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High-tech lamps in the interior (45 photos)


Modern interiors offer equally modern lighting. Therefore, minimalism, loft, hi-tech and other styles should correspond to an ultra-modern focus and have an environment that best emphasizes this. The hi-tech style is known for its passion for sharp lines, chrome-plated surfaces, geometric and minimalism. Therefore, high-tech lamps need to choose, sustained in the same spirit. In the article we will consider what features the chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces have in high-tech style, and how to choose them correctly.




High-tech features

What are the main features of the chandelier, sconce and floor lamp in high-tech style, which distinguishes them from the rest of the variety of lighting products:

  • High-tech fixtures have an accentuated modern look. Here you will not see any vintage - everything is new, clear, usually chrome or plastic. Materials - artificial. Fastening methods - built-in point or pendant. It is difficult to imagine ceramic pastoral or textile lamps in the hi-tech interior. The most commonly used glass, plastic and metal. These are the three main types of material from which most lamps in this style are made.
  • Lamps in this style are high-tech and functional. They do not have intrusive, excessive decor. Both street, and house ceiling chandeliers, and wall sconces are made of qualitative polymers with application of the most advanced technologies.
  • The main distinguishing feature - shiny surfaces. And it will not be vintage bronze or sliding gilding, but silver, steel, chrome and nickel. Such models are well suited to decorate the kitchen, as well as useful as street lamps.
  • Often used techniques of cubism and constructivism. These design trends of the new time perfectly convey the style and the high-tech workability underlined. This feature is especially evident when you see the point ceiling models of lamps.
  • Straight lines, geometrical, sharpness are underlined. No ambiguity and understatement. Everything is extremely simple, clear and understandable. Dot embedded models demonstrate this feature most clearly.
  • The shape of these lighting table and wall devices remind everyone of the geometric shapes known from the school bench - cubes, balls, spheres, trapeziums, etc. Street models are usually much simpler.
  • High-tech style lamps rarely have smoothness, most often these are sharp transitions and torn, broken lines.
  • There is some advantage in favor of unusual. Functionality in high-tech style loses decoration. The main thing is that the interiors strictly conform to the style, and its practicality and convenience for the owners of the house are a little marginalized. Thus, ceiling spotlights can be arranged in a strict pattern, without taking into account furniture placement, and outdoor hanging models are more an art object than a functional device.
  • Futuristic and some fantasy fixtures. Suspended and recessed models can, in addition to precise geometrical, also take very fancy shapes.
  • In addition to the use of purely technical materials - metal and plastic - lamps in the high-tech style is not alien and beautiful. So, ceiling spotlights and pendant lamps can be laid out with rhinestones, decorated with crystal decor. Such an exquisite design can turn into a real work of art any initially simple lamp. But such works of authorship can be quite expensive.
  • The hi-tech style of chandelier and sconce is the style of the “future” interiors as they appear in science fiction films. Everyone saw in the movie huge spaceships with chrome interiors - functional and without unnecessary details. So, these images best characterize the appearance of high-tech lamps.
  • These lamps are the best fit modern LED lamps. Powerful and "long-playing", they, too, are the product of modern scientific developments. Ceiling point models, as well as street with these lamps for a long time will not require replacement.










The advantages of high-tech lamps

What are the positive aspects of lighting fixtures inherent only in this style:

