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Loft-style lamps in interior design (50 photos)


Now an interesting interior design called "loft" is very popular. His choice implies deliberately coarse surfaces, industrial and industrial plaque, a minimum of comfort, large spaces, plastered red brick walls. An apartment in such an interior must have special lighting, carefully chosen to match the whole environment. The article will look at the features of this lighting and find out how to choose the most suitable loft lamps for your apartment.




A bit about loft style

The loft design, like almost everyone else, came to us from Western countries, and more specifically from the USA. It takes its beginnings in the 40s of the last century, when in the war and postwar years the average American had a problem with housing rather acutely. Rich people had their homes, and the mere possession of at least some real estate made a person automatically a respectable citizen. And those who were not lucky enough to buy or inherit their home, had to live anywhere. Including settling under the apartments and initially non-residential premises - the buildings of the former factories, bankrupt enterprises, warehouses, etc. All of them were of decent size and had high ceilings, huge windows, but were not properly decorated. Practical Americans made these features and even flaws a loft style highlight.







Consider the characteristic features of the loft style to get an idea of ​​what kind of fixtures are needed for it:

  • Required large space. Lots of light, large windows and high ceilings. After all, it was these features that had spacious factory shops in which the loft-style discoverers made their nests. Design spotlights or wall lights are most suitable for such rooms.
  • At least partitions. The space should be as open as possible. There are no rooms, cramped small closed rooms, the loft style does not accept. And the bedroom, and the living room, and the kitchen may well be combined in one large room. Ceiling lamps in the form of a chandelier can be complemented by other varieties, among which are the table and wall copies.
  • Contrast technique is used. The rough is combined with the soft, bright and catchy - with nondescript and deliberately untreated. For example, a rough brick wall or a massive metal bar can be supplemented with a bright huge picture, and a colorful fluffy carpet can lie next to an iron beam imitating the overlap. Suitable sconces and ceiling chandeliers will make a decent frame for such an unusual setting.
  • Freedom is combined with comfort, untreated surfaces can perfectly frame cozy pieces of furniture: soft sofas and carpets. Therefore, the choice of interior items in this style is a rather complicated task, it requires design preparation.









Loft style lights

We will understand - what lamps to use in this interior. Features:

  • A loft-style apartment means a lot of natural light, so lighting is required only for the dark time of the day. In addition, the windows in this case are not usually closed with curtains - because loft apartments are most often located on the upper floors of buildings, justifying its name. LED models, both outdoor and desktop - a good choice for such an apartment.
  • As luminaires, the loft style allows for various variations: it can be both designer floor lamps, wall sconces, table lamps, ceiling chandeliers, and a spot light design - but everything should be designed in a special way - coarse, concise and minimalist.
  • Ceiling lamps often hang on fairly massive iron or steel chains, which also contribute to the surrounding peculiar interior. Metal rod - also a frequent choice for the lamp leg.
  • Lamps have a lampshade design in neutral shades. Excessive choice of decor in this case is inappropriate.
  • Aluminum lamps - one of the most popular among designers for interior decoration in the style of a loft. Aluminum is an excellent material, very suitable in this case. After all, it has a natural, not too bright steel color, it looks stylish and quite functional. The aluminum bar bends easily, which allows you to give the metal any shape, depending on the designer's idea. In addition, aluminum chandeliers or sconces look great against the background of the characteristic red brick walls inherent in the loft style.
  • Widely used loft-style pendant lights in the form of mini-spotlights. They can repeat factory-specific ceiling long lighting lamps, etc.
  • A must for a room in a loft style is the use of several lamps in the interior, and not a single one. It is necessary to highlight the different zones in each room. And if the rooms are combined into one large space, then in this case, it is all the more difficult to do without zoning.
  • The material used for the manufacture of loft-style lamps is aluminum, glass and durable plastic.
  • Fancy lamp shapes are often used. Their lampshades can be both clearly geometric and irregularly shaped. All these abstract designs - LED or ordinary - perfectly match the interior of this style.
  • Often used design desktop, floor and other models of lamps. Such a product has its own characteristics and makes an indescribable atmosphere in the room. But, of course, the choice of such an author’s work will be expensive.









Light in every room

Let us consider how it is better to place lamps in different rooms of a room decorated in a loft style.

Kitchen. Features:

  • Aluminum chandeliers with lampshades are a great choice for the kitchen.
  • If possible, one or more of these lamps can be hung directly above the table. Metal rod - a great way to secure them.
  • For the kitchen, it is recommended to use suspended ceiling lights, and not sconces or floor lamps - chandeliers create an inherent design style, do not take up much space and look great. LED models are also a great option.
  • If household appliances in the interior of the kitchen: refrigerator, oven, stove, etc. - will be made of stainless steel - they will perfectly complement the industrial spirit of the room.
  • You should not place in the kitchen not inherent in the style of lamps - textile table lamps in flower or vintage designer sconces and chandeliers with candelabra - a detailed decor will not fit in the loft style.




  • For this room, an excellent choice would be to use suspended ceiling lamps-chandeliers on flexible cords-ropes. These cords should not be soft and loose, but should be of sufficient rigidity so that the chandeliers do not flutter in the wind when the window is open.
  • Select with the help of fixtures those parts of the room that you want to emphasize. For example, place wall sconces next to a beautiful painting on the wall or above the bedside tables.
  • Do not use crystal elements - this choice is more suitable for Baroque exquisite styles. Brutal loft fit glass in combination with metal. Glass at the same time can be tinted, and tempered, and transparent. A metal bar will complement it.







A few useful moments that will help to properly arrange the room in the loft style with lamps:

  • The main principle of the selection of lighting for the room in the style of a loft, remember - that in this case, chandeliers and wall lamps should not be considered as objects of decoration and decoration. First of all, you need to treat them as functional pieces of furniture, whether it be at least designer desktop or outdoor items.
  • Use lights at different levels. This design creates a multi-dimensional space, giving the interior a stylish and fashionable look, decorates the wall, the ceiling, and other surfaces.
  • Use larger fixtures than usual. Since the loft-style room is quite large, small chandeliers or wall lamps can simply be lost in such a space. Also, models can have a massive boom.
  • It is important that when looking at lamps the old factories and plants that use such functional lighting are immediately recalled. The characteristic metal rod is suitable for this purpose as well as possible.