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Interior decoration with garlands - shine and sparkle (31 photos)


The first electric garlands were created specifically to decorate Christmas trees. They replaced the candles, which were not only cumbersome, but also highly flammable decoration. With the beginning of the mass production of electric garlands, not only the fire safety problem of the New Year trees was solved, but their attractiveness also increased significantly.




Today it is difficult to imagine a New Year tree without the colorful lights with which it shimmers. You look at this sparkling tree - at once all problems and concerns fade into the background, and a feeling of a magical holiday and a magical atmosphere appears.




Garlands in the New Year's decor

Initially, the bulbs on the garlands were transparent and glowed evenly, but over time, this New Year's decor item changed and improved. There were garlands with multi-colored flashing lights and different blinking modes, using which you can achieve an incredible effect, a feeling of comfort and warmth, tune in to the holiday mood.



Sparkling with different colors on the branches of New Year's trees, decorated with glass and mirror balls, shiny tinsel and rain, garlands create not just a festive, but really magical atmosphere in both residential and office spaces.



On the eve of the New Year there are many unusual ideas for decorating the room. For example, you can decorate a regular chandelier by placing rain, tinsel, colorful balloons and an electric garland on it.




Not only children love the fascinating colorful lights of garlands. Adults also decorate the New Year tree every year and choose the best flashing mode with enthusiasm. However, each holiday ever ends, and monotonous working days begin, and multi-colored garlands are sent to the box along with other Christmas decorations until the next New Year.



Holiday all year round!

Is it possible to extend this festive feeling? Yes! Electric garlands in the interior have recently become widely used to decorate not only New Year's, but also other holidays: birthdays, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, children's mornings, proms. Decorators have invented many ways to use multi-colored and one-colored garlands.

Today, a garland with lights can not be regarded as an exclusively Christmas decoration. It is applied everywhere, at any time of the year and gives a fairy tale to everyone around.

As in cafes, offices, beauty salons, shops, boutiques, and in home interiors, the garland with light bulbs creates a festive mood and a cozy atmosphere.




Since the Christmas tree has already freed its place, the question arises: what else can you decorate with a garland in the interior?

  • Firstly, the most common idea is to decorate the silhouette of various interior items: furniture, mirrors, window and door openings, fireplaces. Garland is fixed with scotch tape, as if outlining the silhouette of the selected object.
  • Secondly, you can make an original interior decoration called "wonderful lantern". To do this, fill the garland with a transparent container made of smooth glass or plastic. For such a lantern it is convenient to use LED garland with micro bulbs, which will give the effect of the presence in the glass vessel of many fireflies.
  • Thirdly, you can make a luminous pattern on the wall of the garlands. To do this, you need to outline the contour and fasten a garland along its edge using buttons or scotch tape.
  • Fourthly, the window decor option with a lot of light bulbs looks very impressive. To do this, you need to fix the garland on top of the transparent curtain that adorns the window. It will immediately look different, change the whole look of the room and bring a fabulous atmosphere to the interior.
  • Fifthly, you can use the advice of designers and arrange on the wall a composition of garlands and your photos. This decor will be appropriate to look at birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays that you celebrate with your family. On the eve of the New Year, photographs can be replaced with New Year's décor: snowflakes, postcards, and winter pictures.
  • Sixth, even on New Year's and Christmas garlands do not necessarily decorate only the Christmas tree. It can also be used to create a spectacular and elegant Christmas wreath.




Indescribable holiday atmosphere

In the country house with the help of garlands decorate the facade of the building, a porch or a shed. Moreover, the decor can remain for the whole year both in winter and in summer. A magical sensation is created by a warm summer evening on an open veranda or in a gazebo decorated with garlands.

You can place a garland on a garden arch, ornamental bushes or trees - this will only enhance the feeling of celebration.

A chandelier, wall lamp or a table lamp made of a garland and metal frame will look original. Inside the house, you can also decorate the festive illumination by decorating window and doorways, arches, a fireplace, railings and balusters of stairs with garlands.




Garlands for interior decor can be chosen to your liking: it can be either a white even light or colored, flashing lights. Make at least one decoration of garlands at home, and the holiday will settle in your interior for a whole year, and the decor of garlands will bring joy every day.




Mysteriously twinkling multicolored garland bulbs can decorate the bedroom, living room or children's room. At the end of the New Year holidays, garlands of white light bulbs are used for the usual decor. They will easily fit into the color scheme of any interior and will create a feeling of celebration. You will not have to wait a whole year to enjoy this indescribable atmosphere.