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Long spout bath mixer - a versatile device for comfortable water treatments (21 photos)


When choosing a mixer with a long gander, it is necessary to take into account the various parameters that determine the operation of the device.

Materials for the manufacture of mixers

Stainless steel is the most popular and common option. It takes the first place in the rating of materials due to its durability, availability, aesthetics. Faucets fit perfectly into the interiors of various styles.

Brass, bronze are characterized by long service life. The refined look of such mixers will subtly emphasize Provence style or luxurious classic bathroom. These products are expensive, but the price is quite justified.

Ceramics are distinguished by an attractive design, non-standard forms of products. Faucets are expensive and have a high brittleness, so you need to handle them carefully.




Chrome and enamel are used as a decorative and protective coating. When choosing devices it is necessary to remember that enamel gives the surface a matte texture and no fingerprints or drops of water are visible on the cases. Chrome also attracts durability, elegant look and simple care.

Mixer Types

Among the many models of mixers can be distinguished two large groups - single-lever and two-fan. The differences are based on control systems and components that mix hot and cold water.

Two-valve long bath spout

This device is very popular, is easy to manufacture and affordable price. Manufacturers offer two types of products.

  • The worm model is equipped with a rubber locking collar (silicone gasket). The main advantages of the mixer: reliability, easy replacement of gaskets, low price. Among the shortcomings, it is possible to single out the inconvenient process of using the device - to open the faucet it is necessary to turn the valve several times, and it takes time to adjust the pressure and temperature of the water.
  • Ceramic mixer is equipped with two plates with holes (one is fixed in the housing, and the other is attached to the rod). Product advantages: convenient operation, durability and durability of mechanisms, silent operation. No need to make an effort to use the crane. The disadvantages include the high price of the mixer, the dependence on water quality (sand and small solids accelerate the wear of mechanisms). The crankshaft is difficult to repair - it is better to just change it. To extend the life of the equipment, it is advisable to install a coarse water filter.

If there is a problem of choice, it is recommended to give preference to the ceramic mixer. However, if the water quality leaves much to be desired, then it is necessary to mount the device on worm cock-boxes.

In order to determine the model, it is enough to turn the handles on the tap - in ceramic taps they turn 90 or 180 degrees.




Single lever long bath spout

Increasingly, consumers began to install such faucets. A distinctive feature of products - convenient use. There are two types of mixers on the market:

  • ball model is equipped with a metal ball in which there are three holes. Advantages of the mixer: durability, high-quality sealing. The main disadvantage is the sensitivity to lime deposits, which can significantly impede the operation of the device after prolonged downtime;
  • cartridge faucet has special ceramic plates with holes. Product advantages: easy operation, long service life. Cons: high cost, clean water (without mechanical impurities) ensures high-quality performance.

Thermostatic faucets

Such models are still a novelty on the plumbing market. However, the comfortable use of the thermostat makes it increasingly popular among consumers.

According to the control method, the taps are divided into three types.

  1. Electronic - equipped with LCD screen and touch / button control. The thermostat works from a network or the accumulator. The advantage of the device - with the help of electronics, the parameters of the water flow are set more precisely. The disadvantage is dependence on external energy sources.
  2. Mechanical - control is carried out by handles, valves or lever of different designs. Batteries are not needed. The main advantage of the thermostat - reliability and independence from sources of electricity.
  3. Non-contact thermostats equipped with infrared sensors are the most comfortable to use. Cranes are equipped with heat controllers (for temperature control) and devices that control the pressure of the water jet. The user sets the parameters of the water flow before switching on.

The main advantages of these technical innovations are safety (you should not be afraid of a sudden flow of very hot or cold water), comfort (the thermostat adjusts changes in temperature or pressure of the jet so quickly that a person does not notice differences).



Types of spouts

These elements of mixers can be static and turning. Long spouts refer to a swiveling view. On the one hand, thanks to a special mechanism, the gander can be moved in the right direction. On the other hand, it is this mechanism that acts as a weak link in the design and reduces the lifespan of the crane.

In the production of gander used three types of technology:

  • tubular - for the manufacture of gander metal pipes bend and take the desired shape. These spouts are the cheapest and most popular. The junction of the gander and the body is sealed with a special plastic ring. The other end of the tube is adapted to install an aerator;
  • solder models are different forms and higher price. In the production process of the ganders, the metal billet is not only bent, but also inflated, which makes it possible to obtain tubes with different diameters along the length. On the ends of the gander they solder the nuts for the nipple and the aerator;
  • cast products are considered the most expensive. The case is cast monolithic. Bathroom faucets are distinguished by a solid weight, because brass is used for their production.

In the manufacture of tubular and cast huss, inexpensive metal alloys are used, and chrome is used for the protective and decorative layer.




Main characteristics of spouts

It is the height and length of the gander that affect the comfort of using sanitary equipment.

  1. The height of the spout is determined by the distance between the base of the mixer body and the hole from which the water jet flows. A high gander (from 250 mm) allows you to solve many problems: to draw water in large dishes, to wash in the bathtub and washbasin (with proper installation). To make it convenient to use the sink and the water doesn’t spray much, you should choose models with deep bowls.
  2. The length of the spout is the distance between the ends of the pipe. For long goose are models with sizes from 30 to 52 cm.




Ways to switch bath-shower mechanisms

Manufacturers produce taps that are equipped with different mechanisms for switching water flow from the shower to the spout. Characteristics of devices are so diverse that you should not give preference to any one indicator.

Push-button version

In long gander mixers, the button is positioned vertically on the body and acts on a valve that directs water to the shower / spout.

The main problems that arise during the operation:

  • valve passes water due to limescale. Rubber seals lose elasticity. If limescale has formed, then only valve replacement can correct the situation;
  • the button is not held in the raised position with a weak water pressure. This may be due to a tight return spring. If you remove one or two coils of the spring (bite), then the problem will be solved;
  • the button does not return to its original position after turning off the water, which may be caused by excessive sealing of the rod. This can be corrected by applying a little silicone grease under the rubber gasket.

Advantages of the device: to control the mechanism it is necessary to make a minimum of effort, has a compact size. The disadvantage is the short life due to the damage of rubber on the valve with lime scale.




Ball switch

The mechanism is characterized by reliable operation and consists of a rod and a metal ball (usually brass) with two holes. When the device is running, water enters the side opening of the ball and is discharged through another opening into the shower / spout.

Advantages: long service life, reliable holding position in the shower mode, easy operation. Disadvantages: sensitivity to impurities in water, the installation of a coarse filter is desirable to prevent the ingress of large mechanical impurities.

If a device breaks down, only its replacement is possible.




Types of mixer installation

It is the comfortable use of the crane that determines the method of its installation. Two types of fastening devices are assumed:

  • wall mounting is relevant in small bathrooms, where it is impractical to install separate taps on the sink and bathtub. In this case, plumbing should stand nearby. It is important to choose the right installation height - the spout should rotate freely and not touch the sink. However, it is also not recommended to strongly fasten the tap, otherwise the water will splash out strongly when washing hands;
  • It is advisable to install such a mixer on the bath if the tank has such wide sides that the spouts of other models will be short (water will flow down the bowl wall). Or in the case of arranging shelves near the bath and the inability to install a crane on other walls.

Many manufacturers produce decent and competitive products. The first places in the rating are occupied by the companies: Grohe, DAMIXA, ORAS. Mixers of these brands are distinguished by exquisite design and quality, which guarantees a long service life of taps. Naturally, for the excellent performance you have to pay. Manufacturers take into account the various monetary opportunities of buyers and, as a rule, offer a line of expensive and low-cost models of sanitary equipment.