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Leather sofa in interior design (50 photos): stylish models


People who prefer leather furniture, choose the maximum comfort and practicality. And sofas made of genuine leather are the most common interior items that are preferred by the owners of apartments and houses, regardless of their status. Among the wide selection of such sofas, buyers with different incomes can afford such elegant furniture.




Pros of leather sofas: why they

Going to buy this piece of furniture, pay attention to the range. On sale there are different types of sofas made of leather: high and low, with and without back, small and large, folding and stationary. You can buy a double leather sofa - convenient and comfortable, inexpensive.






The variety of forms and design of leather sofas allows you to apply them in a classic interior, as well as in modern unusual solutions for the design of the room. Leather sofas are:

Folding. These are sofas that have a different design, which can take on different forms. Suitable for both living room and bedroom.

Their types:

  • The sofa book is the most common model. In addition to the main purpose, suitable for sleeping functions;
  • the click-klyak system on the sofa is an improved form of the previous mechanism; such a sofa acquires three positions: sitting, reclining and lying. Therefore, it can function as a bed. It is easy and convenient to unfold;
  • Eurobook leather sofa - refers to the retractable sofas. Also great for a bed. It has a spacious drawer inside for various accessories, perfectly fit into the interior of the living room;
  • The dolphin is one of the options representing corner leather sofas. It also has a retractable design, which is quite comfortable and durable. Great for both large rooms and small rooms;
  • accordion - creates a comfortable and wide berth. Easy to fold and unfold. It is quite popular due to its small size;
  • French folding bed - has a combined folding mechanism. A small sofa is suitable for small rooms.







A variety of forms and design of sofas allows you to choose the furniture in the room with the most diverse design and for every taste:

  • rectangular or straight sofas - manufacturers often use this form of product. It is convenient in its design, does not take up much space. This is a classic model that fits a refined and not very cluttered interior. A great option for the office. As a rule, has a back and armrests. The framework is usually made of wooden blanks: oak, beech or alder. Such sofas can be painted in a variety of colors - gray, black, beige, yellow, etc .;
  • square sofa - has a small size that allows you to place it in small rooms. The place is calculated only for two people. If the sofa unfolds, then only one person can sit on it during sleep;
  • modular leather sofa with back - different in that it can be folded into different forms. It has various elements that can be changed, moved, thereby changing the configuration of the sofa;
  • semi-circular - an original stylish sofa that is suitable for a bedroom or a large hall, and also looks great in the kitchen. There is also a leather semicircular modular sofa - it is complemented by ottomans, a round table. Convenient when you need to seat a large number of people;
  • Angular - this model has become widespread among consumers due to its practicality and stylish look. Will approach any interior and the different sizes of the room. The most important thing is to choose the appropriate dimensions of the sofa, it can be high or low. Modern designers offer both classic sofas made of genuine leather, and furniture of unusual design.









Soft sofas for children

The idea of ​​creating comfortable leather sofas for children was introduced to save space in a small room. The children's sofa can be displayed in a soft comfortable bed, takes a little place. It is small and not very tall. Inside the furniture, special drawers and sections are provided so that you can hide children's accessories in them.

With the use of such a small leather sofa you do not need to purchase additional dressers or bedside tables. Due to this, free space is saved in the house. To furniture attracted children, it is performed in brighter colors than sofas for adults. Gray colors are not suitable here, because the furniture will be the highlight of the room.

Interior with leather sofa

Due to the different configurations, leather stylish sofas fit perfectly into both small ordinary rooms and luxurious huge halls. A double leather sofa is a universal thing that looks good both in the living room, in the hall and in the kitchen.

White leather sofa is considered one of the most beautiful and attractive elements in modern design. Suitable for a relaxed atmosphere in light beige tones. Adds space and air. A white leather sofa looks even more refined and more beautiful if you combine it with a glass table and a beige rug. Bright design of the room can be diluted with bright elements.






Tips for choosing a leather sofa

When buying a leather sofa, you should pay attention not only to how beautiful it is, but also to the soft upholstery and product frame. The frame of the straight sofa is made of wood, metal or combined. From the strength of the frame depends on the life. The wooden frame is not as durable as metal, but if it is made to last, it will last long enough. The most economical option is a frame made of chipboard. It is rather weak, has loose connections.