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Do-it-yourself landscape design: how to start and how to finish? (33 pictures)


Landscape design with your own hands is not so difficult: patience, materials, work and the willingness to learn new things work wonders. However, before starting to work in the country, in a small yard near the house or in the garden, you need to decide on what, in fact, work. Usually, a plan is made sequentially, as the importance of the points decreases:

  • Collection of information. To make landscape design, you need to know your site well. Before starting to develop, you need to know where the shadow is in the area, and where the sun is, whether aggressive winds blow on it, where it is most convenient for people to walk and whether there is a need for drainage ditches. You can prejudge in advance: a flower garden will look good here, lighting is necessary here, and here you can’t do without bushes.
  • The buildings. Where is the house, and where is the bath? Do I need a tool shed or a summer shower? The buildings will stand in their place for many years, because you need to select places for them so that you do not regret and damn your plan.
  • Garden. Farmland rarely plays an exclusively decorative role. Because you need to decide in advance what plants will be planted and which places are suitable for them best.
  • Places of leisure. Children's playground, barbecues, swimming pool - all this will allow you to have a good time in close company of friends or family circle. In private homes can not do without such corners, where you can taste the joys of life.
  • Tracks. The site planning will not be complete if it is inconvenient to get from one part to another. The tracks should be conveniently located - and if you choose a beautiful material for them, they can become a real decoration.
  • Ornamental plants. Planning the design of the garden site can not do without plants - flower beds and lawn are indispensable in giving originality.
  • Decorative ornaments. Waterfall? Alpine slide? Little garden gnomes, sitting in a circle and good-naturedly looking at each incoming? All these options require a small investment of forces, but can change the appearance of the site dramatically.

To design a private house was attractive and everything in it was in place, you need to move exactly according to plan - and take into account all the features of the elements that can be made to it.






Buildings and useful plants

Often do-it-yourself landscape design does not imply construction - everything is already there, you just need to fix it. In any case, regardless of whether there are buildings on the site or you have to rebuild them, they must comply with the basic rules:

  • Clean and tidy - a pledge of beauty. The house on the dacha in the 12 hectare or 20 hectare may be small, may be old or very comfortable, as well as a bath and shower. But even if there is no money to redo them completely, it is necessary that they are clean and tidy. No cracks, falling off paint, crumbling platbands. Everything must be cleaned.
  • Compatibility is very important. On the site where the house is designed in Provence style, it looks unusual and stylish, a shed for tools of a classic country look or, especially, with Gothic decorations will be out of place. The style should match, the colors should not be beaten out. If there is a pattern on one building, the same should be on the others.
  • The relevance is difficult to overestimate. Garage, pushed into the far corner, can not be part of the composition. Summer shower, located in the most prominent place. in the middle of the flower garden, it will look stupid. For the design of the site is very important that the house was in the middle, the shower took place in the shade of the garden, and the garage was located so that it was comfortable to drive.






If a person has a few hundred square meters of land, the desire to place on it not only the sauna and an extended flower garden is more than natural. However, in order for the garden and the garden to look stylish and not get out of the general concept, you need to:

  • Take a certain place for them. 20 acres or 12 acres, neatly planted with cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage will not damage the design, but random plantings scattered throughout the site will damage.
  • Ennoble them whenever possible. A beautiful forged fence, even rows of beds with signs, tied trees, planted flowers - all this will not harm the growth of useful plants, but will make them much more aesthetic.

The economic parts of the design are often very far from the fashion trends, but they are not clean, neat, made in the same style, but become a kind of background for elaborate and tastefully selected jewelry.






Leisure elements and tracks

The landscape design of the backyard plot must necessarily take into account the elements of leisure, without which the life of the inhabitants of the house would be boring. It can be:

  • Playground. If there are children in the house, they will definitely like the springboard for the game. There should be a sandbox (sand is cheap), simple swings (the simplest ones are made of a tire attached to a thick branch) and, possibly, a slide. If finances allow, you can complement the playground with a carousel, and if experience allows, you can make a tree house. The main thing is that all this be combined with each other.
  • Mangal Place for cooking kebabs will definitely be a success for adults. It is better to locate it in a secluded corner of the garden, away from the neighbour's eyes.
  • Pool. Landscaping with a pool should be designed so that the pool also fits. If natural stone paths are used in the garden, the pool can be overlaid with it. If the pool sparkles in the sun with blue tiles, you can plant flowers next to it in tone.






In addition, all types of landscape design should include paths - materials for them can be:

  • A natural stone. The material is eco-friendly, beautiful and durable, but expensive, heavy and prone to icing in winter. Landscaping in Provence style will greatly benefit from the use of stone.
  • Wood. The material is also eco-friendly, noble, beautiful. Dries quickly, provides a large number of options, but for several years comes into complete disrepair.
  • Tile. The material is easy to install, beautiful, durable, but expensive. The landscape design of the suburban area will benefit from the use of tiles, as well as the landscape design of a country house, since the variety of its colors and the ability to make a drawing to order allow the imagination to work without restrictions.
  • Brick. Modern landscape design fully allows the use of bricks - it is a durable, beautiful material, which, however, is expensive. Make them 12 acres, and, even more so, 20 acres will cost a tidy sum.
  • Concrete. Not the most beautiful option, but durable, durable and resistant to environmental influences. The world, however, knows examples of concrete paths made in accordance with the fashion trends that adorn the landscape design of the garden.
  • Gravel. Landscaping of a small plot more than allows the tracks of gravel. They will look beautiful - not just as straight directions, but as winding paths. This solution, however, is short-lived and not very convenient - only for hiking.
  • Plastic. The landscape design of a country house may include plastic paths. They can be of any color and form, and even an inexperienced person will not have a question how to make it passable. Once done, they do not rot, but quickly fade in the sun.
  • Grass. Special lawn grass can be in the landscape design of the yard of a private house. It looks aesthetically pleasing, does not require special care, it is well combined with other materials. Her only misfortune - she quickly trampled down.




It is important to remember that the lanes at the dacha must be accompanied by lighting. Can be used:

  • Glowing tile. This is one of the best ideas for arranging a cottage plot - it is worth turning on the lights and the whole garden will be filled with a mysterious shine of soft lighting.
  • Flashlights Small lanterns, which can be hidden in the grass, also look festive and can help make the design of the plot with your hands truly aesthetic.
  • Lanterns. High lanterns, similar to park ones, are not suitable for lighting a plot of six acres, but for decorating and lighting a large garden they are ideal.




Decorative ornaments

Ideas of landscape design of the dacha necessarily include ornamental plants:

  • Trees On a large plot, a weeping willow that pulls branches to an artificial pond can become the center of the composition, and a thin birch tree can truly decorate the landscaping of the site with its leaves, trunk, and earrings.
  • Shrubs. These plants for landscape design can be made into a fence, animal figures can be cut out of them, you can even make a real maze of them.
  • Flowers These plants for landscape design can act as flower beds. You can put them in pots and in high pots. The main thing is that they harmonize in color with the environment.




In addition to plants, landscaping garden, garden or just a plot may include:

  • Waterfall in landscape design. Will create a sense of wildness and freedom.
  • Pond. Can become a home for real fish.
  • Alpine slide. Combines stones, plants and a small pond.
  • Figurines. Can stand in the most unexpected places.

Elements that allow to diversify the design, a great many. Proper combination of them - the key to success. You should choose a single style, do not use too many elements and give preference to convenience over aesthetics, then the design will be great.