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Houses in modern style (21 photos): the best projects


Modern houses began to appear at the junction of two centuries - XIX and XX. The era of total change and the beginning of global metamorphosis in architecture and design began with the use of radically new materials and forms.

Modern architectural compositions are notable for the total absence of right angles of lines. A distinctive feature of the style, which architects face all the time, is a floral motif in the architecture of the facade and interior decoration of the premises.

Modern buildings are erected in two categories:

  1. High-quality wood comes to the fore, which allows you to create an exclusive architectural composition in a fashionable eco-format (this includes both frame structures and small two-storey cottages from a bar);
  2. Spectacular combinations of reinforced concrete and metal that do not hide under a layer of plaster. Only the best modern building materials are used, the rich and original texture of which is brought to the fore. Enrich the facade of private homes through the use of large glass elements.



The special concept of modern in modern design

The facade of country houses should indicate the aesthetics and functionality of the building as a whole. This also applies to compact two-storey cottages, and small houses made of lumber, vulture panels or frame type.

Wood as architectural basis

The following elements are characteristic of houses in modernist style from timber and wood of other formats:

  • Rough balconies;
  • Ladders;
  • Huge terraces;
  • Loggias;
  • Sophisticated galleries;
  • Different in size and shape of doors and windows;
  • Extravagant facade.

The interior of the premises and the color scheme of the facade must overlap. Usually modern requires bold, extravagant and unusual solutions.

The main colors that look like a win-win in the "modern" format for a country residence:

  • Beige;
  • Chocolate;
  • Neutral white;
  • Blue;
  • Brown;
  • Muffled red;
  • Olive;
  • Silver.



Special decorative solutions

The modernist interior of country houses is distinguished by its special grace, which is based on the use of spectacular attributes with a hidden functional basis. The interior and exterior of the house should personify the moderate luxury and chic.

"Business card" style - curved arches. They decorate the inner space and complement the exterior of the architectural ensemble. The traditional location of the arches is the entrance door and the shape of the balcony itself.