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How to hang pictures on feng shui (54 photos): harmonize the interior


Feng Shui - East Asian practice of harmonizing space. This is science and art. Its goal is to use positive energy flows (Qi) for the benefit of a person and reduce the influence of negative energy. Energy management is carried out with the help of proper placement of objects, surrounding a person - objects that make up his living space.




Living space must first be divided into zones - the zone of love, health, family, wealth, wisdom, creativity, etc. After that, using the right pieces of furniture and interior details, it will be possible to influence these zones, if necessary, by activating or, conversely, suppressing the flow of energy in a particular sector.



Painting as an energy management tool

The picture in the interior of the apartment is not only decoration. With its help, you can increase or decrease the effects of Qi flux. The main thing is to determine in which room, in what zone and on which wall it is best to hang a picture. It is also very important to know what meaning the image carries. Choosing pictures by feng shui, it is worth considering even the color and material of its frame.






With the help of the picture you can correct the situation with the absence of separate zones in the house. To do this, hang it in the place of the proposed location of the sector. It is best of all if the picture depicts a horizon, a sunset, an endless field or the vast expanse of the sea.




To activate the necessary zone in the apartment, you need to know which pictures have a suitable image for this sector. It is desirable that the color of the frame of the picture was one of the colors preferred by this sector.







Sectors and room areas

Focusing on the directions of the world, we will determine the sectors in the apartment on Feng Shui:

  • In the north - career sector. It is necessary to pay attention to this sector in the house, if there are problems with work. Activation colors: blue, blue, white, black.
  • In the south - the sector of fame and desire. Harmonization of this zone will help in achieving fame, recognition and success. Colors: red and green.
  • In the west - the sector of children and creativity. This zone in the house requires attention when there are problems with children, with their conception and upbringing. Activate this zone also for the implementation of creative ideas. Colors: gray, white, yellow.
  • In the east - the family sector. Disagreements with spouses, parents and children is a reason to pay attention to this area. Colors: blue, green, brown, black, a little red.
  • In the northwest - the sector of travel, intuition and patrons. You can activate this zone in difficult moments of life when outside help is needed. Colors: gray, white, yellow, silver, gold.
  • In the northeast - the sector of knowledge and wisdom. It is necessary to control the movement of energy in this area in order to avoid problems in learning. Still here - the best place in the house for yoga and meditation. Colors: yellow, beige, terracotta, orange.
  • In the southwest - the sector of love and relationships. It is necessary to harmonize this sector in the house when there are problems in love, in marriage, in communication with loved ones and relatives. Colors: red, pink, brown and all shades of these colors.
  • In the southeast - the sector of wealth. Prosperity, material well-being, satisfaction with life. Colors: green, purple, mauve, moderately red.
  • In the center of the apartment is the health sector. Being in the center, this zone has an impact not only on the physical health of all family members, but also affects all sectors in the house. It is necessary to maintain the state of harmony in the health sector. Colors: yellow, orange, terracotta and beige.







Image meaning

Where and what picture can be hung in a particular area? Determining the choice, it is necessary to take into account the meaning of each image.




For example, in the north, in the career sector, you can use images associated with water - the sea, sailboat, landscape with fish. A special role in the activation of the career sector can play a picture depicting a waterfall - a symbol of purification, attracting good luck, love and well-being. All images associated with clean water in motion, are the personification of prosperity and happiness. Picture "waterfall" is good to hang in the office, bedroom or living room. This symbol has powerful energy. Therefore, you should never place a landscape with a waterfall behind you - above the working table, above the sofa in the living room, above the bed in the bedroom. The probability of a negative result is great - a powerful flow of energy can simply “fill”. The picture "waterfall" should always be located opposite the table in the office and opposite the bed in the bedroom. Do not hang a picture with water in the southern sector. The meeting of two polar energies can lead to conflict.




In the south, in the glory sector, it is good to use paintings depicting mountains, wood, fire, and pointed forms. Rocky mountains with a river at the foot, a landscape with poppies, the image of strong animals, such as horses, are the best design options for the glory sector. In addition, the image of the horse - the strongest talisman to attract good luck. The picture "horses" symbolizes success, achievements and glory in all spheres of life. And the horses in the pair - it is also a favorable matrimonial relationship. A special symbol of lift and growth is the image of a horse rearing up. In addition, a picture of the horse can be hung in front of the entrance to the nursery, as it protects the children.






Elephants are animals that favorably affect many sectors in the house. Elephants - protect against unreasonable money spending, stimulate creativity, attract good luck and protect children. The picture "elephants" can be placed in the nursery, in the study, and in the bedroom. She can decorate the corridor and the western wall in the living room.




A sailboat is one of the most powerful symbols of material well-being and happiness. The picture depicting a sailboat can be placed in any sector of the house. You can hang it on the wall in the bedroom, living room and kitchen. But it is best to hang the picture "sailboat" in the hallway. A sailboat should be with straightened sails, and it is also very important where it goes its way. The nose of the sailboat should keep in the direction of the apartment, and not in the direction of the window or the front door. It is important that the image in the picture was the sunrise or its zenith. Sunset is associated with the end of the period of prosperity, and therefore, the sunset depicted in the picture is completely undesirable to use in the design of the house in order to activate the zones. Paintings depicting the sunset, it is best to block negative energy.




Flower images

Particularly important in feng shui is attached to the image of flowers.

Sakura, personifies the five aspects of life (by the number of petals) - good luck, prosperity, health, happiness and peace. The best place for the painting "Sakura" - in the bedroom. It is good to place it in the love sector in the southeast and in the family sector in the east. But the image of sakura is also appropriate in the kitchen and in the living room.




Orchid - a symbol of romance, love, family happiness, patronage. The picture with the image of an orchid can be placed in different sectors. In the sector of love, orchid normalizes the relationship between spouses, helps to regain lost passion. The location of the painting "orchid" in the east will help improve health, restore vigor. If you hang orchid images in the northern sector, the business will be more profitable, and your career will be more successful. Relations with others will improve after the orchid activates the northwest patronage sector.




Peonies symbolize hot feelings, passion, new relationships. Peonies - the most powerful symbol of love. Single girls can use the picture "peonies" to energize the sector of love, hanging it in the living room or bedroom above the bed. Immediately after the satellite is found, you will need to remove the picture "peonies" from a prominent place in the bedroom and hang, for example, in the corridor or in the hallway. For the refreshment of relationships and for new feelings in love, couples can also decorate the wall in the living room and the wall opposite the entrance to the bedroom with a picture of "peonies". In the very same bedroom, peonies are better for couples not to hold, in order to avoid the tide of feelings that can lead to adultery.