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Austrian curtains in the interior (21 photos): beautiful examples


The classic window decor called Austrian curtains has its own history. For two centuries, they have decorated the windows of not only the expensive mansions of the court nobility of Austria, but also the dwellings of ordinary people. Also, these classic curtains can be found in offices, in hotels, restaurants and cafes, that is, where they appreciate the elegant classic style.

Viennese or Austrian curtains can be in the form of a smooth canvas, slightly prigorannogo bottom, or lush drapery, decorated with frills and frills. Outwardly, they look like French because of the pomp of the folds and Roman, because of the presence of a mechanism for horizontal lifting. When raised on curtains, lush waves are formed, called festoons or puffs.

Under the Austrian curtains need a special eaves with a built-in lifting mechanism, which provides the appearance of scalloped folds. Cords, fixed from the wrong side in the loops or rings, ensure their uniformity. Sometimes for greater fluffiness along the upper edge of tulle or other fabric a band is added. For the Austrian curtains pick up the material is soft, easily draped. It may be:

  1. Batiste.
  2. Organza.
  3. Chiffon.
  4. Silk.
  5. Tulle.
  6. Atlas.
  7. Brocade.
  8. Chintz
  9. Satin.
  10. Teak.
  11. Taffeta.




Austrian curtains in the design of children's

When you make a nursery, you need to remember that a child will live in this room, so the room should be as comfortable and bright as possible. Plastic blinds or heavy curtains for the window that illuminates the personal space of the baby, absolutely not suitable. Austrian curtains will improve the source of natural lighting for children best. In addition, the lifting mechanism allows you to adjust the length of the curtains to the window sill or slightly higher, which is very convenient when the child is small. Curtains less get dirty and collect dust, and the peanut can not reach them and tear off.



Viennese appetite

Each hostess dreams of cooking in a cozy and beautiful room. To refine and decorate the kitchen, you can just pick up a winning decor for the window. The leaders in the kitchen window decoration are Austrian curtains. Their popularity in the design of kitchens is understandable, because the Viennese curtains:

  • due to the lifting and adjustable mechanism easily fixed at the desired height;
  • occupy very little space, which makes it possible to further use the window space;
  • Give the room an elegant look.






Austrian curtains for a romantic bedroom

Decor for bedroom windows should shade the room as much as possible to ensure a comfortable and restful sleep. The soft folds of the Austrian curtains are able to provide the necessary twilight during the day rest and prevent the penetration of the light of the moon and street lamps at night. In the role of the main curtain translucent tulle is not suitable, natural dense fabrics are needed. Alternatively, install blinds on the windows or additionally hang thick curtains.