  • The use of high technology for the manufacture of models. In such a volume, no other interior style can boast this advantage. Such manufacturability and compliance with the latest requirements of science and fashion make chandeliers and sconces in high-tech style literally works of modern art, which not only reflects the real reality, but most often shows us the designs of the future. For example, some embedded models can react to movement and turn on themselves when needed.
  • The underlined conciseness helps to fit the chandeliers and sconces hi-tech into modern interiors. They, by the way, can be used not only in apartments of the same name style, but also modern lamps in this direction will "feel good" in a minimalist style and in loft interiors. After all, these areas unite modern trends and pointedly "urban" trendy style.
  • Lack of decor. If the table and wall lamps in classic or Provencal style can boast the presence of various “decorations” and small refined elements that can be considered for hours, high-tech lamps do not have any decor at all. This circumstance very much relieves the vision and the brain - with modern oversaturation of information I really want the eyes to sometimes rest on very simple things that need not be explored.
  • Original engineering solution of ideas. Like no other hi-tech fixture, innovation is inherent. Therefore, the most advanced technologies and the most daring design solutions are combined here and create excellent examples of lighting art, including street, embedded, point and suspension.
  • String types of luminaires make it possible to create the illusion of multidimensional space using multi-level lighting. This effect looks really impressive, making the room magical and fantastic. For the implementation of this idea, string fixtures come to the aid of stretch ceiling systems. Also, with the help of string chandeliers and sconces in high-tech style, you can perfectly zone the space of any room, including a fairly large one.
  • The minimalism inherent in lamps in this style makes it possible to use them in any, even miniature rooms. In addition, if the rest of the situation is maintained in this style, the small room will visually appear larger. But best of all for small rooms, built-in point ceiling models are suitable.
  • Ceiling chandeliers and wall sconces in high-tech style perfectly harmonize with minimalist furniture and other decor.
  • Appearance suspended or floor lamp in high-tech style has such that the model is a solid, finished design, which is perfect in itself with all its brevity. To this product you do not want to add or subtract anything. Everything is thought out, simple and ingenious. And table, and wall, and the point of the ceiling, and the street - these lamps are usually flawless.
  • With all their commitment to geometry and minimalism, hi-tech lamps are also very elegant. They are able to give the room the necessary respectability and prestige, which will show the guests the success of the host.











Where to use

Consider the interiors in which high-tech style lamps are most appropriate:

  • If you purchase such ceiling or built-in lamps for your own apartment, then it is important that its furnishings be designed in a suitable design. If you have a delicate Provence style or a traditional and respectable classic style in your home, then an ultra-modern pendant or high-tech floor lamp will not fit into such interiors.
  • If we talk about the rooms in the house, the best way such spotlights or table lamps will look in the living rooms, it is good to put them in the kitchen. They will give these “guest” rooms the necessary urbanism and style. Street models will light and decorate the house adjoining space.
  • Hanging or outdoor lamp in high-tech style is a great solution for lighting of conference rooms, business centers, offices and restaurants of strict prestigious style. Even outdoor models are sometimes used in such rooms.










How to choose

A few helpful tips to help you quickly and easily choose the right high-tech chandeliers and sconces:

  • Keep in mind that now there are high-tech lamps on sale, equipped with a remote control. Their advantage is that with the help of the remote you can not only turn the device on and off, but also adjust the brightness of the lighting. So, if necessary, you can create twilight in the room, and if you want to work with documents - make the brightness "to the fullest." Usually, built-in models are equipped with remote control, but street versions also often have this advantage.
  • For the kitchen, it is desirable to choose a pendant or floor lamp with the most powerful lamps. This room should be well lit - bright lighting contributes to fast and convenient cooking.
  • When choosing a product, consider the height of the ceilings in the house. If they are low - up to 2.5 m - it is better to buy chandeliers and wall lamps, which are mounted with the help of a mounting plate. So you will save space, and high households will not knock their heads on a low-hanging lamp. The flatter the lamp itself, the better. Ideal option - built-in models.
  • If the ceiling is directed to the ceiling, you will receive a rich bright light in the room, and if it is down, the light will become diffused and soft.
  • If you want to make the room warmer and give it color, then buy table and wall lamps with colored shades. Oddly enough, but among the models in the high-tech style are often found such.
  • If you want to illuminate a large space, it is better in this case not to buy a pendant or floor lamp with frosted glass. It misses the light badly and there is a risk of making the room a bit gloomy. But in a small room frosted glass lamps can be very useful.