • It is convenient to fix clothes or hairstyle before the final exit on people. As a rule, each person performs this familiar ritual at the level of traditional reflexes.
  • Entrance metal door with a mirror inside is perfectly combined with traditional furniture for the hallway. The color of the panel itself at the same time can go into the background. The most popular panel shades are wenge or bleached oak, as well as ash. Demand is also just a white door.
  • Usually, door manufacturers install the substrate under the mirror itself, while applying a trauma-resistant film (transparent or bronze) to the mirror canvas, which makes the doors safe and secure.
  • Panels for such doors are typically more than 12 mm thick (typically using about 10 mm or less).

The mirror element itself can be positioned not only inside, as mentioned above, but also outside. The last option will not carry a functional load, it is an elegant decor that will give your door an external gloss.

Mirror: inside or outside?

Today, the range of sizes and various forms of door mirrors is quite wide. For standard apartments, it seems that traditional entrance steel doors with an internal mirror insert will fit; in a country house, you can install more complex doors with a mirror both outside and inside. As a rule, the outer finish is supplemented with complex forging elements, small grids. Such a decor will not only give the door sophistication, but also increase the safety of the insert itself.

As for finishing and decoration, the entrance doors with a mirror can be finished with ordinary laminate or veneer, as well as with special linings, small moldings, as well as artistic forging. The mirror itself can be decorated around the perimeter with stained glass painting, artificially aged. The main thing - the decoration of the mirror should fit into the overall style of the room.



Elegant and reliable

Speaking about the choice of the canvas as a whole, we can say that the color of the panels also plays a large decorative role. For example, a door with dark wenge panels emphasizes the elegant elegance of your home. This fashionable shade can be golden brown or dark brown with small streaks of black.

The whole construction of the doors, as a rule, is thoroughly thought out, and fittings and locks provide additional reliability. Iron entrance doors, made of metal, are covered with special powder paint that prevents the appearance of corrosion, or have a finish of PVC panels under the tree. The door unit is made according to the individual dimensions of the customer, therefore, the mandatory pre-production stage is the measurement of the door unit.



In addition, the implementation of various design ideas is also possible, as customers can make an individual order at their discretion. Today, manufacturers perform products with any pattern and decorative elements.



As for the protective properties, due to the multi-layered structure and tightness of the entrance metal door protects households from noise, cold and intrusions. The structure consists of two steel sheets, a gasket, a hydro-barrier, thermal insulation and rubber gaskets located along the perimeter. Such a complex structure provides both good protective properties and a long service life. Regardless of the finishing material, the metal entrance door has good heat and sound insulation. From the outside, a special anti-vandal powder coating is used, which prevents aggressive environmental influences, corrosion and temperature extremes.