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Furniture from solid pine (31 photos): modern and classic models


Soft amber color, absolute smoothness of the surface, good quality and reliability, many ways of decorating - it's all pine. Pine furniture is reliable, durable, fascinating with a certain monumentality and originality. A wardrobe, a dresser, a table made of solid pine - and you feel a doubly more powerful vital energy, positive and organic nature.

Once upon a time, in the old days, pine was valued not only for its characteristics and qualities. Then it was used not so much to create furniture as to create an unrivaled atmosphere in the house. This conifer tree was revered due to the powerful natural energy, a positive start, was considered a tree of light and sun. How else can the lightest color of wood be perceived as compared to other species?

Useful resins in large quantities, which are present in the wood even after industrial processing, do not allow the development of fungus, mold and rot. That is why pine furniture is an excellent option for children's rooms that require impeccable cleanliness. Kids will benefit twice from such a neighborhood, because pine furniture not only has a positive effect on health and psycho-emotional state, but also develops excellent taste. What more could you want?




If you are intrigued by the ancient value of pine, you like it with good quality and reliability, as well as the cost of furniture, you will appreciate the rest of its benefits. And they are not enough.

Long service life. Such a criterion of pine furniture is determined by the chemical and physical properties of wood, a competent choice of material for the manufacture of curbstones, cabinets, chairs or dressers (pine taken into processing must be more than 100 years old!), Considerable density, and a special fiber structure. It is worth considering the ease of maintenance of such furniture and wood processing, which allows to preserve all environmental properties, which allows you to have no doubt that such furniture will last for more than a dozen years.




Fact number 1. Pine furniture are monumental, restrained and laconic.. It is easy to notice when considering models from venerable manufacturers: here there are only good thick legs, worktops 3-4 cm thick, other design features that do not allow to call such items too elegant compared to if not with oak, then with innovative plastics, chipboard and MDF.

This is due to the looser structure of the fibers and considerable weight, which allow craftsmen to create pieces of furniture that perfectly support their own weight and allow them to store necessary things in a dresser, cupboard, pine cabinet. Therefore, comparing the options of furniture from different wood of the same size, remember that the pine chest inside will have less useful space than the same chest from valuable sorts of wood, for example.




Making the room with pine furniture, or remembering the rules

Choosing a pine furniture set for the bedroom, kitchen and hallway in the same style or deciding to create such a fusion of scattered pieces of furniture, do not forget about:

  • sense of proportion. High-quality, high-quality furniture - it's great. However, it is not necessary to fill the entire room with it, even if the area allows. Select the necessary pieces of furniture for a country-style living room or a rustic bedroom, leaving more space for ease and comfort;
  • competent layout. To assemble a pine furniture set in one corner or half of a room is to deprive it of the second half. Such filling will make the room heavy, gloomy and unaffordable, despite the fact that selected good natural material. Draw a plan-scheme, arrange the furniture on it with a pencil to find the best option - elegant, practical and convenient for everyone;
  • placement options. Furniture set of different forms - everything will depend on the area and shape of the room. In any case, it will be correct to divide into zones with different functions a single space of a small room.







New life of old objects, or what does work have to do with it

Furniture made of pine, despite the use of high-quality varnish, sooner or later dims. It is possible to return her brightness and shine with repeated varnishing. And you can use old and modern methods of decorating old furniture to give the interior a new sound and decorate it with interesting elements.