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Dark interior: dark luxury or black nobility (30 photos)


On the dark interior is very difficult to decide. For some reason, in our culture, all black accents of home decoration are taken negatively, and the black color, as such, is associated only with mourning. However, designers work tirelessly to prove to everyone that the dark colors in the interior may not look gloomy and dull, but luxurious, giving everything around a special sensual aura.

The beginning of the era of "dark luxury"

A few years ago, the true trendsetters - the French - presented a line of accessories made in black design. These were luxurious black crystal vases. With the black color immediately wanted to experiment and sultry Italians. Talented craftsmen decided to use dark brown and black tones to create exclusive Murano glass chandeliers.




Gradually, accessories and small elements of the interior penetrated into the monasteries of modern man, increasingly conquering his love. Today we can safely assume that black crockery, furniture in dark color, “dark” decoration of walls or ceiling, respectable textiles and bold experiments with floors in different rooms are a tribute to fashion, and a sign of good taste, and not some kind of dull and boring composition.




Style and comfort

The interior of the apartment in dark colors or with black accents can give a sense of peace and comfort. Surprisingly, brown, chocolate, black colors can significantly expand the available area. For this, it is enough to correctly place mirror elements in the room. As a result, the situation will be rich and aristocratic.

Often the “gloomy” interior for a dark room is preferred by people of creative professions who want to surround themselves with exclusive, unusual things that exude a special color, give the desired mood, inspire new creative feats.

Black is the color of modesty and constancy, calm and harmony, sexual sensuality and eroticism, it personifies the cool calm and power of nature. The black palette will be able to reveal all its facets and "talents" in the dark interior of modern apartments.



Living room in dark colors

The interior of the dark living room will be the easiest to arrange. Usually in the apartment is the largest and bright room, so you can experiment with black accents enough. Psychologists recommend choosing brown, dark ashen or black as the basis for the future interior composition to those people who spend most of their working time in noisy places, as well as in rooms that are particularly gray (for example, in hospitals or office rooms).

The mysterious interior of the living room will be particularly rich and luxurious, if you choose a dark burgundy as a base. It is recommended to use only matte textures, devoid of all glossy gloss.




What can and can not?

The only taboo, not only in the living room or hallway, but also in any other room is the dark ceiling in the interior. It is able to visually reduce the height of the room and, on a subconscious level, cause a person to feel anxiety and moral discomfort. For a dark interior it is better to choose a light ceiling, preferably with a glossy texture.

Here are a few tricks and winning compositions that will help design the design of a dark hallway or living room:

  • For the walls and the floor choose a dark, rich color (black, brown, dark gray, blue-black, deep green, dark burgundy). Furniture choose gentle pastel tones, which will look as neutral as possible, but small objects and stylistic accents should be bright saturated colors;
  • If the base is not unnecessarily dark, and the base colors are rich subton (ashy, graphite, woody, muted emerald green, dark terracotta, milk chocolate), furniture should be chosen in more saturated colors, and bright accents should be large and in small quantities.

The combination is considered ideal: black floor and walls, white (or very light) furniture and textiles, as well as a couple of bright accessories. The second option: light, beige, soft gray walls in the interior, dark bulky furniture and airy textile elements.




Boudoir interior composition

Classic interior in dark colors perfectly manifest itself in the intimate atmosphere of the boudoir. At the same time, the bedroom can be both very small and very spacious. Moreover, black design can be safely used for zoning a one-room apartment, when there is a corner for intimate rest, but it lacks privacy and a certain "autonomy".

The luxurious bedroom interior in dark colors is always mysterious and intimate. Those who are afraid to overdo it with a dark palette, you can choose only one wall as an accent surface. Also in this case, the dark floor in the interior will look impressive.




Attention to detail

It is noticed that animalistic prints that echo the dark accent wall and the common light base always look favorably in the bedroom. It can be "zebra stripes", leopard unusual colors, some African colorful ornament.

You can use not just dark wallpaper in the interior, but to find a more complex and thus attractive option. Looks great wall, decorated with stylish wall mural. Motives for design weight:

  • Space;
  • Lights of the night city;
  • The frightening darkness of exotic forests;
  • Animal images;
  • Gastronomic motives;
  • Abstract drawings;
  • Family photo in black and white.

The interior of the bedroom is strongly influenced by lighting. If you intelligently think about the lighting in the room, the room will look just magical.





Designers strongly recommend using in the bedroom at least two types of different types and principle of lighting fixtures. Even the wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom will look different.
For example, you can combine the eyes on the ceiling with LED strip running along the diagonals of the room. "Classic" suggests the presence of a luxurious chandelier with crystal pendants. She clearly "make friends" with 3-5 wall sconces, decorated in a similar style.

If for some reason it was not possible to install more than two sconces in the room, you can decorate the interior a little bit differently. To do this, simply place a spectacular desk lamp, decorated in a rich classical style.

Black accents in the kitchen and dining room

Dark cuisine looks especially elegant in studio apartments. In this case, the brown, black and gray trim allows you to effectively zone the space. Even if the kitchen location is a separate room, it is always possible to distinguish between working and dining areas using contrasting colors.

The most popular version of the interior in dark colors is the brown kitchen, where the darkest accents focus on furniture and textiles, if there is one in large quantities. Brown color in the kitchen format is able to open from the new side.

Here you can play with various gastronomic motifs. For example, arrange the kitchen in coffee color. For such a kitchen with a dark floor fit beige furniture, coffee textiles and accessories, walls can be decorated with drawings on the coffee theme, and on the windows and shelves you can put crafts with coffee beans.




Interior corridor

Usually no one really thinks about how the situation in the corridor will look like. The main requirement: the functionality of the furniture and the ability to store a lot of things in this room.

For the corridor is also important lighting. Lighting devices are divided into two categories:

  1. Lamps that give functional light (for example, above the mirror, near the chest with the keys);
  2. Decorative elements to enhance the aesthetics of interior components.

Dark wallpaper and bold experiments with textures will help to transform the look of the simplest corridor. All the tips listed above are relevant here. However, designers recommend using more original solutions for the corridor.




For example, the walls can be decorated with dark wallpaper, leave the floor in neutral color "under the tree", but to make the ceiling mirror. Depending on the type of layout of the corridor mirror elements can be arranged in a different way. The main advantage of this "reception" is that the combination of dark trim and glare mirrors can visually expand the smallest room.
Black color and all dark tones look stylish and original. It is worth considering the nuances of lighting, to pay special attention to textures and not to forget about the quality of all those materials that will be used in the process of transforming the premises. Success in this case is guaranteed.