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Modern kitchen design ideas (20 photos): original interiors


Each of us would like to have the most fashionable, stylish and modern kitchen. After all, this is a special place in the house, here people gather for morning coffee and intimate evening talks, they have dinner and spend family holidays. Even the kitchen of a small area in Khrushchev may look very interesting if, when developing a design, use modern ideas for the kitchen.

Still relevant kitchen, made in monochrome or using similar shades. For example, the beige color of the walls, furniture, headset, bar counter and curtains will not only create a mood of peace, but will also look very modern.

White kitchen - a symbol of elegance, it is in fashion at all times. You can choose the design in a simple white color by ordering a white kitchen set, table, choosing wallpaper, curtains and tiles of the same color. Especially good this kitchen will look in a private house, decorated in a traditional classic style, without unnecessary decorations.



Ideas for spacious kitchens

For large square-shaped kitchens, we use practical kitchen zoning ideas. We create cooking zones using a bar, glass or plastic partitions, screens, flower partitions, we form an island in the center of the room. The result is a stylish, cozy kitchen. Practical ideas of designers always help to create a cozy room. Zoning helps not only to bring order to the vast space, but also to make it more harmonious.

Consider a kitchen with a balcony. You can combine these spaces by expanding the space. However, it is worth noting that a kitchen with a balcony is very convenient and functional, here you can store many items and products, which helps to maintain perfect order in the kitchen itself. You can also move some cabinets to the balcony, making room for organizing a dining group or placing a bar counter.

Lighting is another way to separate the kitchen area from the living area. For example, you install spotlights in the cooking segment, and an elegant chandelier in the recreation and reception area.

Wall design

Much in the modern kitchen depends on the design of the walls. There are a variety of options for painting walls, their creative design, including using decorative plaster, tiles and photo wallpaper. Designers offer various ideas for painting kitchen walls: there may be versions of creating embossed surfaces, combining different textures.




Ideas for a small kitchen

For a kitchen in a small apartment, it is important to choose functional furniture and determine the color. Your task is to use the existing space wisely, including the window sill, to purchase shelves and cabinets.

In a small apartment, the option is narrow and long kitchen, the design of which causes some difficulties. In this case, the window sill will play the role of a table, and the kitchen set, placed along the walls, should be compact and functional. In this case, the table should be small. You can fully transfer the dining table to the living room, thereby freeing up the kitchen space for cooking. Arrange the furniture so that the cabinet doors can open without complications. For a visual increase in space, you can choose cabinets with glass doors, use mirrored surfaces.

Color is particularly important for the design of a narrow and long kitchen. There is no place for experiments, so the choice is clear: you will need to paint the walls in light shades or use wallpaper in beige, cream or other light colors.

Fashionable trends in interior design include such features as asymmetry in the decor, the use of natural colors. Pay attention to the soft rounded shapes that bring delicacy to the kitchen design. For example, pay attention to the furniture and accessories of a streamlined shape: this is an easy way to change the interior for the better and declare creativity.



Provence style

A cozy kitchen in the style of Provence, you can create your own hands, even in the Khrushchev. The main thing here is a competent selection of colors, furniture, and decorations. It is difficult to imagine a Provence-style kitchen without a square-shaped table with a stone countertop, pretty wooden cabinets or shelves, flowers and light curtains in a rustic style. Wooden cabinets allow you to hide from the eyes of all kitchen utensils and create order in the kitchen. A large pendant chandelier will also create the mood, and a marbled window sill will serve as a shelf for flowers. For this style, do-it-yourself handicrafts, stylish vases, old-style wall shelves and designer furniture, as well as original spectacular lamps.