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The combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom (50 photos): beautiful examples and the psychology of colors


As you know, the palette of colors is of no small importance when designing the interior of the house. It depends on the color perception, whether we will be comfortable in a particular room. For example, a warm, appetizing range of colors is suitable for the kitchen, which will cause associations with food and fill the space with comfort and warmth, for the living room - solemn and strict, but what combination of colors in the bedroom interior will look the most harmonious - consider in the article. After all, for this room, designed for relaxation and rest, and the colors must be selected appropriate - so that they are light and not oppressive to the psyche - then the sleep will be long and sound, and the rest will be complete.




How to choose

Important recommendations for choosing the optimal color combination for the bedroom:

  • If you want to make your bedroom a real resting place and serene relaxation, then choose for this room calm, pastel colors of natural shades: sand, beige, bleached yellow, light brown, soft blue, or a combination of two or three of them will perfectly suit. Psychology determines this choice from a scientific point of view: in order for the brain to rest, it needs to calm down, and it can only do this when nothing distracts it.
  • It often happens that in the conditions of our small apartments we have to combine several different functional places in the same room. Therefore, if there is a need to organize, say, a workplace in the bedroom, then choose any saturated tone for the room: the presence of green, purple, gray, green or a combination of two or three of them will help relieve the tension from the eyes, and at the same time this palette will not prevent deep sleep.
  • If the bedroom is strictly a place to sleep and is intended for two spouses, it is best to arrange the room as a romantic corner. In such a bedroom, husband and wife will be able to solve all their problems with the most favorable outcome for both, which will only benefit the whole family - even psychology advises such a technique. A bed in a romantic style would be great to decorate with a canopy or curtains that will help turn the bed into a cozy nest, separated from the rest of the world, which contributes to privacy. Beige, brown, sand or, say, a pink scale, will be an excellent choice for walls and textiles of the matrimonial bedroom.
  • Children's bedroom should not be done in too soothing colors. The child needs development and food for the brain, its activation, so a few bright bursts of green, purple, dark gray or blue in the children's bedroom will not be superfluous. Especially if the room is intended for two children, one of whom is a schoolboy.
  • Without sufficient experience and artistic education, it is better not to experiment with different colors. It is safest to choose one primary color, and to pick up no more than one or two additional shades that best fit each other. And already further to make out the bedroom in such colors. Such a technique will help avoid incidents and unpleasant results in the form of inharmonious bedroom space.
  • It is not necessary for the bedroom to choose bright and vivid colors. And especially not screaming, neon or burning-acid shades. Do not forget about the functional purpose of this room. It is unlikely that a bright palette will allow the brain to rest properly after a hard day at work. Ideal would be the use of pale green, purple or light gray shades.
  • Use your own opinion when choosing a color, as this will be a purely individual, personal space. Equip all the other bedrooms in the house according to the same principle. The nursery must be arranged in the two or three colors that the child likes most, while avoiding too screaming shades.
  • Having chosen the main color, for example - blue, select its least saturated shade on the color scale - make it predominant for the bedroom. In general, when choosing between light and dark tones, always give preference to light. For example, beige is preferable to brown, and a light green gamma is better than a dark green tone. In this case, it will turn out to turn the bedroom into a comfortable and pleasant looking room, and not into a dark and gloomy room.
  • Before painting the walls in the selected color, first make a test painting - cover a small section of the wall. And when the paint dries, estimate how comfortable this shade is for you. Such foresight will help not to make a mistake with the choice and make the necessary adjustments in time, changing or lightening / darkening the tone of the paint.










How to choose a color for the ceiling in the bedroom:

  • Since, while lying in bed, a person very often looks exactly at the ceiling, it is better to dwell on the soothing light shade of it in the bedroom. Psychology and feng shui strongly recommends a simple white surface. Popular stretch and self-leveling ceilings: multistage, with illumination of a weird purple or gray tint, with different colors will not be able to provide a state of calm and peace and will be annoying.
  • The ideal choice of color for ceilings will be: white, soft blue, peach, very light pink, lemon. Perhaps a combination of two of them.
  • It is permissible to make a few bright accents on the ceiling that will not interfere with the main calm picture.
  • Beige or brown color for the ceiling is better not to apply, but they are ideal for the floor.










How to choose the color of the curtains:

  • Choose a shade of textiles, starting from the color of the walls.
  • Consider the size of the room. So, in a small bedroom it is better to hang light curtains that will visually expand the room, and vice versa - a bedroom of considerable size can become more comfortable with curtains of dark, saturated colors: green, violet, blue or dark gray.







An excellent choice for a bedroom of any size will be such wall colors as:

  • Beige gamma in its light variations.
  • Olive light shade is also suitable. Dark olive is better not to use, as the bedroom in this case will turn out too gloomy. And modern psychology strongly advises to make them bright and cozy.
  • Blue is a great choice for wall decoration. It is cool enough and at the same time gentle, which creates the most comfortable atmosphere in this room.
  • Warm peach shade is perfect, gives comfort and gives the room a stylish look.










What techniques will help to adjust the space of the bedroom with the help of color combinations:

  • If the room is large and you want to make it visually more compact and comfortable, then a warm dark palette will do. Suitable rich burgundy, chocolate brown, stylish plum. These colors can be used to decorate walls and floors, and in contrast with dark shades to install light elegant furniture. This method of using two contrasting colors will allow you to turn the bedroom into a stylish modern space.
  • Modern psychology advises for older people who are not inclined to activity and drastic changes, to arrange the bedroom in soothing, pleasant-looking colors: sandy, beige, creamy brown, peach will fit perfectly. It is desirable in this case to avoid dark shades, since the bright gamut will help to rest the eyes, which is important for people with impaired vision.