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Decorating the doors for the New Year: a few interesting ideas (57 photos)


The New Year is a bright holiday when you want to share joy with everyone. One of the options is the Christmas decoration of the front door. If desired, all interior doors are decorated. There are a lot of ready-made ideas, but you can show your imagination and come up with something of your own.






Main decor for door decoration


The wreath, which in another way is called the Christmas donut, is one of the traditional attributes of the New Year holiday. Although the fashion for its use originated in the West, it is equally popular with us.



Basically, a wreath is used as a front door decor. Many ready-made options before the New Year are on store shelves, but there are even more ideas for making an accessory with your own hands.

The most common method of making a wreath is using spruce twigs. Of these, a wreath is woven and decorated with various decorations - cones, tinsel, rain, ribbons, etc., which we decorate the door for the New Year. Ideas for making original wreaths involve the use of ribbons, thread, old sweater, foam, etc.




Colorful lights look equally beautiful on a Christmas tree and a door or door frame. Garlands are perfectly combined with coniferous branches and in such a tandem they create a sense of celebration. Such ideas and methods will fill the house with an atmosphere of magic and magic. A good option is to attach a garland to the door in the form of a Christmas tree.




Many homes for the New Year are decorated with snowflakes of blue or white paper. They can be used to self-decorate the door and complement the existing composition. Snowflakes just cut, create bulk products or folded using origami technique. The material may be newspapers, old books and sheet music.




The main beauty of the holiday - the Christmas tree - looks very harmonious on the doors. It is made from branches or tinsel or draw from artificial snow. Decorate such a Christmas tree can be no worse than a real tree. For this purpose, balls, stars, cones, garlands, etc. are attached to the door. You can simply draw a Christmas tree on a sheet of drawing paper, cut and paste on the door leaf. The form from a cardboard will help with this business.




The snowman will be a good and alternative way to design the door. It can be made up of Christmas wreaths or made of any available materials - cotton wool, twigs, paper, cardboard, etc.

To make a snowman from wreaths, you need to take bending branches and make three parts of them different in size. A scarf and a hat are placed on the head circle, the nose and eyes are also placed there. Hands are made of a pair of twigs. They can put a New Year's poster with the wishes that can be read by guests entering the house.




Bells and hanging items

The bell, rain and Christmas toys are popular elements of decor. The bells will ring out the arrival of the guest. This fact will indicate that the New Year is near and a miracle will happen soon. If you want to create a door decoration with your own hands for the New Year, you can make toys yourself.




Another of the accessories that support the main idea of ​​the holiday and come from the West is the New Year's boot. It is appropriate when decorating an entrance or interior door for a holiday.

It is very simple to make it - it is enough to have on hand a red cloth, cotton wool and a needle and thread. In the boot you can put small gifts for loved ones. They will be pleased to receive them in such an unusual way.



Decorative stickers

The budget and easy way to decorate the door for the New Year is to glue images with a Christmas theme. You can buy ready-made vinyl stickers in the store. After the end of the holiday, they are easily removed from the door.







If there is a corresponding talent, then the door can be originally decorated with his own hand painted holiday poster. It depicts Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, a snowman, a symbol of the coming year, a Christmas tree, gifts, Happy New Year, etc. Many ready-made posters before the holidays are sold in the store. Then decorate the door will be very simple and fast.





Christmas rugs

Beautiful themed mats will have not only decorative, but also practical function. You can give preference to a bright New Year print or choose a festive, but neutral image that can be used after the celebration.

Ideas of interesting compositions

Traditional Christmas decoration

Fans of the classic design will like the use of the standard New Year's element - fir branches. They are placed in a massive vase, standing on the right and left of the door. The bouquet is decorated with red and green Christmas decorations and pine cones. A wreath of twigs is hung on the door. Along the perimeter, the doorway is also decorated with green stems.



Christmas ringing

The decoration of the entrance door of a private house looks like an impressive garland of cones. She framed the entire perimeter of the canvas, so pine cones need a lot, but the effect is worth it. The garland is decorated with white, red and gold bells. At the edges of the doors you can put vintage lanterns with candles inside, which are lit before the arrival of guests.







Discreet chic

For lovers of minimalism style there is also an interesting option for the design of the door. It is both unassuming and luxurious. Conifers without ornaments and lanterns are placed on the sides of the door. A wreath of green branches is tied to the door, tied with a burgundy bow.

Simple and tasteful

Interesting and unusual instead of a wreath looks wooden frame. It is painted red and placed on the canvas. The frame is decorated with ribbons and Christmas decorations. This option is both simple and original. It is even suitable for decoration of entrance doors in an apartment building.




In this design, the laws of symmetry are respected. On the sides of the door there are low Christmas trees decorated with balls and garlands. It is important that they are decorated in exactly the same way. Above the doorway is a green garland. It can be purchased or homemade.

Garland can make their coniferous twigs and decorate with silver beads. Above the door garland should be placed with a bend. A five-pointed star, which hangs in the center of the canvas closer to its upper edge, will balance the entire composition. The star can be cut out of thin plywood and wound with twine.



New year blues

If the door has a piercing blue color, then you can beat it and create a fabulous festive atmosphere. At the same time, they deviate from the standard white-red-green gamut. A Christmas tree or a wreath of fir branches decorated with silver or blue balls will effectively complement the unusual shade of the canvas.

Game of colors

If you want to create a custom and unique design of the door for the New Year, it is recommended to use an unusual color scheme. In this case, we mean a fresh combination of green and orange. Tangerines and oranges are also attributes of the New Year, so the use of this color is understandable. Here a wreath of green twigs is hung on the door, and the door is decorated with bright orange ribbons.




What is the difference between interior and entrance doors?

The decoration of the entrance door for the New Year is somewhat different from the New Year's interior decoration. Today, not many people decide to decorate the front door in an apartment building. If you still wanted to decorate the front door in a high-rise building, then you should not use a lot of decor. To use expensive items or not depends on the area of ​​residence. There is usually enough a wreath and a rug in front of the door.

For registration of the entrance to a private house, owners can not limit themselves to fantasy. Spiral lights are appropriate here. They can also be hung on conifers growing on the site. To the right and left of the door you can put decorative gift boxes.




Interior doors are much easier to decorate. There are no restrictions here. Any decor elements are selected, since they do not need to withstand negative atmospheric factors. Simple home-made parts are relevant here:

  • a wreath of chocolates;
  • snowflake ornament;
  • New Year's applications.

Coniferous decor is equally suitable for decorating entrance and interior doors. The aroma of spruce twigs helps to feel the approach of the holiday. If you want the decoration lasted as long as possible, then take a sprig of pine.



Do not limit yourself if you have any interesting idea of ​​your own. The process of decorating a house usually takes complete. We must allow the coming year to enter through a beautifully decorated door.