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Interior orange bedroom (35 photos): successful examples of design


Orange color in an interior is a source of heat, vivacity and cheerful mood. It would seem that the design of the bedroom should not include such a range, because this room is intended for recreation. But with proper selection of colors, combination of furniture and decor, the orange bedroom can satisfy aesthetic and physiological needs: smooth out fatigue after a work day, create a romantic mood in the evening hours, bestow a bright charge of vivacity upon waking.




Rules for using orange in the bedroom

It is not entirely true that the orange color is something bright and festive. He has many shades: dark and light, bright and pastel, transparent light and velvety deep. Even bright yellow-orange colors will be appropriate and harmonious in the bedroom, if you follow the recommendations that designers share:

  • Calm orange shades can act as a general background of the bedroom. The design looks winning, where the wallpaper, curtains and decor are designed in a single range of colors ranging from yellow-orange to brown-chocolate.
  • Bright orange color is best used in fragments. Let it be wallpaper in the headboard, decor, curtains or carpets.
  • Saturated shades are unsuitable in the interior of small rooms, because they visually conceal the free space.
  • The property “reduce” the space will be useful for the visual correction of long narrow rooms, if you use bright color on the narrow sides of the room, and neutral warm colors on the wide ones.
  • The use of orange shades in the room, which has a lack of natural light, is most justified: in rooms located on the north side.







An orange bedroom cannot have a bright saturated color from floor to ceiling, otherwise it will be difficult to rest in it. How is it better to use the orange gamut so that it does not have a stimulating effect and bring aesthetic pleasure?

Walls. Orange wallpapers can be used over the entire surface of the walls, if they have light shades of orange and are supplemented with subtle patterns. One should not reject the monochromatic bright coloring, but the wallpaper should be glued in such a way that they are out of sight from the sleeping place. The wall at the head of the bed is best suited for this.




What color combinations will be relevant in the interior of the bedroom, so that it does not turn into a tasteless set of disparate items? Developing a bedroom design, with the selection of additional color will have to work.

  • Shades of brown - a great addition to the orange bedroom in the Oriental style.
  • White goes well with orange, but it is not entirely appropriate for a bedroom to enhance the brightness and contrast in the interior. It is allowed to use not pure colors, but their shades: white-cream, alabaster, color of baked milk, ivory.
  • Looks great blue color in a duet with orange. But, as with the use of white, this combination has excessive contrast. Therefore, you should choose a range of light shades: yellow-orange and aqua, apricot and turquoise, honey and pale purple.
  • Delightful combinations create a tandem of orange and green, but the brightness of the shades also needs to be adjusted, giving up pure colors in favor of a quieter gamut of olive and pistachio.
  • Gray tones in the orange interior create the very calm that is necessary for the bedroom.









Orange mood for a comfortable stay

Professional room design is based on no more than four primary colors. For the bedroom should be limited to two shades for the overall design of the room and add two more as small color spots. The following combinations of decoration and decor will look good:

  • Tandem wallpaper orange and green hues (pistachio, olive, etc.), brown and beige curtains, textiles in white and cream and chocolate tones.
  • White-cream walls with an orange pattern, brown-beige textiles, yellow-orange curtains.
  • Gray-blue walls with orange inserts, brown-beige textiles, curtains in white and blue tones.
  • Yellow-orange wallpaper, curtains and textiles sand and cream shades.
  • Walls with orange-black pattern (only at the head of the bed), wallpaper with a neutral tint, curtains of yellow-orange tint, textiles in gray-black-orange tones.
  • Wallpaper muted orange shades, terracotta curtains, beige and brown textiles.
  • Soft peach wallpaper, chocolate-colored curtains, textiles in cream and light brown shades.