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Black wallpaper in the design of the apartment (35 photos)


Black wallpaper in the interior is a rather bold decision that not everyone dares to. It is caused by the fact that the black color in the apartment is frightening with its depression, gloominess, cold and mourning. However, this is not quite true: such colors can be stylish, elegant, mystical, mysterious and passionate. Therefore, rooms with black wallpaper can be very attractive and stylish. Much depends on the choice of color combinations, the dosage of color, furniture and decor.



Rules for the use of black wallpaper

Black wallpaper in the interior must be chosen wisely so that every room in the apartment (bedroom, kitchen, living room) meets your expectations. That is why it is important to focus on some features of the use of black in the room. Due to the wide range of black wallpapers on the market, it is easy to choose pleasant to the touch and stylish material with a pattern, but this does not mean that in the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the living room, such black wallpapers will look harmonious in the interior. That is why it is desirable to adhere to certain rules.

  1. In order to make black walls more harmonious and light in an apartment, one should give preference to glossy coatings, and also finish walls with wallpaper with additional inserts and textures, for example, with gilding or mother-of-pearl tints. Similar effects in the apartment will help dilute the rich and deep black color.
  2. When choosing the optimal place for black wallpapering, decide in advance what purpose these walls will be used for. For example, surfaces with a TV or pictures that will attract attention, it is recommended to draw in more pleasant colors, since the black color will always distract the eye. There may be white or beige shades.
  3. In a room that is decorated with black wall coverings, it is important to observe the norms of lighting. The greater the amount of light, the more comfortable it will be in the living room or bedroom.
  4. Decorate the interior with black wallpaper preferably with the addition of lighter elements in the design. For example, it may be white accessories and furniture, wallpaper inserts of other shades or another combination.
  5. Since the shade of black color affects the perception of the dimensions of the bedroom or living room, making it more narrow and cramped, try to transform the space with the help of special expanding effects, or use it only for decoration of the interior of a large room. One of the most successful options for expanding a room is black wallpaper on one or two opposite walls, as well as a combination with wallpaper that includes beige or white shades.

The right combination of colors in the room will determine the success of your design. Since the black color is very bright and gloomy, you need to carefully consider the combination options.









Black walls in the interior

  1. It is best to use black wallpaper in the matrimonial bedroom. Here, black can be as natural, mysterious, magical and passionate as possible. Similarly, black wallpaper in combination with facing of a different tone will look great in the men's bedroom. Here the main function of black color will be to give manhood, severity and brutality to the room.
  2. Wallpapers in black color are well suited for an office area in the bedroom, lobby, hall or for a separate office. The combination of black with other achromatic tones (white, gray and other shades) fits into the indicated rooms as well as possible. This combination increases attentiveness, since the lack of color does not distract.
  3. Black wallpaper with a pattern can be used in the living room, but here it is important not to overdo it with the dosage of color. Its excess will make the hall too intimidating. Some in a similar living room will be comfortable, but please note that there are also guests in the apartment.
  4. Wallpapers in black, unlike the bedroom, do not fit into the hallway, as this place should be comfortable and perfectly located, but not cold and harsh. At the same time, in the corridors and lobbies that do not function as a hallway, some of the surfaces may well be black, but only as accents.
  5. It is necessary to refrain from the use of black wallpaper in the children's room, including to emphasize or zoning. There are many other shades that allow you to achieve the desired result.
  6. The kitchen requires a special approach, here it is better to use black color only for one wall. If the kitchen will play the role of the dining room, it is recommended to avoid black walls. Black color visually reduces space, and can also affect appetite.
  7. Black color is inappropriate for small rooms, for example, a bathroom, a bath or a small hall.
  8. Since the black color makes the room darker, it is advisable to apply design tricks. It is desirable that the light source be reflected on the black wall.












Black wallpaper in the kitchen

The kitchen may well be decorated with black wallpaper, the main thing is to follow some rules.

  1. The kitchen, decorated with black wallpaper, should reflect the modern directions of style: minimalism, modern or high-tech. Wallpapers of a similar color have a good combination with black and white floor tiles. At the same time, white accents with a pattern or pattern on the walls, as well as light furniture can dilute the gloomy palette.
  2. The kitchen should not have a monochrome black interior, but dark colors may well dominate here if the room is large and well lit.
  3. If the kitchen is spacious, then such wallpaper will divide the room into two zones: the dining room (black wall focuses on the dining table), the cooking zone (black wallpaper will easily protect the walls from contamination). At the same time, the space should be distinguished by contrast, there should be a combination of colors: black and white, beige and other light shades.
  4. White colors are best able to neutralize the darkness of the black interior, as well as compensate for its ability to weight objects. For example, the kitchen can be black and white shades, which have a different combination, for example, chess order.
  5. Black kitchen can become even more luxurious and stylish if you include gold accessories and accessories in the design. Wallpaper at the same time you can replace the wallpaper with black and white shades. It can also be black wallpaper with a white pattern or pattern.







  1. In modern apartment interiors, especially minimalistic ones, black wallpapers are most often combined with others. In most cases, an accent black wall is created. The walls are often accentuated behind the bed in the bedroom, behind the sofa in the living room, hallway, or beside the dressing table in the bedroom. Also in black you can highlight the TV area and the wall, which has a computer desk. This combination makes it possible to distinguish the cabinet area.
  2. A rather common method of combining black wallpaper in interiors is the alternation of light and black wallpaper stripes. The most harmonious combination that is the reference is white with black. The white color compensates for the gloom of the black shade, while the black dilutes the void of white.
  3. You can also choose a less contrast, but a close combination - to make a combination of black wallpaper with beige and cream finish. This combination is more suitable for those who prefer soft and warm interiors. If you like this, you can choose black wallpaper with beige, brownish or golden ornaments and patterns - this combination will turn out to be especially balanced and harmonious. In this combination of black with gray will not be very successful.