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Design of small and large kitchens (27 photos): new items in 2019


Modern design and kitchen interior must meet the requirements of ergonomics, practicality and convenience. Today, the kitchen not only serves as a place for cooking, but is also the pride and decoration of every home. It embodies fantasy and fashion trends so that you can create a modern and unique kitchen design for 2019. At the same time, the kitchen should remain the usual cozy place to spend time with various guests and family members.

Modern trends in the design style of kitchen rooms are very democratic, so that everyone can choose an option that will suit his taste. A large range of textured, color and design solutions allows you to create a beautiful interior in a small or large kitchen, including 10 sq. M.

  1. New facades of kitchen ensembles usually appear in a completely smooth form, accessories are hidden;
  2. innovations of technological materials make it possible to apply imitations of natural raw materials, including in areas with sudden temperature changes and high humidity;
  3. modern storage systems are distinguished by high-tech equipment - closers, adjustable supports and shock absorbers are becoming indispensable components of interior furniture;
  4. Countertops are increasingly made in a thin version - shiny and elegant surfaces are relevant for any interior design of kitchen space;
  5. the finishing of the kitchen room in most cases represents simple, monochromatic solutions using neutral colors;
  6. Often, new kitchen projects are presented "without finishing" - imitation of concrete surfaces and brick walls.




In 2019, modern trends are manifested in the neutral colors, natural shades and simplicity.

  1. As a base color, it is recommended to choose neutral tones: in most cases it is black, gray and white. Even the universal beige color, which can adapt to a warm or cold interior, gives way to basic shades. In this context, the most fashionable and versatile option is the kitchen, which is made in white. It is not necessary to choose pure white as the basis, you can look at more interesting shades - eggshell, ivory and the like. The versatility of white lies in the fact that it is perfect for a Provence style kitchen, a classic kitchen of 10 square meters, and a futuristic high-tech interior or minimalism.
  2. Elegant look will be the interior design of the kitchen in 10 square meters in black tones. Today, this color is an ultra-modern version of the design of the kitchen. Interesting color accents and competent layout will help the black shade to reveal itself even wider. Fashionable black color in the design is an excellent choice for the kitchen room, since the dark surface perfectly hides the pollution that inevitably appears during the cooking process.
  3. Current trends also recommend looking to gray. The interior of a small kitchen in gray will not be boring, on the contrary, it can look very nontrivial and presentable. The palette of gray shades is quite wide, it can include both warm and cold shades. Gray color also belongs to universal solutions, it can harmoniously reveal many styles that you choose for your small kitchen. In this kitchen will look great new technology.







The interior of a small or large kitchen will help improve the use of curtains. The choice of curtains may be different, but it is recommended to adhere to the following trends:

  1. aesthetics textures and colors. For example, silk can be combined with a tick, although these are completely different fabrics;
  2. colors of curtains. It should be deep, luxurious and rich colors of curtains, which will definitely be in fashion. It is best to be inspired by natural shades.
  3. Manual creativity is also in fashion. An interesting and original decor is welcome.
  4. We can not forget about the ornament. It will be fashionable ornaments curtains, which if drawn by hand.



Trends in the finish

Options for finishing kitchen walls a great many. Walls can be tiled, graceful wallpaper, simply painted or paneled. The main rule: the coating must meet the requirements of the premises - to be resistant to dirt, heat and moisture.

  1. The most popular solution this year is the usual painting of the walls. The main condition is that the walls should be smooth and even. The color is preferably neutral and preferably white. The simple decoration of the walls in the final design does not attract attention to itself, but makes it possible to create a more thoughtful and interesting interior against its background.
  2. The next trend in 2019 is the decoration of walls under concrete, stone or brick masonry. Imitation of concrete pavement will be possible through the use of liquid wallpaper or decorative plaster. It will be appropriate and painting. The brickwork at the same time requires space and is not very suitable for a small kitchen. However, in a spacious kitchen, a wall that imitates brick will look very advantageous.
  3. Wall decoration with PVC or MDF coated fiberboard panels will also be popular. Modern manufacturers create such panels resistant to heat and water, and their surface will perfectly cope with the effects of various chemicals during cleaning.

Trends in the finishing of the ceiling are not so changeable, suspended or suspended ceilings remain in priority. In the question of lighting is best to prefer built-in lights. Spot lighting is an absolute trend of recent years, so often ceilings are made in 2 levels to emphasize the area of ​​their embedding. In addition, two-level ceilings allow zoning of kitchen space. The undoubted trend in the finishing of the floor is the use of parquet and granite.