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Hallway in a private house: the main ideas (56 photos)


Making a hall in a private house is more complicated than the same work in an apartment. After all, in their own homes, the premises usually have a much larger size - you can turn around in full force, carrying out all your ideas, designer fantasies, any bold project on these square meters. Considerable attention should be paid to the design of this room. After all, a hall in a private house is the place where the owners of the house and their guests directly go from the street. That is, the main impression of the whole house will be formed exactly in the first room. Therefore, you should try to arrange your hall in accordance with the concepts of comfort, harmony and practicality. Ideas of aesthetics and harmony of color combinations will also be useful when doing repairs.






Registration of the corridor or hallway should be necessarily practical. Indeed, in this room, regardless of whether it is small or large, there will be a large cross, therefore it is advisable to use wear-resistant floor and wall coverings — all dirt, water, precipitation and other adverse weather factors will get into the hallway and remain on the floor.






Requirements for the design of the hallway of a private house

Consider what the requirements should meet the design of the hallway in your own home.

  • Practicality. This has already been mentioned above. The meaning is clear: a lot of dirt, dust and water, so the flooring, as well as the design of the walls, wallpaper, furniture - everything should be practical, easy to wash, clean, not to be afraid of reagents and household chemicals. By the way, a compact wardrobe in the hallway will become an indispensable convenient place for storing household materials and tools. Consider this moment when you repair.
  • Be sure to combine the interior hallway in a private house with its overall design. It is unacceptable that this room in style was knocked out of the overall picture. In this case, a harmonious layout of the living space will not work.








Hallway walls

We will understand how best to arrange a wall covering in the hallway of a private house. Features:

  • Wall covering must be easy to wash, not afraid of detergents. After all, against the walls in the hallway, even if they are under the stairs, leaning in street clothes. Therefore, the room will quickly become dirty. And if the walls are also light, the care for them will be necessary permanent. In addition, often on the walls, as well as on the wardrobe, other furniture and spray on the floor with shoes, umbrellas, when we undress.
  • It is undesirable, making out the hall, to use thin paper wallpaper, which you can paste over, say, a bedroom or living room. Such wallpapers simply will not withstand active exploitation and will soon have to make repairs again. Be sure to choose a strong and durable wall covering for the corridor. It should be quite durable.
  • Choose a wallcovering that is not afraid of moisture and that can be washed. It is advisable to use not too light colors. For example, if you want to build a snow-white hallway, then you will only admire the beauty and cleanliness of the walls until the first rains and slush. And soon we will have to repaint the walls in a darker color to facilitate their cleaning. The same will happen if you want to put a white closet or other too light furniture in the hallway. Such ideas are not for the hallway.






Design options:

  • You can paste the walls of the hallway with vinyl wallpaper, even under the stairs leading to the second floor. They can be washed, and in addition, the material has a huge palette of colors and textures. Vinyl wallpaper is easy to glue, you can handle it yourself. They serve for a long time, you can choose the right size and carry out virtually any design project.
  • Modern home planning and the latest materials, such as liquid wallpaper, look great together and allow an interesting design of the hallway in a private house. Such wallpaper is a practical and durable design of wall covering. If dirt is caught and cannot be removed, you can simply remove the contaminated piece of wallpaper and replace this area with a new coating. The joints and size of the replaced material will be completely invisible. In addition, liquid wallpaper is very textured and can make any hall festive and chic. And varnished, they are easily washed with water and household chemicals.
  • You can paint the walls of the hallway with ordinary paint. But the paint looks good on a completely flat surface. Therefore, before applying it will be necessary to carefully align the walls in the hallway, under the stairs, using plaster and putty. It will be interesting to look, if to paint a case and other furniture in a hall in similar shades of paint.









What features are there when choosing flooring for the hallway of a private house:

  • Mandatory quality - durability. On the floor of the hallway often go in outdoor shoes together in mud on shoes, sticky sand, etc. In addition, sometimes you have to put heavy bicycles and rollers into the house, in winter - sledges and skis, therefore floor planning in the hallway must withstand all these load.
  • The flooring in a country house should be easy to clean and wash, not to be afraid of water and moisture. Therefore, it is not the best option: to arrange the floors in the hallway carpeted or carpeting. After all, wet cleaning for carpet is undesirable, so these ideas are better implemented in other areas of the house.



Types of coverage:

  • Linoleum for the hallway - at least large, even small - should be chosen carefully. The usual soft coating for household use is not suitable for the hallway: it has low wear resistance. If you already decided to make a hall with linoleum, then choose semi-commercial or commercial options, they are more wear-resistant.
  • If you cover the floor with laminate, then your hall in a wooden version will look just gorgeous. You can choose the appropriate style wardrobe and other furniture, pokleit suitable vinyl wallpaper. You can add a picture and a staircase covered with laminate. But you should choose a grade of material that is not afraid of moisture, provided with a special water and dirt-repellent coating. It is important to protect the joints of the elements of the laminate. Here comes to the aid of grout, which must be carefully putty all holes in the joints.
  • An excellent choice would be ceramic or porcelain stoneware floor tiles. This material is extremely durable - with a stone that rarely happens. In addition, the tile does not slip. Such a floor project provides security. You can choose any size of tile, implement various interesting ideas, design the space of a large and small hallway in an original way.

You can also use a combination of different coatings. Various combinations can provide an individual design for a hallway in a private home.











Ceiling decoration

In this case, there are no special requirements for durability and resistance to washing. The layout and design ideas of the ceiling can be, as in all other rooms of the house.


  • Normal whitewash. If you want to simply and quickly do away with the repair of the hallway, then the ceiling can be simply whitened. Suitable if the size of the hallway is small.
  • Decorative plaster. This is a more complicated way. But such a hall will look much more attractive than whitewashing.
  • The ceiling can be painted with paint. Moreover, not only in white. Depending on the design, it can be of any color. However, it is still not recommended to use dark shades, as they will make the ceiling visually lower. But the wallpaper, wardrobe and other furniture can be put and dark.
  • You can paste the ceiling wallpaper. With the right color combination, such a project can look very worthy.
  • Ceiling tiles, the options of which are now very much on sale, can make the ceiling beautiful and stylish. Moreover, you can choose between inexpensive, practical options, and elite, giving the room a luxurious look.

Before you make out the hall in a private house, be sure to make a preliminary draft, as well as a budget, where try to take into account all costs. Consider the size of the hallway or corridor, and those ideas that you want to implement. Perhaps you yourself will make repairs in the hallway, then one expense will be less.