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Styles of landscape design (19 photos): the most famous areas


Improvement of the suburban area directly depends on the capabilities of the designer or gardener to dream, place the plants in space, beat every corner of the suburban area, creating a single composition in the direction of Provence, a Japanese garden, chalet or high-tech.

Landscape design styles are ubiquitous. On summer cottages, in parks and gardens, around various buildings. There are many types of landscaping, the most famous are:

  • Garden "rustic".
  • Oriental.
  • Minimalism.
  • Country
  • High tech.
  • Modern
  • Regular.
  • Chalet.
  • Landscape.
  • Mauritanian.

Each of them includes the design, construction and planting of plants.

The main task of the stunning landscape in the summer cottage is the creation of comfort, harmony, masking of details that should not be visible to others.



Each direction differs from one another by planting, the location of fences, the forms of flower beds and reservoirs, as well as other details.

Regular style in landscape design

Began to be used in ancient Egypt. It is characterized by a wide space, smooth lines, strict compositions. It is also called the French or architectural style. There was a French style in landscape design in France during the reign of Louis XIV. At that time, the idea was to create a garden of such a landscape, which would be subject to the influence of man, and not nature. The classic style of landscape design (another name for it) includes fountains and ponds only round or oval. Shrubs and trees are planted and clipped solely in accordance with the geometric shapes (under the ruler). This style became the basis of the modern look - high-tech.



Landscape style in landscape design

He originated in England. The English style smoothly guides a person through his corners, as if in a gallery, revealing new landscapes of his landscape. It is characterized by the complete opposite of the regular, that is:

  • The French style has smooth lines and strict planting.
  • In English - everything is close to the natural landscape.