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Lighting in the living room (17 photos): modern chandeliers and spotlights


The design of the living room in the house or apartment involves ensuring that this room has the right lighting. The stylish appearance of a drawing room, its cosiness and convenience depends on it. In addition, this is a room where family members spend more time. Therefore, to ensure adequate lighting in the living room, meeting the requirements of aesthetics and comfort, it is imperative. In the article we will consider the features of the design of the main room in the house with the help of lighting, how to ensure a harmonious interior with the help of lighting and other useful questions.

What are the main features that distinguish the choice of lighting for the living room:

  • In the interior of the living room, both large and small, the multi-level lighting is important - this technique will create the necessary light sources in precisely those places where it is important. With the help of the backlight, you can select the most beautiful areas and hide what you need. For a kitchen combined with a dining room, this can also be an excellent solution. The presence of a chandelier under the ceiling, a small table lamp and spotlights will provide just the kind of lighting that is needed to create the most comfortable and cozy space in the living room. This design provides each zone with its own light source, which can, if necessary, highlight a specific part of the room, while leaving the rest in the dark. This makes possible the simultaneous presence in the living room, even in a small one, of several family members who go about their business without interfering with each other. Ideas with different levels can be realized even in an interior with a low ceiling.
  • The design of the living room necessarily presupposes the presence of a ceiling lamp - in our conditions it is usually the most elegant chandelier in the house. The central chandeliers under the ceiling add solemnity to the room and, when necessary, create a festive atmosphere, combining all areas of the room with a common light. By the way, in the space of a small kitchen combined with a dining room, the presence of a chandelier will also look appropriate.






Rules for the location of lamps

Consider what techniques will help us create a harmonious lighting in the living room.

  • When choosing lamps and their locations, be sure to consider how many windows are in the living room. If the rooms are modern and bright - a lot of lamps are not needed. And vice versa, if there is one window in a small room, then you cannot do without additional light sources. It is necessary to take into account the direction where the windows go. If this is the sunny side, then, accordingly, in such a room and without additional light there will be light, and if the side is dark, then in such rooms often during the day you have to turn on additional light. In the living room, combined with the dining room or kitchen, as a rule, it is quite light, but it is necessary to zone the space. And in a small living room with a low ceiling lighting design must include lighting on the walls and ceiling.
  • The advantage of multi-level lighting in the interior is that it makes it possible to avoid a sharp transition from dark to light unpleasant for a person, from too dim to too bright. Multilevel, not too bright lamps can create a uniform, soft ceiling lighting throughout the living room, which is the best fit for this room. With suspended ceilings, it becomes much easier to make an interior with multi-level lighting - such ceilings create the necessary thickness, where you can easily install fixtures.
  • If the space of a small living room is decorated in dark colors, then additional ceiling lighting is recommended. If, on the contrary, the design is light - you can get by with a smaller number of light sources. Also, low ceilings suggest more light and vice versa. In the living room, combined with the dining room and kitchen, the presence of additional sources of lighting is necessary.
  • Glossy shades in the interior decor, can reflect light, and therefore in a room with similar surfaces, especially in a small one, it is better not to install many lamps in order not to overload the interior with light. Design a small room with a low ceiling is better to arrange more restrained.







  • It is better to purchase switches that provide the ability to adjust the intensity of illumination. This feature will be useful when you need to make the light brighter / weaker, thereby providing yourself greater comfort. And the living room design with individually adjusted light will be more harmonious. In a small living room, this function is not so important, but in a spacious one you should seriously think about it. It is also important to highlight areas if the living room is combined with a small kitchen.
  • Pay attention to the ceiling lighting in the form of point light sources. This technique, when several light sources and they are scattered throughout the room. allows you to create a uniform lighting that fills the interior with comfort. In addition, with the help of such spot lighting, you can perfectly zone the living room space. The light of such lamps is usually directional: with their help, you can highlight a beautiful picture on the wall or highlight an elegant bar with drinks in the back of the room. You can find many more ideas for the use of these multifunctional and convenient luminaires in the interior. They are suitable for the kitchen, they can be embedded in the thickness of the stretch ceilings, they look good on the ceiling even in the bathroom, they are indispensable for a large room.
  • If a large aquarium has a decorative aquarium with beautiful fish or an elegant showcase with a collection of coins, then these items will not do without additional lighting. And the lighting should be individual for them - point or LED.
  • If you place additional lighting on the shelves that run along the walls of the living room, then when it is turned on, the shelves will look like floating in space, which will make the room even more decorative. These ideas will be useful for the kitchen, making the design of even a small room stylish and thoughtful.
  • Looks great interior options when there are both floor and table lamps. A ceiling chandelier will link the entire composition together.
  • Do not forget that in addition to artificial lamps, there is still such a romantic way to create soft and comfortable lighting in the apartment, like candles. Placed in different places of the room - on the wall and mantels, window sills - in the evening they will be able to create a unique atmosphere of magic and celebration. Pick up the candles to match the color of your living room, even if it is small or combined with the dining room.
  • You can install several lamps in the living room, equipped with colored lamps. For example, red or yellow. It is better not to use cold colors, as they do not create comfort in the room. Such a color interior will be loved by children and will help create a fun, relaxed atmosphere in the living room. The method will look harmoniously in a large and small living room.
  • If there is a working fireplace in the living room, it can also contribute to the general lighting. Some artificial fireplaces imitate real fire so realistically that they can easily be confused with real ones. This option is suitable for an apartment, but a real fireplace will look great in a country house. On an autumn evening it is so nice to sit in the living room by the burning fireplace and look at the fire when it is raining outside.
  • Wall sconces are a great option for decorating a room. They perform a double function - they decorate the interior and at the same time provide light exactly where it is needed. But the ceiling light is not excluded.
  • It is better if the central ceiling chandelier is located exactly in the center of the room and at the maximum height. This will help to create the most uniform distribution of light around the room, will help to avoid its distortion and refraction. Especially important in the case of a living room combined with a kitchen, and in a room with a low ceiling.
  • On the coffee table and near the chairs, where people usually like to read, table lamps will look great. Even if the living room is combined with a kitchen, this technique will do.

The variety of currently existing forms of chandeliers, lamps, all kinds of lamps and the ideas of their installation are simply amazing. Choose options so that they harmoniously fit into the already created living room design.