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Making a nursery in green: interesting combinations (24 photos)


It is extremely important to correctly choose the color when designing the interior of the nursery, because it has a certain effect on the mental development of the child. Children's room in green is a versatile option. This color is perfect for both boys and girls. It calms and helps to improve mood. If the nursery is green, the child falls asleep much better. For younger students, a green nursery helps to concentrate on doing homework.



Green color may have different shades. They must be selected on the basis of which side the room is located.

If the room is located on the north side, then it is recommended to give preference to a warm palette: pistachio and olive flowers. Such shades will give the room coziness and make it visually brighter. If the room is located where there is a surplus of sunlight, then cold colors are at your disposal: bluish mint colors. They will refresh the room, filling it with bright colors.



The value of shades of green, which one to choose?

All parents strive to make the child’s childhood carefree and positive. Competently organized children in this matter are of considerable importance, because children are more sensitive to the perception of color than adults.



Features of color combinations

The nursery in green color goes well with a lot of colors. In addition, it can be combined with a variety of natural materials. Girls will certainly love the combination of green and pink. With this duet, you can easily get the atmosphere of romance, but in order for the room to turn out to be truly original, these colors can be diluted with a white, mint, blue palette. Choosing colors, it is necessary to proceed with caution, since such a children's room in shades of green may turn out to be overly motley and overloaded.

If the room is small in size, then it is advantageous to combine the green color with yellow.

With this combination, you can visually make a room larger by filling it with light. In order that the room does not turn out to be too cold, it is better to use green as the basis, and use white as an extra.



Combining turquoise and green, you can make the space optimistic. To these shades you can add purple, pink and lilac colors. The room will be bright and stylish. It will be an excellent option for a boy.



Incredibly summer and festive is a combination of yellow, light green and green. This option will certainly appeal to a child of any age. Yellow shade in the interior fills the room with light, comfort and harmony.



Green tips

Design a nursery room in green color is easy to perform. There are no special secrets here. However, several useful recommendations can be noted. Green color is combined with a large number of shades. If a cold shade is chosen as an additional palette, then you should try to have more blue gamut than yellow. Green, which is used as a supplement to a warm shade, should be close to yellow.

Bright green is not recommended for small rooms. This shade is also better not to use for large furniture.

Rich gamut is perfect for shades in the interior.



Also be careful to use dark green shades. They should certainly be diluted with white. Otherwise, the children's room will look too strict and gloomy. Also so that the interior does not seem sad, it is better not to combine green with a large amount of dark purple, black and brown colors.



Green furniture in the interior fills the space with serenity and serenity. Furniture of this shade will look great in a space where the walls are made in beige, sand, lilac, pink color. Highlight the sophistication of green furniture can be with proper selection of lighting in the nursery.