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How to clean a washing machine: simple home ways


The washing machine will work flawlessly, if you periodically clean it from scale and mildew. This simple rule is ignored by many, and in vain. You do not need to call the wizard and disassemble the machine. Remove the dirt get simple improvised means at home. So, how to clean an automatic washing machine?

What parts of a washing machine require regular maintenance? There are several:

  • tray for washing powder;
  • drum;
  • heating elements;
  • rubber seals;
  • waste filter and inlet filters;
  • drain hose

Clean the tray

Most often at the washing machine the removable department for various detergents is polluted. Usually, it accumulates residual powder, which, surprisingly, is not so easy to wash, but this will have to be done regularly, after every 2-3 washes. Only in this way will it be possible to prevent powder deposits on the walls of the channels through which it falls into the drum. Usually the tray is easily removed from the case. A bit harder, it disconnects from top-loading machines. There are models where it will be necessary to flush the tank without disconnecting it (water flows directly into the drum). To do this correctly, read the instructions carefully.

On heating elements, lime deposits are formed over time. The reason is poor quality water. Sometimes there is such a thick layer of scale that it prevents the typewriter from even turning on the program. A sure sign that the heater has stopped working is that the machine suddenly turned off during washing and refuses to turn on. To clean the washing machine from scale use simple home remedies: citric acid or vinegar. Experts advise cleaning these units every three months. If the machine is used only from time to time, then at least once every six months.

Lubricate them is not necessary. Drying does not threaten them, because they are made of special rubber, but dirt and fungus accumulate in the seals, which must be removed regularly. This task is easy to handle household cleaners: liquid for washing windows or sinks.

The easiest way to make it ordinary soda. How to clean the washing machine with soda odor and mold? To do this, it is mixed with water in equal proportions. The resulting solution is applied to the drum and the rubber cuff around it, kept for about half an hour, and then removed with a sponge. Particular attention is paid to the folds inside the cuff. After that, the machine is started in the quick wash mode with rinsing.

We clean the drum

Dirt also accumulates in the drum, lime deposits appear on the surface. There are models in which the function of its automatic cleaning is provided. And how to clean the washing machine drum, if the manufacturer has not provided for this option? The procedure is as follows:

Method one:

In the drum machine poured 100 ml of conventional bleach. Start the washing mode with a temperature not lower than 60 °. As a result, the drum will be cleaned, all unpleasant odors will be gone.

Method two:

200 g of citric acid (two sachets) are poured into an empty drum. Include a program with a maximum temperature and additional rinsing. The result is the same. Upon completion, the door is left open.

It should be borne in mind that there are hard-to-reach places in the drum that are unlikely to be completely cleaned using the methods given above. This, for example, overhead edges, which are located around its circumference. They are hollow inside, because dirt also accumulates in them. In order to clean these parts, they are removed as described in the instructions. The ribs are washed manually under running water, but the following method will be more effective. A metal container of a suitable size is taken, in which the parts are boiled in a solution of sodium chloride salt. Then a dish detergent is applied to them with a sponge and washed thoroughly under running water.

How to know that he beat? There are several criteria:

  • water enters the machine with low pressure;
  • increased washing time;
  • when poured into a water machine, it buzzes loudly.

All this means that the filler valve is clogged. It is cleaned easily. Do it like this:

  1. Unscrew the filler hose from the washer.
  2. Carefully remove the mesh with pliers (this is the filter).
  3. With a regular toothbrush, it is very carefully cleaned of dirt and washed with water.
  4. Put the filter in place and screw the water supply hose.

Do this last, when the previous work is completed. How to clean the drain filter in the washing machine? It is located on the front of the bottom, usually behind a small hinged door. The filter is carefully unscrewed and removed completely. Then it is washed under running water, remove dirt with a sponge with ordinary detergent. Before you unscrew the cap, you must substitute the container - water can pour out of the hole. It is possible that buttons, coins, hair, other small debris that gets into the filter after washing will be the cause of the filter clogging. They are carefully removed. It is necessary to wash the seat itself, in which the filter is twisted. The blades of the pump are visible inside the compartment. If threads are wound on them, they should be carefully removed. In conclusion, the cleaned filter is put in place. Experts advise to carry out such an operation twice a month.

Now you know how to clean the washing machine. As you can see, in order to maintain it in working condition, it is not necessary to spend money on craftsmen and expensive cleaning products. It can be done at home using the simplest means: citric acid, soda, vinegar.