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Fashion curtains in 2019 (19 photos): new items and trends in the design of windows


Everyone wants to see their home is not just comfortable, but also stylishly decorated, fashionable Design experts know a lot of methods for transforming space, creating a certain atmosphere in it. One of the very strong and expressive moves is the decoration of window spaces. A certain style of window design sets the mood for the whole room, creates its memorable image. Fashion directions will help you choose the current curtains for the hall in 2019.

If you do not want to pay designers, or maybe simply, a desire to show your own creativity, apply it to beautify your home, then follow a few tips to choose the right curtains and fashionable curtains for 2019.

Consider the size of the room, the number of windows in the room, their shape and size. In which stylistic decision did you come up with a room or a nursery? The color scheme of the room, furniture upholstery, textured fabrics, accessories - should be combined with the design of the window. How to finish the walls - monochrome, with prints, relief finish? Do we need to visually adjust the shape of the space, maybe create the effect of lengthening in height, or expand the walls? Decide whether you want the window to become the main accent of the room's design or should it smoothly and gently pour into the interior?



What are the curtains this year fashionable for the living room?

This style assumes minimalism, conciseness, even in some sense simplicity. However, functionality and convenience should not suffer from this.

Textile classics - straight, falling tails down, like any classic - win-win. With such curtains it is allowed not to use curtains at all, it will fill the room with light and allow it to penetrate into all corners and the smallest elements of space design. Elegant and tasteful such curtains look on narrow windows, especially if they exist in pairs. As an option - one curtain on each of the windows located mirror. Between these windows you can have elements that should become the logical main focus of the living room.

This year, tones of nature, prints symbolizing nature are popular. The main feature of the year is monotony. Focusing on the wallpaper, we make the curtains either richer, if the wallpaper is light, or on the contrary, the gentle colors of the curtains, to the bright and catchy colors of the walls. Regarding the color range, the choice for the blue, gray, nut and green shades. Green and blue curtains are very refreshing any room. The curtains in the bedroom will be very nice cyanite. White also remains in fashion, it will never lose its airiness, it will help to visually push the limits of space. White curtains from organza create a special airiness.

An interesting option are the Roman curtains "day and night." Stripes of dark and light fabric alternate in them. If you want to darken the room, simply adjust the position of the strips so that they overlap one another, thickening the color and protecting the room from excessive light.




Tips on how to approach the selection of curtains correctly

To a ridiculous choice did not spoil the whole impression of the interior, follow the recommendations:

  • Eyelets are more in harmony with high-tech style.
  • Baroque style complement heavy lambrequins
  • Eclectic and country style accented by ordinary curtains
  • A little provenance will bring prints of flowers and plants on textiles
  • Roman curtains complement minimalism
  • Kisey looks great in the aristocratic style
  • Draperies only look beautiful on huge glass walls.
  • In small rooms colorful colors are not appropriate, they visually squeeze the space.
  • If the wallpaper has a pattern, then the curtains should be chosen plain and vice versa.
  • Light and pastel tone will add calm and comfort to the living room.
  • Large windows decorated with light tulle are a good basis and background for the accentuation of the bright furnishings installed there
  • We select lighter shades of curtains for dark walls, contrast contributes dynamism
  • The combination of a dark bottom with a light top visually pulls the room up, giving airiness to the ceiling.




Fabrics and their characteristics

The following characteristics of fabrics will help to navigate the diversity of them to choose the right approach in the design of their own homes.

  • Velvet is a fabric covered with thick fibers that give a special texture and light play to velvet. Heavy fabric, impervious to sunlight.
  • Taffeta - heavy, rustling, with a smooth surface, flickering. Can be based on silk or synthetics.
  • Mora is a silk fabric with iridescent patterns and patterns.
  • Jacquard - the main difference - intricacy of the plexus and as a result of this interesting ornament.
  • Brocade - weaving like jacquard, with volume shiny patterns.
  • Satin - cotton fabric with a slight sheen.
  • Jute is a rough fabric made from natural plant fiber.
  • Veil - silk or cotton fabric with embroidered patterns.
  • Chiffon is a thin, very transparent silk fiber fabric.
  • Tulle - thin mesh fabric.

Window decoration is the face of your home. But there is absolutely no reason not to change it for years. New trends not only contribute to high style, but also increase functionality. Tulle and curtains have always been and will remain an excellent option for window decoration. It is impossible to name one color. One texture, which will be the embodiment of all fashion trends, fashion tends to democracy. In fact, if you want to transform your home, it is not necessary to completely repair or buy new furniture. Home textiles come to the rescue, it can be changed, and the house will be transformed magically.