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Vintage in the interior (22 photos): design and decor in retro style


Back in the 90s, the stormy popularity of the style called vintage appeared. The term “vintage” was originally used in winemaking and characterized wine with a long aging period. After the term was used not only to describe the grape drink, but also interiors. Vintage or retro style - these are the items and décor of the previous generation that look original. The thing is to express the fashion trends of its era. The original design of vintage people like art, not everyone can understand the beauty of this style.

Here it is necessary to place a wrought-iron or wooden coat hanger so that the hallway will look like the era that we imitate. If the hanger does not suit you, you can put a wardrobe with openwork doors. It should have scuffs and cracks. In the hallway can also be a mirror in a wooden frame, shelves and racks. Cover the shelves with openwork napkins.



Living room

The color of the walls in the living room should be light muted shades. Organically will look wallpaper with the image of flowers, butterflies, birds. One of the walls can be decorated with photo wallpaper depicting the appearance of the streets of the 30s, the stars of that era.

As the flooring can be used parquet with the effect of aging, laminate, tile with scuffs. The parquet massive board of light shades will suit also. Laminate is a more accessible material, it can be used in order to save.



Kitchen Design

Making the kitchen in a vintage style is a difficult task, as it is necessary to place not only retro-style furniture, but also appliances.

To decorate the walls of the kitchen, wallpapers of bright colors with prints such as a flower, polka dots, stripes, and diamonds will be suitable. Wallpaper is also allowed with an image of something edible (candy, cakes, apples, other fruits) and dishes (kettle, plates, cups).




The most popular shades for decorating the bathroom are cherry, gold, beige-brown, and bronze. To finish the floor, use tiles of large sizes, moisture-proof laminate. The ceiling can be left white. Spread the walls as well. This is the most practical option for rooms with high humidity. Place small rugs on the floor with a long soft nap.

Vintage bedroom is the embodiment of romance and charm. Its walls can be traditionally painted in pastel shades that do not strain the eyes and do not irritate. Suitable peach, white, gray-blue, ivory.

For wall decoration, you can use such wallpaper - antique, vintage textile wallpaper, with gold-plated or bronze patterns. Laminate flooring and parquet suitable as flooring.

Decorative elements help to give the interior a complete look. For vintage items include:

  • antique set, dishes, porcelain decor. These items are relevant not only for the kitchen, but also for the other rooms of the apartment;
  • antique figurines;
  • music Box;
  • metal chandelier, candlesticks;
  • bronze or brass door handles;
  • samovar;
  • paintings on canvas, painted in oil or watercolor. Landscapes, portraits, still lifes;
  • Cuckoo-clock.

Each object of the apartment, furniture, decoration and decor must match the design, it allows you to create a true vintage in the interior of the house. Therefore, weigh your possibilities before setting up your home in retro style.