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Wardrobe on the balcony: types of designs and design (28 photos)


Not everyone can boast a large area of ​​the apartment. And because storage space is always not enough. Using a balcony for this purpose is not uncommon. But in order that things do not stock up chaotically and do not clutter up all the space, you should install a convenient closet with many sections, departments, shelves. In addition, it can be used to turn a balcony into an office, library, needle shop or just a stylish room.




Which cabinet to choose?

If you decide to install a closet for storing things and small things on the balcony, you should take this into account before repairing, redeveloping the apartment and finishing the balcony. But even in a situation with a rented apartment, you can always find and install a suitable variant of the locker on the balcony. For example, PVC - they are light, easy to assemble and disassemble. And you can store anything in them: from vegetables to skeins of yarn, toys and work tools. Such a cabinet when moving is easily disassembled and transported to a new place of residence.




If the apartment is yours, then you can choose the design, material, exact dimensions of the cabinet, the number of shelves and sections, sliding doors - everything will depend on the purpose for which the cabinet is used. For example, it is possible to build in a reclining table and install lighting, then the balcony will turn into a workplace. Or install a retractable shelf with a sewing machine - the balcony will become a favorite place of the needlewoman and her workshop. A closet with many shelves and sections for storing books and an armchair installed on the balcony will turn it into a small library.



Materials for balcony cabinets

Arrangement of a balcony or loggia is not only useful, but also interesting. After all, there is an opportunity to show imagination and turn a small area of ​​the apartment into a cozy, functional room. Storage cabinets can be made of different materials, each of which has its own advantages.



Chipboard plates

Practical, quite durable material. Popular due to its affordable price. Furniture made of laminated chipboard withstands heavy loads, it is durable, stable, long serving. It is easy to make a wardrobe of any shape and size from the plates, as they are easy to use and do not require much effort and skills. Therefore, it is possible to make a wardrobe of chipboard by yourself, to decorate it to your taste, to improve the design, to paint. To strengthen the structure used plaster mesh or reinforcing paper.



Natural wood

Furniture from environmentally friendly, natural materials is always in high esteem - it looks elegant, decorates the interior, does not harm health, is durable and very durable. Corner wardrobe on the balcony of the tree is the perfect solution in the event that you make out the loggia in eco-style. Wooden wardrobe on the balcony is quite difficult to handle and assemble yourself. Therefore it is necessary to entrust its installation specialist.



Metal plastic

Popular material, which is characterized by low cost and good durability of products. Metal cabinet is resistant to moisture, painted aluminum base is resistant to sunlight, as well as low temperatures, which are commonplace on the balcony, especially unheated and unglazed. There are a lot of variants of metal-plastic cabinets, so everyone can find exactly what they have to taste and purse, and in terms of functionality. Shelves in a plastic cabinet can withstand a load of up to 40 kilograms.

Especially popular is the built-in wardrobe from the wall paneling on the balcony, which you can easily make yourself.

Before you start making such a locker, study photos similar to the Internet, make measurements, calculations and get started. Depending on the size and design of the cabinet depends on the number of sheets of lining.



Consider that the tree very badly transfers temperature drops and excessive moisture, because of this, the products made of it are deformed. Therefore, it is worthwhile to attend to the insulation of the balcony and the putty of all cracks on it. When choosing a cabinet on the balcony, consider whether it is glazed or not and, based on this, choose the material.



Design cabinets on the balcony

Another important characteristic when choosing is the design of the product. It is responsible for both the functionality and the appearance of the product. Cabinets for loggias and balconies can be of the following designs:

  • Built in - it is made by the individual order taking into account the sizes and preferences of the customer, is established permanently and is not subject to movement. There are options for wardrobes with swing and sliding doors. The first occupies a minimum of space, such a wardrobe on the balcony can only be opened in half. A case with hinged doors requires space in order to open the doors, but is less costly to manufacture, therefore it is the most frequent option, economical.
  • Wardrobe with roller blinds. Thanks to rolling shutters it is compact, does not require a lot of space. You can install as the full height of the balcony, and to the level of the window sill. Such a cabinet practically merges with the wall and is not visible externally. Folding-accordion can open access to the content without difficulty and barriers, and such a product can last up to 10 years.
  • Floor cabinet. The warmed case is suitable for storage of vegetables, fruit. These cabinets are equipped with a variety of drawers of different shapes, sizes and depths. This kind of design is well suited as a storage place for tools. In addition to drawers, you can equip a place where it will be convenient to store screwdrivers, hammers, screwdrivers, jigsaws and other tools, as well as small divisions for screws, nails, screws and other things.
  • The electric niche on the balcony is a suitable option for storing vegetables and other products where there is no heating. The electrical cabinet maintains a temperature of around +7 degrees all winter, so even in cold weather, vegetables and fruits are well preserved.
  • Niche cellar. The corner version of the balcony cabinet, which makes it possible to usefully use the free space of the loggia to store any things, occupies minimal space.



Expert advice

The design of the balcony is thought out like the interior of any other room. After all, this is a part of the dwelling in which you will often visit. In addition, it should overlap and be organic with the design of the entire apartment. Furniture - the same piece of furniture that sets the tone. Therefore, it is very important to choose not only a closet suitable for materials and functionality for a balcony and a loggia, but also one that will correspond to stylistic ideas.



A balcony cabinet should not clutter up the space, but should be comfortable and compact: it is preferable to install a built-in cabinet on a closed loggia. If your balcony is quite small, consider the option of a corner. When choosing a cabinet also consider the humidity and temperature characteristics of the room. After all, in order for the product to last for many years, it must withstand increased humidity, sunlight, temperature changes. Install cabinets on the balcony must be on a flat and moisture-resistant surface.



A storage cabinet on the balcony is an indispensable attribute of many apartments. If you follow all the tips and recommendations, it will help save space and will last for many years.