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Decorative plaster "sand" - gold desert in the interior (27 photos)


When we want to change something in our own house and apartment, we want it to be something special and unusual. And when you are tired of simple wallpaper, you should pay attention to the decorative plaster with sand. This type of coating has its advantages, it is quite easy to work with it, so the repair in the house with the help of such plaster can be done by yourself without the help of craftsmen.




Decorative plaster "sand" is divided into matte and mother-of-pearl. Walls covered with pearl paint, have a velvety and silky appearance. Pearlescent compositions shimmer with shades of the main tone due to the fact that they contain reflective particles. There is a large selection of such compositions in which manufacturers can use both crushed shells and various glitters as well as other components as additives.







Characteristics and properties

Recently, decorative plaster with quartz sand has become quite a popular element of the decor of the room, and it is not just that. After all, it has many advantages and interesting properties. As a filler in plaster or paint can be used river sand or quartz, as well as other inclusions in the form of sparkles or other elements.




The main advantages of plaster with the effect of sand.

  • Long service life and beautiful appearance. Such a surface will hold on the walls for more than 10 years, while not losing its attractive appearance and brightness. The paint does not fade and does not change its color under the influence of direct sunlight.
  • Environmentally friendly material that does not harm health.
  • Large selection of colors. This will allow you to get exactly the shade that will suit your interior and will look beautiful in the room.
  • Versatility and simplicity. You can not buy separately and decorative plaster, and paint, and just buy one composition that you apply. Its price may be more, but in this case you save repair time. Even a novice master will be able to work with such a composition.
  • Water-soluble coatings that are easily applied to the plastered surface. Even if the paint is accidentally spilled, it will be easy to remove.
  • The composition contains substances that prevent the appearance of mold on the walls.




Before you buy the desired option, you should see how different samples will look on the wall and, based on this, choose the right one.

If there is already paint on your walls, then the option of a transparent blend with sand or glitter splashes is perfect. This layer after application will give your walls a completely different look, and will also perfectly protect the surface and prolong its service life.




Application technology

Although plaster with quartz sand does not have any difficulties in applying, but you should still take care of the preparation of the surface of the walls.

Stages of preparation for application:

  1. Be sure to remove from the surface all stains, dirt, traces and so on. To do this, use a construction vacuum cleaner and special solutions. Be sure to check the base for the presence of cracks or loose areas on which the plaster will not hold well. If there are such flaws, they will need to be removed, otherwise they will subsequently be strongly visible on the wall.
  2. After the process of removing all damage, the surface is re-cleaned and sealed with gypsum-based plaster. Cement-based plaster is not recommended, as it dries for a very long time. Then the surface is leveled with acrylic filler. And after puttying the surface is cleaned for the last time.
  3. In order to keep the paint with sand on the wall for a long time, a deep-penetrating primer or water-based paint is applied, which will be identical to the main one. This composition is applied in two layers.
  4. Preparation of paint for application. The instructions will indicate how to use the paint. It will need to either simply stir or add a little water. Then the paint is applied to the wall with a fur or wool roller.
  5. After applying the paint, you need to wait just a few minutes for the layer to dry. Then a foam roller with a fine structure is taken, which will help to get a relief surface.
  6. In the end, a spatula for wallpaper is used, which slightly crushes the surface of the wall with paint. The surface structure will also depend on the direction of the trowel.
  7. The last stage is to wait for the paint to dry. It takes a day, and after that you can exploit the surface.

To clean the surface from all sorts of dirt should be using a sponge or a wet or dry cloth. Or, you can follow the instructions given for the paint used to cover the wall.




Ease of use, safety, ease of care and an attractive appearance make decorative plaster with sand popular and in demand for a long time.