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Modern bathroom (21 photos): examples of interiors and finishes


There is a very thin line between the styles of modernism and modern. It is believed that modernism is a continuation of modernity, only taking into account the latest fashion trends, whereas modernity in its “pure form” is a decorative interior using smooth lines and floral ornaments (furniture, decorations, etc.) in the interior, although today these two concepts are closely intertwined, and designers are increasingly connecting modern with modernism for decoration of various premises. For example, the bathroom in the modern style looks very original.


As mentioned earlier, modernity is directly due to natural motives of its origin, therefore the color scheme of the bathroom (tiles, panels, etc.) must fully comply with them. All shades of green, gray, beige and brown, as well as light colors of pearl-gray and sky-blue color will be appropriate here.






As for the floor in the bathroom of modern style, it is often decorated with mosaics, floor tiles, or do the bulk. This solution is just perfect for bathrooms, as the self-leveling floor does not have butt joints, which means the service life of the flooring increases significantly. In addition, it does not appear bacteria or mold. Parquet and laminate in this case is undesirable to use, although today you can find a coating with high moisture resistance. Of course, floors that imitate natural wood create a truly chic bathroom design, but then a powerful ventilation system is also required.

Again, do not forget about curved lines and natural patterns (tiles, tiles with patterns, etc.).

The division of the area of ​​the bathroom into separate areas in the modern style is absolutely the same as the design with the presence of zoning in other rooms. To do this, often used and furniture, and partitions, and color borders, and materials that differ from each other in texture. But the most common method of such zoning - glass partitions. For example, shower cubicles in the bathroom can be separated from the common room with walls of matte or colorless plexiglass.

Sometimes partitions are created by combining various building materials: on the one hand drywall, on the other - plastic, wood, tile or glass.



Sinks and bath

Of course, not only an extraordinary design allows you to make the interior of a bathroom in a modern style unique. An important role here is played by the choice of sinks, as well as the bath itself. It is better to give preference to models of a simple form and with the presence of original ornaments.

Window openings in the Art Nouveau bathroom are not only a source of light, but, like furniture, are the main accent. It is better to make them narrower and be placed closer to the ceiling in order to free the walls for the installation of various communications and to ensure normal access of sunlight to the room.

As mentioned above, modern - this is furniture, accessories and decorations in a minimum quantity. But still there is a solution: the interior with the presence of bright color accents in the form of a home plant or an unusual rug. Also decorate the bathroom is not only the original tile, but also, for example, a chandelier that stands out on a plain background, as well as an interesting vase, candlesticks or paintings with an abstract pattern.

Curtains in this case are not so important. Of course, if the area of ​​the bathroom allows, then curtains on the windows and furniture of classical style would be appropriate. Do not forget about the resistance of textiles to moisture.




The interior in the modern style provides for the use of lamps, sconces or chandeliers in the form of plant shoots, tree branches and intertwining leaves. The classic of this style is wall and crystal lighting.