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Turquoise bedroom: decor and color combination (27 photos)


The turquoise bedroom associated with the sea expanses requires a careful approach to the selection of all decorative elements and accessories, as well as to the use of color combinations. Let's consider on examples how and with what to combine turquoise.




About color

The beautiful name of this color shade is due to turquoise - a popular semi-precious stone, which is considered a symbol of happiness.



Among the magical properties attributed to turquoise, it can be noted that the owner has acquired good luck in all undertakings. A look at this greenish-blue splendor after waking up provides all-day good mood, high performance.



A turquoise tint is formed from the overlap of the two basic tones of the spectrum of green (warm) and blue (cold) and is associated both with the cheerfulness of summer foliage permeated with sunlight, and with the coolness of the sea distance, the blue of the sky, the tenderness of forget-me-not.

If you correctly use the turquoise color in the interior of the bedroom, you can get a relaxing soothing atmosphere that helps to get a good rest.

In eastern countries, they believe that turquoise color gives tenderness, develops intuition, affects the increase in self-esteem and confidence in their abilities and strengths. Contemplation of elements with similar color shades calms, contributes to a better concentration of the thinking process.



What styles are suitable for?

With proper distribution of accents turquoise color will look organic, not only in the sea interior.

  • Rich bright turquoise details emphasize the dynamics and revolutionary high-tech style. If there is a small work area in such a bedroom, then during creative or performance work energy, inspiration, and efficiency will be provided.
  • The combination of turquoise hues with gold enhances the perception of exotic and wealth of the room, decorated with elements of oriental style.
  • Recall the palace luxury pastel delicate turquoise hues, chosen for the sophisticated bedroom in the rococo style.
  • The forget-me-not color scheme in the interior, created in the style of romanticism, looks organically.
  • The tranquil turquoise color of the Renaissance bedroom harmoniously blends in harmoniously with the proportionality of forms and the softness of the color range.



The muted shades of green with a blue sheen harmoniously emphasize the nobility and restraint of the classic interior. Provence style that is a bit patriarchal and close in mood to many people includes turquoise nuances in a floral ornament that can be present on textile details in the design of the bedroom.



Bedroom decoration

Selecting a bedroom design in turquoise colors, you must consider its location and size.



If there is an abundance of sunlight in the room, then along with the snow-white ceiling and chocolate floor the walls are drawn in light turquoise tones, approaching the cool blue. Such colors will also be suitable for a small room, as it will visually expand the space.

For the bedroom, located on the shady side, the color is chosen with a predominance of warm shades of green, combined with shades of yellow-orange range.

It is necessary to refuse a large number of juicy, saturated, turquoise color in the interior, so as not to lose on such an active background the remaining elements that form a complete image of the room. It can be present as accents on curtains, headboard, in the wallpaper pattern. It is permissible to completely bright one of the walls, provided that the rest are neutral and bright.



No need to strive to fulfill the whole bedroom monochrome, if preference is given to turquoise color. Be sure to select other shades that will be optimally combined and create the desired mood. At the same time, among the additional accents should not be excessively bright, screaming colors, because turquoise organically maintains calm delicate shades.



Selection of furniture, lighting and accessories

In order for a bedroom in turquoise colors to be filled with freshness, bulky furniture should be excluded from the decor. The main subject is a bed that can not be made smaller in size, but you can visually give a feeling of lightness, making the backwork tracery.



The color of the furniture decoration - armchairs, chairs, padded stools - is designed to maintain balance, therefore, with pastel walls, patterns with bright turquoise elements are chosen. If saturated colors were used in the design of the walls, the upholstery is selected with a calm color scheme.

The color of the furniture itself also depends on the dominant background of the walls. If they are completely turquoise, then choose a white, light gray, beige ensemble. Furniture of noble chocolate color will be combined with pastel shades.

Creating a bedroom with turquoise accents is easy and without detailed rework. If the walls in the room are solved in bright colors, then it is enough to buy turquoise furniture.

In order for a bedroom in a turquoise color not to be motley, you need to know which color combinations in such an interior will look dignified and harmonious. At the stage of preparation for the transformation, it is advisable to consider several additional shades and choose the most suitable color scheme for a particular room.