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How to choose the kitchen faucets?


At the moment there is such a huge amount of sanitary facilities that it may not be so easy to pick up an ordinary kitchen faucet. If you have long puzzled over what kind of faucet to choose for the kitchen is better, then we offer you to make with us a small overview of the various types of faucets.



Material Types: Most Durable Mixers

Before you choose the mixer for the kitchen finally, you need to familiarize yourself with what material it is made of. The material primarily depends on how long the device can survive.




Among the most costly models is to provide an alloy based on silicon and aluminum, which is called silumin. Kitchen faucets of this material differ in relatively small cost, but also serve not very long.

During the selection, you can get a poor-quality Silumin model (most of the constructions are beige in color, however, other models can have a beige shade), so you should carefully check the product before buying it by weight - usually silumin mixers are very light.

No less economical option are polymer (plastic) models. The design differs in cheapness and small weight. The material is good primarily because it is not exposed to adverse chemical effects. However, such mixers due to the low strength of the material will serve their customers not for long.




Ceramic faucets for the kitchen have a beautiful and very expressive appearance, which is, of course, their main advantage. They are perfectly combined with stone countertops, as well as sinks on the basis of porcelain.


The most practical and durable are faucets made of stainless steel. Mixers made on the basis of this material are characterized by excellent elasticity and resistance to physical damage, heat resistance, and relative chemical inertness. Stainless steel has no harmful and dangerous impurities. The cost, however, such products are quite high.



How to choose the right kitchen faucet, based on the parameters of height, lever and spout?

Types of faucets for the kitchen:

  • The double-lever kitchen faucet is considered to be the easiest model at the moment, which has one tap and two valves.
  • A more modern model is a single-lever kitchen faucet. The degree of intensity of the water flow, as well as the temperature of the liquid, can be easily adjusted by hand or finger.

Models with a long spout are equipped with a control lever located on the side of the product, while models with a short spout are equipped with a control system located directly above the spout at the top of the structure.

Spouts are sold in two varieties: low and high. Which particular product to give their preference? In this situation, it all depends on how deep the bowl of the shell itself can be. A bowl with a shallow depth (about 160 millimeters), together with a low spout, can create some inconvenience when washing dishes with large dimensions. Among the disadvantages of a high-height structure, its cost is highlighted, as well as the likelihood that splashing can occur under excessively strong water pressure.

At the present time, most kitchen faucets have a built-in filtration system that allows them to always supply the apartment owner with clean water.

In order for the sink and faucet in the kitchen to look organically, not only by color, but also by the material itself, you should choose components for the sink that belong to a single series.