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Built-in bed in the bedroom (15 photos): interior and design of the room


It would seem that the modern world is already so full of novelties that you can’t think of anything new or invent. But we are still amazed and delighted by various innovations from various industries: from science to the furniture industry. All the time they are trying to make our life easier and to diversify it with some interesting and previously unseen ideas. One of these new products is the built-in bed, such furniture is an excellent example of compactness, practicality and convenience for any room.

The built-in bed which has the lifting mechanism is very convenient and comfortable for a dream. It is ideal in such cases:

  • those who live in a one-room apartment. Or just to people who have little free space at home. In this case, the acquisition of the built-in bed will be the most successful and wise decision in planning the design of the room;
  • It is also proposed to get a double bed or a sofa for a couple. This will help the newlyweds save a rather large amount of money, leaving them to travel and other pleasant moments;
  • Families who have children, it is also recommended to buy a bed transformer. This furniture will perfectly fit into any children's rooms. For those who have more than one baby, there is a bunk bed. And the most diverse design of such furniture will satisfy even the most capricious parents.



What is the safety of beds with folding mechanism

Very often, people are quite skeptical about new products. They tend not to trust new things and inventions. But in the case of transformer beds, one should not hesitate and hesitate, because they provide quality and reliability for 100%. Transformer beds are structures that can be transformed into a wardrobe, sofa, table and other furniture through a special mechanism. To create them, natural wood is used (the most common materials are oak, ash, pine) or chipboard, since their purpose is to perform not only the function of a bed for sleeping, but also a cabinet, a study, and even a library. Such wooden structures in the form of a compartment can last for many years without needing to be repaired. Beds are also characterized by wooden or plastic lattices under the mattress, for maximum strength they use metal frames and inserts.



What are the advantages of transformer beds?

First, this furniture is very economical and comfortable. It takes up very little space, such as a bunk bed. The multifunctionality of such beds allows you to spend much less energy and time. If earlier you were wasting time on spreading and making the bed, now, with the help of special straps, you will be able to securely fix the bed and, if necessary, with a light movement of your hand, hide it in a special department.

Secondly, this is a spectacular solution in the design of the bedroom. This bed will give your room newness, special style and variety. After all, in the daytime your sleeping bed will turn into a stylish wardrobe, which can be beautifully decorated according to your taste. It can become a comfortable and functional sofa, it will fit into the design of the room.

On sale there are many varieties of beds with folding and lifting mechanism, bunk models for different design of rooms. Among the most common, you can purchase such furniture for your bedroom or for a nursery:

  • Bed-table - the perfect solution to the interior of the room for the student or student. It can provide you a convenient and compact workplace;
  • A wardrobe with a built-in bed is one of the most common types of such transformers. Perfect for the bedroom, especially couples. Well fit into the living room space, if the apartment is not a living room. There are 3-in-1 models: a wardrobe-bed-sofa, when folded you have a sofa attached to the wardrobe;
  • a sofa bed is another option that will perfectly fit into the interior of the living room in your cozy home;
  • bed ottoman type - for apartments with insufficient space. In folding form, this is the usual single bed, and in the assembled it looks like an ordinary ottoman;
  • Children's bunk beds - the perfect solution for parents who have several favorite children, but not enough space in the apartment. Such designs combine both a dresser, and a bed for children with a pendulum mechanism. The bunk bed can turn into a stylish sofa - it will become a highlight in your interior.



Comfortable and modern beds for your home

The championship among various models was taken by the folding bed, built in a case. It is considered to be the most successful way to save space. The folding bed can be both single and double. The first one rises to the wall in width, and the second one - double in height. It easily turns into a wardrobe or compartment with a depth of 30-45 cm. Very often, a lifting bed is provided complete with an orthopedic mattress, which is so necessary for many people with their mobility and sedentary lifestyle.

One of the best options for beds for adults and children - designs that tend to take a vertical position. You do not have to make special efforts to lay them down or fold them. Among the main options for mechanisms include:

  • mechanical - such beds resemble the shelves in the train compartment;
  • spring mechanism - they are durable and easy to operate, easily succumbed even to a child;
  • a mechanism with a gas shock absorber - the bed unfolds and folds easily and smoothly, because all movements are softened by the shock absorber.