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Hours in the interior (20 photos): unusual designer and classic models


Hours are in the apartment of every modern person. Everyone needs to be guided in time, wake up to work, plan your day. But the clock in the interior has not only a functional, practical purpose, they are also a great option for its decoration, they look great in the kitchen and in the living room. The article will look at the watch from this point of view - as a stylish object of decor and interior decoration.

Which clock is most commonly used in a modern interior as a decor item:

  • Wall clock in the interior. There are a huge variety of different variants of this watch. There are so many colors, forms, ways of design that you can choose absolutely for any interior in the kitchen and in the living room, even if it is the most sophisticated.
  • Outdoor. These watches, as the name implies, are put on the floor. Accordingly, they are quite large in size. Such bulky items are not suitable for every interior. Most often, such watches adorn classic interiors and apartments decorated in vintage styles, which include Provence, Chebbi-chic, Rococo, etc.
  • Desktop. As the name suggests, placed on horizontal surfaces, not necessarily on the table. It can be a mantelpiece, a bedside table, etc.
  • Wrist. For the decoration of the interior, this type of watch can also be used, oddly enough. For example, a wristwatch of a prestigious brand, deliberately casually thrown onto the surface of the mantelpiece in a living room or a coffee table, will unobtrusively show your financial position and good taste to others.



What finishing options are used to decorate and decorate watches in a modern interior:

  • Often the clock in the interior is coated with varnish, which gives even modern models a touch of antiquity, especially if it is a craquelure varnish. In the kitchen, varnished items look stylish and protected by this coating from moisture and splashes.
  • Often, old models are decorated with carvings that can turn an ordinary piece of wood into a work of art.
  • Gilding and patina coating are techniques that make it possible for modern models to give a touch of vintage. Such an antique zakos gives the watch a certain value, rarity, and sometimes it cannot even be distinguished from the truly antique ones. Great for decorating the hall.
  • Natural stone, inserts from aged metal, other interesting objects - colored and white, are also often found when decorating.
  • For interiors in delicate styles like Provence or Chebbi-chic, watches with matt white or other light paint are often used. Often, white and light surfaces are covered with a special craquelure varnish to create the effect of cracks on the surface.
  • Decoupage is becoming popular lately. Like nothing else, he is able to emphasize the retro interior. Vintage, faded colors, delicate watercolor flowers, white backgrounds are perfectly combined with vintage and classic interiors in the kitchen and in the living room.
  • In modern interiors, wall and desktop models in metal or plastic cases are most often used. Usually they have a strict geometric shape and decent size. The colors are often concise, monochrome. These modern versions are devoid of many details, minimalist and elegant, suitable for high-tech hall.
  • Laser engraving is a modern way to give the watch a great and stylish look. The engraving can be made in different styles, the watches are decorated with its help with flowers and animal figures, design options for decoration are made.
  • Photo printing. With this technique, both desktop and floor models can be decorated with different pictures, even your own photos. Particularly interesting are the options with beautiful large-size photo printing. Such a model can serve as the main decoration of the interior of the hall.
  • Desktop models with a projector - a modern stylish option. They are made in the form of an electronic clock, and in the dark you will always see a bright projection reflecting real time on the ceiling or on any other surface. Such high-tech furnishings are suitable for modern styles, for example, for apartments decorated in high-tech style.
  • Decor stone suitable for a classic interior. Pictures of stone can also serve as a decoration for watches, it will be appropriate to look for a spacious hall in a classic style.
  • Porcelain models look in the kitchen and in rooms with vintage style.
  • The watches can be decorated even with a fabric, from which entire paintings are sometimes made.





What makes modern models of interior clocks:

  • Tree. They fit the classic interior, antique surfaces make the house cozy and stable.
  • Glass. Very popular material, beautiful and spectacular. Great for modern and classic models. Unusual beautiful paintings placed behind glass look elegant and appropriate in the kitchen, in the living room, and in the bedroom.
  • Plastic - ideal for creating models of fancy shapes in the avant-garde style. From it, you can create whole pictures and various interesting objects that can be decorated with a clockwork.
  • Metal. The watches are not made entirely from metal, but various metal objects are often used to decorate wooden models of watches. An outdoor wooden clock, for example, is often decorated with metal inserts. It is also clear that the arrows and all internal mechanisms are made of metal.




For different rooms

Consider which clock is better to choose for each room of the house:

  • Kitchen. Options with the image of food, fruit, drinks perfectly will be suitable to this important room. That is, in the kitchen are relevant models that will be associated with eating. Sometimes you can find watches made in the form of beautiful decorative plates, trays and other kitchen utensils.
  • In the bedroom, designers recommend placing models with reproductions of a beautiful picture, with photo printing, classic ones. Variants with a projection will be indispensable in the bedroom, as they will let you know the time even in the dark.
  • For the living room is perfect for something bright and catchy, combined with the style of the room. This may be a very fashionable avant-garde, unusual designer models, a model of cuckoo for a room in a rustic style, elegant floor, etc.
  • In the children's room, hang a large clock simple model with large numbers. It is desirable that the numbers were Arabic, as is customary in our country. So children will quickly learn to determine the correct time. Of course, children's models should be gentle or, on the contrary, bright colors, just not dark and gloomy. They can be decorated with their favorite characters from cartoons or fairy tale characters.
  • For the working room - office, office - choose modern laconic models made of high-quality technological materials - plastic, metal, glass. They are suitable for the hall.
  • Even the bathrooms have already invented their own models, which are not afraid of high humidity.




Interior styles

Consider how to combine different models of clocks and styles of the room:

  • In luxurious and rich styles, such as Baroque, Rococo and watch movements, it is necessary to select the appropriate ones. The abundance of decor, gilding, carving, elegant paintings are welcome here.
  • For an apartment decorated in an elegant and aristocratic English style, select a large clock made of natural wood, expensive and respectable. They can be outdoor. Such a model may well become an excellent interior decoration, and with time - and expensive antiques.
  • In the minimalist style, the same minimalist models will look great - no decor, simple, concise, but very stylish. Unusual design models are also suitable in this case.
  • If the country house is decorated in a simple rustic style, that the cuckoo version is cozy and cute, it will suit you perfectly.
  • Vintage styles - Provence and Chebbi-chic will perfectly match desktop and wall models with craquelure, decoupage, pale tones, with an elegant faded pattern.



What features still need to pay attention to choose the best model for your home:

  • Now already released watches that go completely silently. Many people are annoyed by the excessively noisy ticking that even some people cannot sleep well. Now you can buy such models - both desktop and floor - that will work absolutely silently.
  • Large options are becoming very popular. They always look great, perfectly emphasize the interior. But such a clock can decorate only a spacious room. They are better placed in the halls and other areas of a large area. For example, located above the fireplace in the spacious living room, they will undoubtedly attract everyone’s attention and decorate the atmosphere. At the same time it will be possible to find out the time, being even in another corner of the hall.
  • For lovers of various "highlights" and interesting details, models with a pendulum will fit, which at the right time in battle to announce that the time has come to dine.