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How to choose the wallpaper for the kitchen (27 photos): beautiful ideas and combinations in the interior


Kitchen - a favorite place in our house. From here, incredibly tasty smells are heard, it is always good and homely here.

The variety of wallpaper on the market is impressive, not all types of wallpaper in the interior will be suitable. If you choose a wallpaper for the kitchen, consider the following:

  • For the kitchen fit wallpaper that does not absorb odors. If this is not taken into account, then after a while the kitchen will turn into a room in which it will be impossible to stay.
  • Wallpapers must be moisture resistant, but at the same time "breathe." This will not cause black mold to appear on the wall with wallpaper, and the wallpaper will have to be glued again.
  • From the variety of types it is better to choose wallpaper that can be washed, and if necessary - repaint. You can choose from two types, but washable wallpaper for painting - the perfect combination.
  • When choosing types of wallpaper, you need to take into account the color, in what style the kitchen design and wall decoration will be made: Provence, Country or, for example, high-tech.




Non-woven wallpaper

Compressed natural cellulose fibers make these wallpapers more durable than paper ones. They are easy to glue. Glue is applied to the walls, not to the wallpaper, which also simplifies the process.

Non-woven wallpapers "breathe" well, do not swell when wet, and hide small defects of walls well. True, the price of these wallpapers is quite high.

Smooth non-woven wallpapers can be the basis for painting and are suitable for use as a base layer for leveling the surface and then pasting the wall with decorative wallpaper.




Liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper in the kitchen look attractive. Imitation of different textures due to the inclusions and fibers of natural materials make the interior of the kitchen exquisite and rich. But this wallpaper is not washable. Direct contact of wallpaper with water is generally not allowed. They can be used if it is part of your idea and the design suggests this type of wall, but only away from the sink. There is no need to glue the wallpaper, they are applied like a putty.



Zd wallpaper

Fashionable photo wallpapers 3d - wallpapers for real gourmets. Images on 3D canvases can completely change the geometry of the kitchen. 3D wallpaper in the interior creates the effect of the presence in the kitchen of the object depicted on them, the plant, the product.







Ideas for selecting the color of the wallpaper in the interior is not a secondary point. Color is responsible for the following parameters:

  • Binding to style. For example, beige, mustard colors and white gamut colors suggest a Provence-style design, and if yellow, green, orange, brown and gamma colors prevail, it can be a country style.
  • Control space. The colors of the light scale will add visual space, and darker shades of colors (from gray scale to such a radical solution as black or brown shades) will reduce the area.
  • Differentiation into functional zones. In the style of Provence, for example, you can draw a distinction through the use of shades of beige. It is possible to use two colors to separate the two zones in the interior. Good looks black area versus white. Brown, yellow and green shades and their combination with options of beige color is also an option. In this case, you can use a combination of any contrasting colors. Decorations involving the combination of wallpaper in the kitchen, can be an interesting embodiment of the idea of ​​zoning.

In addition to these parameters, properly selected wallpapers of different types, colors and textures can affect the psychological background in the kitchen.