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Free layout of the apartment: the pros and cons (24 photos)


Apartments with a free layout are living space that has a single living space. Naturally, at the initial stage of construction, communication is immediately laid out, therefore in such apartments there are approximate tags where the kitchen and the bathroom will be located. The rest of the territory has no walls, because the owner can independently plan and equip their homes, starting from the needs and wishes.



To date, the free layout of the apartment is very popular in the real estate market. Many developers are positioning it as the main feature and advantage of the new building, where the buyer can realize all his dreams, show imagination and arrange housing in his own way. However, experts advise that before purchasing a free-plan housing, it is necessary to take into account all the pros and cons of such a room.

The free layout has some advantages that prove why many residents prefer this type of housing. Among them are the following advantages:

  • free actions for the owner;
  • the chance to decide the owner how many rooms will be in the apartment;
  • the needs of the living family are taken into account, which will make the stay more comfortable and pleasant;
  • free placement of bedrooms in the apartment will give a chance to feel like a real designer.



Cons free layout

The free layout also has some drawbacks, including:

  • buying an apartment with a free layout will be 5-10% more expensive than buying an apartment with a turnkey repair;
  • these apartments belong to the elite class, because for those who are trying to save money, this option may not be available;
  • the buyer receives only a single room, where there are no partitions and walls, where electrical wiring is often not carried out, which complicates the task;
  • ordering a project can be very expensive, which many cannot afford;
  • owners will have to obtain the consent of organizations to erect walls and many changes in the apartment.

For many residents, the purchase of apartments with the freedom of planning is an attractive offer, because here you can create an unusual interior, combine rooms or divide the space as you want.



When buying such an apartment, the developer offers an approximate scheme that is approved by the BTI, or offers to create your own sample of accommodation. It is imperative that you purchase a free-plan home, you should consult with professionals who will tell you whether to take such a step. In order to get an affordable opportunity to plan your premises in your own way and get real value for money without any problems, you need to weigh a lot. The design of the apartment with a free layout requires significant financial investments, for which few are ready.



Apartment design in 50 square meters. meters mainly involves the redevelopment of the project of a large one-room or small two-room apartment. As a rule, if the apartment has an area of ​​50 square meters. meters, then the living room, kitchen and dining room are combined, and the bedroom is separated by mobile partitions.

It must be remembered that the living area of ​​50 square meters. meters, where there are three windows, is a full two-room apartment. If housing reaches 80 square meters. meters, then it is assumed separation of living space by stationary partitions.

One of the free planning options is to create a studio apartment, which has advantages, as well as some drawbacks. The main advantage is that this room will always be cozy and spacious, so you will always want to come here and have a good time. The main disadvantages of a studio apartment are the rapidly spreading smells and the lack of internal noise insulation, which can be very annoying, especially if the whole family lives in the apartment.



Such a room must be divided into subzones, since a person at a psychological level needs a place for different activities. This can contribute to differences in the level of the ceiling, a variety of floor texture for different zones, as well as screens, partitions and lighting. All this will help to plan a beautiful, spacious and non-standard apartment.



Complicated cases of redevelopment apartment with a free layout

Today there are a large number of nuances, which very often affects the coordination of redevelopment in apartments. That is why the acquisition of this type of housing should be approached with great caution, because in recent years the housing inspectorate has more carefully begun to analyze the planned activities.



The main disadvantages of an apartment with a free layout are some inconveniences and excessive financial costs for repairs, and for builders the process of coordinating an apartment with a free layout with BTI and other authorities. For those who are important factor in saving time, money and effort, the main preference is to buy an apartment with ready-made proposals, where only repairs will be required.



Anyone who wants to create his dream home and live comfortably chooses apartments with a free layout, without fear of wasting extra time and money.