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How to install a toilet with your own hands


Installing the toilet - a serious stage of overhaul of the toilet. If you do not know how to install the toilet, but decided to do this work with your own hands, then please note that this is not the most pleasant thing, besides the slightest flaws in its implementation can lead to serious consequences. An improperly installed toilet can start leaking, and the apartment runs the risk of being filled with the smell of sewage. The sad consequences may also affect the neighbors below. To avoid these problems, use the following tips to help you properly install the toilet.

Before installing, purchase the necessary tools and materials.

You will need:

  • Perforator or hammer drill;
  • Adjustable wrench;
  • Screwdrivers;
  • Hammer;
  • Spanners;
  • Sanitary sealant (if the toilet is colored, select the sealant for its color);
  • Gun for squeezing the sealant;
  • Flexible water liner;
  • Adapters on a carving in junctions;
  • Lyon sanitary or FUM-tape;
  • Quick set cement composition;
  • Putty knife;
  • White paper tape (if the toilet is installed on a dark tile);
  • Thin marker (required for marking holes);
  • Fasteners for fixing the toilet to the floor (if it is not included with the toilet).

Also prepare rags and buckets. This work is dirty, so it will be difficult to do without these auxiliary materials.

Turn off the water before dismantling, disconnect the flexible connection and drain the water. Detach the drain tank. If he gives in poorly, you can carefully break it with a hammer. Old toilet, fixed on the cement, you also have to break. This will require a hammer drill and hammer. Do it in the place of attachment to the floor.

Carry out the work carefully so as not to clog the sewer system. Carefully clean the mouth of the cast-iron sewer, usually it accumulates rust and dirt. Cover the transition cuff with sanitary sealant or fum tape and install it into the socket. Close the sewer pipe with any material at hand so that odors do not interfere with your work.

Next, remove the old wooden planks with a nail catcher and fill the void with cement. Level up with a spatula.

How to install a toilet with your own hands? All the difficult work left behind. Now you need accuracy and attentiveness. Do not forget about the rule "measure seven times ...". It is better to tinker a little longer than to engage in alteration. If the old toilet was attached with screws, you can install a new one in the old place. If the holes are too wide for new bolts, it is better to cement them and drill new ones.

Installation technology is as follows:

  • Put on a planned place a new product;
  • At the bottom there are holes for mounting to the floor. Make a markup on the floor with a thin marker;
  • Remove the toilet;
  • Drill holes;
  • Insert the dowel;
  • Put the toilet in place;
  • Outlet bowl insert all the way into the corrugation. Turn it so that the toilet pan is level, and the mounting holes match;
  • Fix to the floor with screws with plastic washers.

Before tightening the bolts, lubricate them with grease or other grease so that they do not rust.

How to install the corrugation on the toilet? Do not stretch the corrugation after connecting to the sewer, otherwise you can lengthen it too much. Do this before inserting the flutes into the toilet.

How to install the toilet on the tile with your own hands? To do this, you need special drill bits for ceramics. For reliable fixation to the floor, it is better to remove the glossy layer from the tile and smear it with cement mortar. You can also glue the toilet to the tile using a special glue.

How to install the tank on the toilet? Usually, four bolts are used to fix the cistern, which are screwed inside. The kit should also include a rubber gasket to protect against leakage.

Install the valve of the cistern in accordance with the attached instructions:

  • Put a gasket, pre-lubricated with a sealant, between the cistern and the toilet;
  • Tighten the drain and fill valve nuts by hand. To prevent it from turning, hold the valve. Check that the movable elements of the tank wall or each other are not touched. For reliability, the joints can be smeared with sanitary sealant;
  • Install the tank cover and button to drain.

It is better to lubricate the tank mounting bolts with grease. If the fittings fail during operation, it will be necessary to remove the tank. Rusty bolts to unscrew will be very difficult.

In modern models, the water inlet and outlet valves are mounted in the tank. After installation, connect the tank to the water supply system using a flexible connection. Fix the ends of the supply line to the water supply and the tank in series.

Since it is not difficult to install a toilet in the house on your own, every man can do it. After its installation, it remains only to verify whether the work was performed correctly.

The final stage: check the functioning of the system

Upon completion of the work, check the quality of the work done:

  • Inspect all items for leaks. If they are found, loosen the bolts, seal the joints with sealant, carefully tighten the nuts;
  • type in the water tank and drain. Adjust according to the instructions the amount of drainage water;
  • set the seat;
  • clean the toilet bowl connections with a floor sealant so that there are no gaps.

If everything is working properly, it is not leaking anywhere, there are no extraneous smells, it means that you managed to install a toilet with your own hands. You can use it after a day after installation so that the sealant seizes thoroughly.