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Glass furniture in the interior: mastering new facets (20 photos)


Glass as a material for the manufacture of furniture has recently seemed like an incredible luxury, and today everyone can add their own interior with an elegant glass gizmo. With the development of design art, glass is increasingly becoming the basis for stylish and unusual pieces of furniture.

The properties of glass are controversial and when buying such a stylish interior accent, like glass furniture, you need to take into account some of its features:

  • High price. Beautiful glass furniture belongs to the class "luxury", and, by default, can not be cheap.
  • Significant weight. Glass is a very dense material in structure, moreover, often in the design of furniture, it is supplemented with elements of wood or metal. For example, moving the glass table during cleaning may not be easy.
  • Increased demands for care. In order for glass furniture to retain its attractive appearance, it is necessary to take care of it using special means. Especially if your interior is not transparent, but black glass or there are glass doors of cabinets.
  • Sonority. Dining tables, glass shelves and coffee tables look beautiful, but the arrangement of dishes on them will be accompanied by a whole set of sounds.
  • Feeling cold. The abundance of glass objects in the interior can make it cold, inhospitable and just like a laboratory.




Glass bathroom furniture is an ideal solution, especially if the room is prone to developing mold. Glass bathroom furniture is resistant to rust and fungi, and with special stains or ammonia can cope with stains and drips on the capricious surface.




Glass furniture has its distinct advantages:

  • Functionality and reliability. The use of extremely durable, tempered glass makes it possible to successfully use glass furniture in modern interiors. This feature is most often used in the manufacture of countertops and kitchen furniture.
  • Versatility. If you want to buy glass furniture, no need to think about how it fits into the interior - these items are truly universal. There is an opinion that beautiful glass furniture is an accessory of a futuristic style; however, glass furniture is also perfect for a retro or country interior. Here glass can be used in the construction of cabinet furniture or tables of classic forms.
  • Visual ease. Designers are increasingly offering furniture with glass shelves or facades. This technique allows you to visually facilitate the construction of solid furniture and even veil the disadvantages of the room.
  • Aesthetics. Furniture with glass elements always looks attractive, making the interior more elegant and fresh. Even glass doors in cabinet furniture or simple glass shelves are able to decorate any interior.
  • Visual increase in space. Glass transmits light perfectly and it can be beaten, for example, by making glass racks with light in a room where there is not enough daylight.
  • Durability. Spectacular glass furniture will last you for more than a decade, and it also has every chance of becoming a family heirloom for many generations.