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Loft-style table: everything is simple and tasteful (29 photos)


A distinctive feature of the loft style is minimalism, asceticism and the use of raw, natural materials: wood, brick, metal, natural stone. Moreover, this trend is maintained both in the creation of interiors of premises, and in the manufacture of individual pieces of furniture. For example, dining, coffee and writing tables in the loft style have been very popular for several decades. They are simple, comfortable and stylish.



Features and features of the loft

Loft was invented in the United States in the mid 40s of the twentieth century. Then many factories and plants carried out of the city limits, and the buildings where they used to be located remained intact. It was expensive and unreasonable to demolish them, and then, over time, people of creative professions began to use them as residential premises, in which the interior was preserved in its original form. Thus, in the loft-style interiors, one could see uncovered ceiling beams, unpainted brickwork and concrete screed, pipes and wires that stretched along the walls and ceiling.



Loft-style furniture also has its own distinctive features. It should be, first of all:

  • practical;
  • comfortable;
  • functional;
  • compact;
  • from natural materials;
  • do not have decorative items.

Thus, a worn leather sofa and armchairs, simple padded stools, wooden benches, chairs and tables will fit into the loft interior. The center of any room will be exactly the loft-style table. It can be found in the furniture store, and you can also make an ascetic loft with your own hands.



A classic option for the kitchen in the style of a loft will be a table from the array. This can be a simple square table made of wood, varnished or dark paint. In this style, the naturalness of textures is appreciated, so it is important that the layer of paint or varnish does not hide the texture. For a small kitchen in a regular apartment, a square table with four wooden legs will do. It is easy and convenient.






In large kitchens in private homes, bar tables are often installed in a loft style - this is a separate, independent piece of furniture. A wooden tabletop from an array or from several boards is placed on one side against the wall, and on the other - on a stone or wooden stand. If the kitchen space is limited and the apartment is small, consider sliding tables as an option. A simple folding table is a real find for a small apartment.



Tables for study and living room

In the large living room it will be appropriate to look at the loft-style dining table. You can put a wooden tabletop on a metal base. A glass round table with wooden chairs will fit into the interior. In this case, a tempered glass table top is placed on a wooden or steel base.




In the living room there is a mandatory place for small tables, which are placed near the sofa or TV. The loft-style coffee table can be made from coarse solid wood. The lid is a saw cut of a thick table, in a basement of metal or wood. In a small living room is better with a glass lid - it looks lighter.



In the living room or office there is also a place for a work table. The desk on the model does not differ from the usual table. The only thing that a computer and a desk should be made of natural wood and have boxes and niches for storing letters and documents. It is desirable to fasten rough simple metal fittings to the desk. The loft-style writing desk can have an uncomplicated design: a metal high base and a varnished wooden plank. Such a desk in any interior will look stylish.




Despite the simplicity of design and materials, a loft-style table in the living room, in the kitchen or even in the bedroom can become a central piece of furniture. You can already buy it ready, and you can make your own unique version of the components that are sold in many hardware stores.