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Interior green kitchen (19 photos): options for modern design


Green color is most common in nature. This is the color of strength, freshness and health, in which almost all plants are made. In a sense, it is unique. After all, it is produced by mixing cold blue and warm yellow. That is why it personifies harmony and balance, which is ideal for the interior of the kitchen. Moreover, both straight and angular versions of it look equally advantageous. Shades of green invigorate and increase mood in the morning, and in the evening, on the contrary, they tune in to rest and soothe.

The range of variations of shades of green in the color palette is so wide that sometimes it is very difficult to call them one color. Each tone is perceived differently and has its own characteristics. That is why their use is important in various situations:

  • Emerald and malachite look most harmoniously in a classic style. These shades are perfect for decoration of the facades of cabinet furniture or decorative elements, but not walls or ceilings. Classic interiors look more harmonious in these colors, as they are a sign of luxury. The black-emerald kitchen takes on a very noble appearance;
  • Olive and pistachio color can be the main shade in the design of the room. Those. with their help, you can arrange not only the headset or a different decor. Such light green tones can create a cozy atmosphere in the interior. They harmoniously look in any style in which there is no oversupply of details or extra dynamism;
  • Saturated and bright shades with overflow of yellow, for example, color of an apple. This option fits perfectly into modern dynamic designs. Most often, green kitchens are decorated with facades made in such colors, as well as textile and various decorative elements. But in order to avoid excessively tense situation, it is necessary to abandon the excessive use of bright colors. This is especially true of black and green combinations.

In green color, the floor and walls, various decorations, dishes, chandeliers and lamps, textile elements, such as tulle and curtains, tiles that decorated the apron, etc., can be made. The main thing is to choose the right shade of green and the most appropriate shades of other colors. In any of the options green will play the role of the first violin.



Basic rules for constructing a green kitchen design

Thinking through the design of the kitchen, made in green, it is necessary to take into account a number of recommendations:

  • If you are just starting to plan the design of the kitchen, then you should choose a set of appliances, household appliances, countertops and other furniture, and then select the shade of paint or wallpaper;
  • Bright green tones (lime, apple, ripe pear) for decorating large surfaces are not suitable. It is more expedient to issue one accent wall in such color. You can see such a reception in the photo presented in the article. But dark green colors best of all reveal their decorative potential in large areas. Therefore, the green walls in the kitchen, it is desirable to make out, choosing just such shades;
  • For southern kitchens, it is desirable to use green tones with a higher content of blue, for example, turquoise, jade, mint. If the kitchen is facing north, then it is better to use warmer tones of green with a yellow note, for example, olive or marsh;
  • Large spaces can be decorated using any shades, but a small kitchen is only with a predominance of light. For example, the whole kitchen is white, and the walls are in light green or vice versa. If the color of the wallpaper is green, then it is desirable to have a light unobtrusive pattern on it, which will not “eat” the space.




As mentioned above, a great deal of green is represented in the palette. And they are all relevant in the interior of the kitchen, it is enough to choose the right companion shade. Therefore, we consider the most harmonious combinations.

White and green kitchen

This option is the most common interior. Most often with greenery, a set is made (its facades), an apron, decorative elements, curtains (drawing on them). And you can use almost any shade of green. White color is used as background. To give more clarity to the lines, you can add an additional black color. It can be used to make accent details, for example, a tabletop or chairs at a bar counter. But the use of black should be dosed, because such a kitchen, although beautiful, but its interior may be too aggressive.



Brown-green kitchen

This combination of shades is a classic. For a change and improvement of the interior of the kitchen, it is enough that the modular furniture is decorated with a brown table top. Brown-green shades are most often found in nature, which allows you to create the right mood in the kitchen. At the same time furniture can be chosen wooden. One of the options for brown is wenge, with which the green color looks very nice and modern. In the color of wenge, the bottom of the kitchen set is most often performed, which allows to better emphasize the white floor.



Red and green kitchen

Red color in combination with green and white looks rich and spectacular. Moreover, red can be used both in the design of furniture and decorative elements or textiles, for example, a chandelier with a red canopy or curtains. Wallpaper and tile is desirable to choose lighter shades. If the room is small, then it is desirable that the furniture was glossy. This will visually reduce it. The most successful with red combines rich green, for example, the color of the apple. Fittings for a red-green kitchen, it is desirable to choose in metallic color, which is perfect when you make a modern interior.