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Bedroom design in classic style (18 photos): luxurious comfort in a modern apartment


If you adhere to traditional family values, like beautiful interiors and exquisite things, it is important for you that all the surrounding furniture, textiles and decor are sturdy, yet elegant, then the right decision is to design the interior in a classic style. This design direction is particularly suitable for those who want to furnish their home thoroughly so that even children and grandchildren can enjoy the excellent taste of the ancestor. In the classical style, the whole apartment can be furnished, including, of course, the bedroom. Consider in the article - how to arrange the design of the bedroom in a classic style, find out how to choose furniture, decor and furnishings for this important room.

The classic style combines several directions at once: here there are both ancient luxurious empire and baroque, and more modern classicism with its simple lines, and pompous rococo. This kind of alloy combines a classic style, being a very beautiful and convenient direction of interior design thanks to a rich pedigree.




Consider what features are inherent in bedroom furniture in a classic style:

  • The bedroom should be provided with a complete set of furniture: a bed, and bedside tables, and a dressing table. A must-room wardrobe, an elegant chest of drawers. The walls and ceilings should be combined in color with the selected furniture. Wallpapers on the walls and chandeliers also ideally should harmoniously fit together.
  • Without a doubt, the main meaning of the bedroom in a classic style and its compositional center is a large comfortable bed of impressive size. Even if the bedroom is designed for one person, the bed in such an interior should still be large and equipped with two symmetrical identical pedestals on each side. No sofas and sofas fit as a bed. Therefore, it is worthwhile to reasonably approach your ability to organize a classic bedroom in your apartment: often our standard dwellings cannot boast with such dimensions that they fit such bulky furniture.
  • The feature of the bed in a classic style is a massive high headboard, more often - wooden. It is better if the curtains, chandeliers and wallpapers support the design and will also be executed in a monumental, thorough form.
  • More often the bedroom in classical style is equipped with a traditional wardrobe in light colors with usual hinged doors, and not a compartment. Such a cabinet should be made of wood and large enough.
  • The dresser is always present in the interior. It serves as a functional place for storing clothes, and a convenient stand for decor: for vases, photos, candles. Its location is near the far wall, the decoration is classic.
  • You should not combine a bedroom and an office, setting a desk, even if it is suitable for the style. A bedroom in a classic style is only a bedroom, a place to rest. Everything: ceilings, curtains, paintings, bed, wallpaper, etc. - should evoke thoughts of relaxation.
  • Often used white furniture with elegant decor - stucco, carving, gilding. It is this decor that gives laconic classicism luxurious signs of baroque and empire style.
  • The room should be furnished in the same style. That is why it is preferable to buy a headset in the bedroom immediately, rather than pick up scattered interior items. You also need to glue the appropriate wallpaper, find the right curtains, hang beautiful chandeliers.





Colors, decor and textures

  • Popular are such shades: chocolate, sand, olive, warm burgundy. Curtains and furniture in these colors look especially elegant.
  • No contrasts are used. All colors should be harmoniously combined with each other, as if to flow from one to another. This technique creates a soft space for rest and relaxation. For example, wallpaper should fit the design of the chandelier.
  • No artificial materials are used, everything is natural, as close as possible to nature and naturalness.
  • The bedroom in the classical style is best pasted over with traditional paper wallpaper, and not covered with paint or plaster. Especially suitable beautiful fabric wallpaper.
  • On the ceiling in the apartment can be used stucco with gold leaf, sockets and other decorative techniques.
  • The interior of the bedroom in a classic style involves the use of natural wood parquet.
  • Lighting should be soft, scattered, muffled. Use for this several light sources. A sconce, lamps on the tables with fabric lampshades and chandeliers with a lot of individual fixtures will work well. Light needs a warm shade. Modern cool, bluish light will not harmoniously look in a classic interior. Well, if the lamps will be equipped with the ability to control the power of lighting. Thus it is very convenient to customize the most comfortable lighting individually.





Consider some useful techniques that will help to properly furnish a bedroom in a classic style:

  • Do not use many colors. Combinations of two or three natural shades are enough. This technique will create a single harmonious space and facilitate the choice of decor. In addition, a monochrome white or beige bedroom looks very noble and elegant.
  • Choose furniture with characteristic curved legs, giving the interior an old charm.
  • In the design of the bed is good to use a canopy or light curtains of chiffon or organza, turning the bed into a cozy separate space.
  • Chandeliers need a large, multi-tiered, with a lot of crystal pendants. The pendants, reflected in the crystal, will be scattered throughout the room, evenly illuminating the bedroom with a soft light.