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Bedroom in Provence style (21 pics): beautiful interiors and modern decor ideas


Provence - gentle and romantic, cozy and practical, sophisticated and fascinating. Just a few words can describe the interior of the bedroom in the style of Provence and immediately go back to the azure shores of France of the Middle Ages. And if you add a touch of sex to this homely atmosphere, then the place where our day begins and ends becomes a charming paradise.

Provence in the interior of the bedroom is considered a rustic style. But rudeness and deliberate primitiveness is not found here. Only an elegant chandelier, only cabinets and a chest of drawers in harmony with each other. There is no heavy furniture in the room that the French monarchs liked so much, and the form, color and texture are well intertwined and combined without fussiness and theatricality.

A modern city, a high floor, outside the window is a city bustle and people in a hurry. And so you want to decorate your bedroom with the breath of old traditions, with scuffs and barely noticeable signs of fading.



More information about furniture for fans of Provence

If the room is large or even huge, its design will bring great pleasure to the master of this business. In a small bedroom, you can also put the furniture in sufficient quantity and at the same time still think over the excellent decor.



The bedroom window is a whole art and a little magic.

Design in country style is always interesting: it is constantly coming up with new and new ideas, thoughts about where to order textiles, get the closet you need, what kind of chandelier will suit you, whether wallpaper and curtains are needed.



Romance is what girls always dream of

Children's bedroom - what could be more charming for a little princess, if the space around is airy and light. The decor is reminiscent of an endless lavender field, a chandelier with a soft turquoise light illuminates the ceiling, cabinets and a small pink chest of drawers.



Wallpaper in the bedroom is better to use textured. They wonderfully imitate classic finishes. If you decorate the wallpaper with a scattering of small colors, then about the same textiles should be on the windows and beds. If the design is already thought out by someone, you can bring it closer to the French style, slightly adjusting the decor.



Some interesting details for the realization of your idea.

A bedroom in the old French style is not just a wardrobe, a chandelier, a bed and a chest of drawers bought from grandparents. There are invisible trivia that work wonders and bring ideas to life:

  • the chandelier can be from a regular store;
  • various figurines and a vase of flowers can be put on a dresser or a low cabinet;
  • the children's bedroom is a colored chandelier, floral wallpaper and various light textiles;
  • Emerald chandelier on the blue ceiling - a great find.

Everything should be combined with each other so much to raise their eyes to the ceiling, look around the whole room and decide that the curtains, the wardrobe, the wallpaper and the children's horse suddenly moved from Provence and froze in the bedroom for ages.